Red Alert

Series: Cybertron, Galaxy Force
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Deluxe Class
Cybertron First Aid gallery
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Tech Specs

Self-sacrifice is a way of life for Red Alert, but non-stop fighting with the Decepticons has caused him to doubt his skills as a healer. His vast sensor array and integrated tools and his instincts as a scientist give him an almost limitless capacity for absorbing data. He considers every possible course of action before committing to a plan, which brings him into conflict with the hot-headed Hot Shot when the pair arrives on the Speed Planet.

Total: 56
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The first duty of Red Alert has always been to defend and heal the sick and injured. It is for this reason that Optimus Prime sent Dirt Boss to the Speed Planet under his protection (though the way Dirt boss sees it, he's the one doing the protecting). Dirt Boss has been separated from the other team members of the Road Assault Team Downshift and Mirage - to prevent Megatron� from once again capturing all three of them and acquiring the powerful Skyboom Shield. His distance from his counterparts, however, does not diminish his desire to protect the weak, and he happily works side by side with Red Alert to ensure that all those who need protection are made safe.

Some have been known to call Red Alert uptight, but that's not how he sees himself. There are rules for a reason, after all. Without rules things get confusing, difficult and messy. Red Alert hates a mess, hates for things to become more complicated than they need to be. Still, sometimes a mess is unavoidable. "If Sideways wants things to get messy, well then, fine," thinks Red Alert. "Let's get messy."
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