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Nemesis Prime

Series: Universe
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Giga Beasts

Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The last thing Prime remembered was Megazarak telling him the Matrix would be left to slowly corrode in his ruined chassis on the shores of the Rust Sea. Then his core processor was torn out, and there was only darkness.

After a time, light came into the darkness. Light and pain. For an eternity he dwelled in the darkness, with nothing to look forward to save the coming of the light, a shadowy, green pinprick that illuminated nothing. Always with the light came the pain, until he began to prefer the pain to the nothingness of that black death in which he floated, bodiless, voiceless, helpless.

The Transformers have no word for Hell, but Prime knew enough of Earth to know that this was Hell. This light was a god, come to punish him for his failure. He grew to worship the light; to hate it so intensely that his hate became a form of devotion, a dedication every bit as total as his dedication to the Allsark had once been. He prayed to the light for even greater pain, for absolution, purification, for forgetfulness of that Dead Matrix that lay rotting on the surface of a desolated Cybertron.

Then, the light spoke to him. It told him his purification was nearly complete. Soon, it said, he would once again be freed into the universe, this time to serve as the light pleased. One thing only remained: and suddenly, for the first time in an age, Prime awoke to sensation. All of his suffering to date had been nothing to this, as his cloned body was fitted with the Dead Matrix and pumped with agonizing life.

Freed from the shackels of the cloning chamber, Prime finaly beheld his new master - the dark god Unicron - and immediately dropped to his knees in abject worship. As he groeveled, Unicron reached out and laid a single, great finger upon his back. Every sensor in his body rebelled at the touch of the Great Destroyer, the Heart of Darkness, and he was transported once again into an ecstacy of infinite suffering - agony so great it became indistinguishable from pleasure.

A voice so deep it was more feeling than sound thundered through Prime's head. "You are Nemesis Prime," it said. "You are mine. Forever."
Abilities: Any discussion of Nemesis Prime's capabilities is fruitless without first addressing the Dead matrix he carries in an armored housing in his chest. The result of millions of years of experimentation by Unicron, the Dead Matrix was once an Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Left to rot in the body of a fallen Prime, the energy held within the Matrix slowly degraded over time, until only the barest vestiges of Primus' power pulsed in the reaction chamber. Using Nemesis Prime as a conduit, Unicron was able to access the multidimensional coding of the Matrix and inject a portion of his own Spark into the Matrix, creating a weapon capable of killing Primus should it ever be brought into his presence.

Nemesis Prime himself is a highly mobile killing machine. His primary weapon, accessible in both robot and mammoth modes, is an over and under plasma pulse cannon and semi-automatic fusion rocket launcher. Housed within his forearms is a pair of rectractable, flash-suppressed 20mm machine guns, each capable of firing up to 1500 armor piercing, explosive round per minute. A pair of variable-frequency lasers designed to defeat most energy shielding is mounted on his hips.

Above his Matrix Annex are a pair of smoke dispensers, and a pair of high-intensity spotlights. Over his shoulders sit ten independently fire-controleld grenade launchers with a range of up to six miles. Mounted on his lower legs is a pair of spring-launchers that can be used to fire his Energo sickles short distances, though he prefers to use them in hand-to-hand combat.

In mammoth mode, a specialized stealth coating renders him almost totally transpartent to most sensors, a property he retain in somewhat diminished form in robot mode. Complementing his stealth capabilities, is a unique system of interlocking gimbals and waldas that causes his movements to be nearly sound and vibration free. He is protected from physical attacks by overalpping trinnium 6-titanium alloy armor plates, and his internal systems have been hardened against electronic attacks and backed up by multiple redundancies.
Weaknesses: If Nemesis Prime has a weakness, it is his lingering sense of honor. he revels in the challenge and chaos of combat, and therefore eschews surprise tactics in favor of frontal assaults. He prefers his fights to be as evenly matched as possible, and he never retreats. That said, if it serves his purposes, he does not hesitate to slaughter a planet full of innocents, simply to lure one powerful opponent to his doom.
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