Series: G1 1986, Transformers: 2010
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Mini-Bots
G1 1986 Pipes gallery

Tech Specs

Fascinated by seemingly worthless Earthen gadgetry -- carrot juicers, musical wrist-watches, electrical hair combers, etc.. Collects them in unused corner of Ark, creating a mini museeum of American consumerisim. Travels at 100mph, range 400 miles, hauls up to 60 tons. Twin exaust pipes emit corrosive gases that can dissolve 2" thick steel slab in 10 minutes.

Total: 49
Transformers Tech Spec: Pipes
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The more seemingly worthless a gadget, the more Pipes is fascinated by it. And he finds Earth a veritable gold mine of worthless gadgetry: carrot juicers, musical wristwatches, electric hair combers- the capacity of the human imagination never ceases to amaze Pipes! He is so enthralled by all this that he now collects these artifacts, creating a sort of mini-museum of American consumerism in an unused corner of the Ark. Pipes doesn't allow his hobby to interfere with his responsibilities to the Autobot struggle- at least not usually. Even while on a mission, he's been known to pull over to the curb and enviously ogle a human walking by using a hand-held, portable electric fan. Pipes explains, "The true collector never knows when or where he'll discover his next treasure."
Abilities: In vehicle mode, Pipes can travel 100 mph, has a range of 400 miles and can haul up to 60 tons. His twin exhaust pipes, which become his arms in robot mode, emit corrosive gases that can dissolve a 2-inch thick slab of steel in 10 minutes. He is among the strongest of the Autobots.
Weaknesses: Pipes is fairly tough; but even a mere scratch to his corrosion-resistant armor leaves him vulnerable to the destructive effects of his own exhaust gases. Often, in the heat of battle, Pipes is unaware of such blemishes and, consequently, sometimes succumbs to his own weapon.
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