Optimus Prime

Series: Universe
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Super Vehicles

Tech Specs

Total: 77
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Shortly after delivering the imprisoned PREDACON leader GALVATRON" to Cybertronian authorities, OPTIMUS PRIME enjoyed a welcome respite from his leadership duties as he immersed himself in the study of xeno-biological ecosystems throughout the universe. When evil once again threatened the temporal and spatial nexus located near the planet Earth, OPTIMUS PRIME jumped at the chance to rejoin his comrades who remained behind with their human friend Koji Onishi. Upon his arrival OPTIMUS PRIME created the Cybertron Dimensional Patrol, a team of transwarp specialists and renowned warriors from the AUTOBOT ranks Headquartered on the island of Japan and utilizing a new and improved global space bridge network, this new AUTOBOT team strives for peace and understanding by educating humans of otherworldly races and defending against those that might seize power for themselves. Of all the AUTOBOTS, OPTIMUS PRIME desires peace the most - protecting and observing the fragile biospheres of countless planets in the universe. He would sacrifice himself willingly to serve and protect those he loves the most. His troops look up to their mentor as a shining example of several key virtues – patience, wisdom and compassion. His exploits are legendary throughout the universe earning him the honorary title of ¡ÈEnjin" or 'Fire God."

The monster planet, UNICRON' sensing the potential in this great warrior abducted OPTIMUS PRIME and several other members of the Dimensional Patrol - forcing them to fight in his selection arenas where UNICRON could harness the most psionic Energon to rebuild his shattered form. It was during a recent prison break that he and several others managed to escape and return to Cybertron to continue the fight against evil.
Abilities: His reputation as a great and fearless leader, combined with the skills of a master tactician, make OPTIMUS PRIME revered throughout the galaxy. OPTIMUS PRIME tends to command from a tactical position of strength, allowing his troops to carry out his orders and operations. Only when necessary does OPTIMUS PRIME actually involve himself in the thick of battle, a behavioral pattern that most enemies tend to underestimate to their dismay! Prior to his return to Earth, OPTIMUS PRIME was granted an upgrade, enhancing his already formidable array of defensive countermeasures and weaponry. Although in his vehicular form he still maintains all the abilities inherent in such a design, it is in his robot forms one sees the upgrades the best In his basic robot mode, he uses his compression pistol, shattering the toughest armor with sonic vibrations. One of his more potent attacks is his so-called ¡ÈBlaze Blaster¡É, voice-activated twin laser beams that pierce most titanium- and vanadium-reinforced armor. OPTIMUS PRIME can also utilize the resources contained within his base platform facility, providing covering fire through the use of cluster missiles and Incendiary bombs. When in Super Mode, he can use his devastating "Blizzard Blast', streams of liquid helium that instantly freeze and detain his opponents. In his Super Mode, OPTIMUS strength and endurance are doubled to that of his basic form and is also necessary to call upon the near-limitless powers of the AUTOBOT Matrix of Leadership. When extremely dangerous situations necessitate the need for even greater strength and firepower, OPTIMUS PRIME can unite with his brother-in-arms, ULTRA MAGNUS, and form the colossal OMEGA PRIME.
Weaknesses: OPTIMUS PRIME's weaknesses are derived from his belief of protecting all life no matter the cost to himself. Compassion for others, even his enemies, is one of the most innate and exploitive virtues he possesses. Some AUTOBOTS have been led by commanders who took a more active role in battle and feel OPTIMUS PRIME could be more involved in such affairs, but in fact, he has been fostering future leaders and warriors for the coming millennia.
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