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Tech Specs

Looking upon the powerful form of Rhinox, one would imagine he is engineered to be a terrible machine of destruction. However, the truth is, the large MAXIMAL is one of the gentlest souls you will ever encounter. His entire being is focused around the defense of life - from the largest space faring creatures, to the tiniest insect. His function as a defense specialist belies his fearsome appearance, but make no mistake, in combat RHINOX is one of the most brave and potent forces on the battlefield. In robot mode, Rhinox is adept at close quarters hand-to-hand combat, utilizing a brutal style that inflicts maximum damage with minimal movement. His dense armor protects him from most forms of conventional firepower. In vehicle mode, his powerful shovel can lift up to 50, 000 tons. The shovel, composed of a special alloy Rhinox developed himself, reflects most energy weapon's fire back to its source. Often serious, Rhinox does have a congenial sense of humor that is neither mean-spirited nor spiteful. Rhinox is an expert at defensive technology and tactics while also having a vast knowledge of engineering, including weapons development and metallurgy. These are just a few of the reasons OPTIMUS PRIMAL holds Rhinox's abilities and counsel in the highest esteem.

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Items Ending Soon On eBay

Ending Soon On eBay

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #164 - Getaway Was Right
Twincast / Podcast #164:
"Getaway Was Right"
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Posted: Saturday, January 21st, 2017
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