Series: Universe
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: Deluxe BeastsFuzors
Universe Silverbolt gallery

Tech Specs

Hailed as a Maximal hero by the general populace for his role in the liberation of Cybertron from the Megatron's rule, Silverbolt had finally been able to recover from the nightmare of the constant battle, and begin an idylllic life with his love, Blackarachnia. However, once Unicron, the ancient monster planet resurfaced to threaten the cosmos, this new dawn of peace and prosperity for the reborn Cybertron had abruptly been cut short as the planet's populace must again prepare for battle against the ultimate evil. Silverbolt exemplifies the finest qualities that one might expect from Primus' defenders: He is an honorable and brave fighter, righteous in his cause, and noble in his bearing. In his newly reformatted Fuzor body, Silverbolt has reverted to the powerful form he started out with in the beast wars. In beast mode Silverbolt possesses keen olfactory sensors enabling him to track his prey like a bloodhound. In both modes Silverbolt boasts both superior speed and agility. In robot mode his main weapons are bio-mechanically created feather weapondary that can be fashioned into swords or launched as explosive missles. In the battle against Unicron, Silverbolt's primary goal is to save and recover Blackarachnia from the Chaos Bringer's corrupting influence. However, his feelings for her are even stronger than his own sense of preservation, and can easily be exploited by his enemies.

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