Series: Armada, Micron Legends
Faction: Mini-Con
Subgroup: Mini-Cons
Armada Magnus gallery

Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The true "personality" of the Overload mechanism is revealed when the Mini-Con Rollout merges with his Autobot partner. Utilizing the Headmaster process, an ancient technology of unknown origin, Rollout is able to form a binary bond with the weapons system to create the Autobot Overload. This enhanced form grants him complete control of one of the most powerful Autobot bodies ever created, which the civic-minded Mini-Con uses to help any and all life forms around him, whether' they be Autobot, Mini-Con. or human. Though physically frail in his true form as a Mini-Con. Rollout's Overload mode permits him to tap into his innermost potential, allowing him to become the hero that he truly believes he is capable of being. Even though he is reluctant to admit it, Rollout secretly wishes to be permanently bonded to this form.
Abilities: Due to a viral infection during his creation, Rollout is plagued by an internal defect that leaves him with significantly impaired endurance and physical strength despite his larger than average size for a Mini-Con. However, to compensate for his physical disabilities, Rollout has all but mastered the use of his internal extinguisher rifles and is able to snuff out even the smallest electrical fire from up to five miles away.
Weaknesses: Due to the modified binary process of the Headmaster I technology which binds them, Rollout is susceptible to any injuries taken by Overload, even when the two are not connected. Use of the Overload form also takes its toll on Rollout's already weakened internal systems, requiring substantial recovery periods afterwards.
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