Series: BotCon Exclusives
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: CyberjetsExclusives

Tech Specs

Ricochet was one of the top trainees in the espionage division of the Autobot academy. His skill in sabotage gained the attention of Espionage Director Bumblebee, who took the young Autobot under his wing. Unfortunately, this had the negative affect of bolstering Recochet's ego to an extreme. He thinks very highly of himself. However, his abilities often justify his belief. Unfortunately, his attitude has led to conflict with fellow Autobots from time to time. While he is an adept spy, Ricochet prefers sabotage, which he feels is a much more effective way of fighting enemies than outright battlefield confrontations. "He'll grow and learn... if he survives long enough." Bumblebee says with confidence.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Ricochet has a top speed of mach 2.0. His primary weapon is his lance, mounted on the top, able to fire bursts of plasma energy. His outer skin is composed of a special alloy that is able to avoid most advanced detection methods. Combined with his almost silent, running engines, he can go undetected in enemy territory with ease. In robot mode, Ricochet is extremely agile. He has a massive array of visual and listening equipment built into his head unit. In addition, his lance doubles as a melee weapon.
Weaknesses: Ricochet's attitude sometimes leaves him in situations where he has taken on more than he can handle. While other Autobots will come to his rescue, they have been known to do so grudgingly.
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