Series: Armada, Micron Legends
Faction: Blendtron
Subgroup: Deluxe Vehicles
Armada Double Face gallery

Tech Specs

SIDEWAYS is a conscientious, ninja-like warrior who races to battle. Disguised as a sports bike he exceeds speeds of 250mph. Mysterious and silent, he reveals little about himself except a fierce drive to confront the enemy and quickly return to CYBERTRON. On Earth, he undergoes a personality change that gives him both a good and a bad side based on Mini-con influence. This split makes him highly unpredictable. It's hard to predict which half of his split personality will win in the end - the good side or the evil side!

Total: 49
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Variations: There is an early release variation of the Hasbro version of Sideways where Crosswise activates the Autobot symbol and Rook actives the Decepticon symbol on the toy's faction gimmick. On this variation, the Crosswise Mini-Con has a salmon color marking on his shins. The original release variation was intended to be the correct version, however, an animation error was responsible for the Mini-Con mix-up and Hasbro would release a running change to the toy. The running change corrected both the faction-swap gimmick and changed the leg markings on Crosswise to purple.

The Japanese MX-01 Doubleface features more accurate detailing including the correct faction-swap abilities and a distinct lack of purple on the front of the bike.
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