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Nemesis Prime

Series: Armada, Micron Legends
Factions: Blendtron, Decepticon
Subgroups: Deluxe VehiclesMiscellaneous
Armada Scourge gallery

Tech Specs

He is a monster whose power has transcended to such an extent that he overwhelms both Autobot and Decepticon troops. He was produced to reflect Optimus Prime's nerve and technical skill, but the depth of his wickedness has not been adjusted in this incarnation. He carries Run-Over who transforms into a crushing laser gun, a threat to all Transformers who confront them.

Total: 74
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Variations: The Japanese version of Nemesis Prime, designated 'Scourge' was only available as a mail-away item from Tele-V Magazine (limited to 5000 pieces). There are a number of differences between Hasbro and Takara's versions of the toys. The Takara version features a gray plastic on the chest grill, arm blasters, and thighs where the Hasbro version uses a tan color plastic for those parts. The Takara version features fewer paint applications than the Hasbro release and a slightly different base plastic color for the black plastic.
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Cartoon Appearance

Nemesis Prime appeared in the following 1 cartoon episodes:

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Twincast / Podcast #160:
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