Chicago Cubs World Series 2016 8-Disc Collector's Edition Set from Shout! Factory


Series: G1 Commemorative Series, Transformers Collection
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Seekers

Tech Specs

SKYWARP is a sneak who enjoys playing cruel tricks on his comrades and appearing without warning to snipe at AUTOBOT forces. Cunning and powerful, he is the most decitful of all DECEPTICONS, and he would be a misguided soldier without MEGATRON'S constant supervision. Carries heat-seeking missiles and variable-calibre machine guns and has the ability to teleport up to 2.5 miles. Top speed: 1500 mph.

Total: 67
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Skywarp is the sneakiest of the Decepticons. On Cybertron he was known to appear out of nowhere in the middle of peaceful Autobot villages to rain terror and destruction upon them, if the mood hit him. He'll even use his teleportation powers to play a prank on a fellow Decepticon. Everyone enjoys this except the butt of his joke since Skywarp's sense of humor tends to be rather cruel and physically abusive. Skywarp isn't too smart and would be totally useless without the supervision of Megatron.
Abilities: Skywarp can reach a top speed of 1500 mph. But what makes him unique is his ability to instantly teleport himself a maximum distance of 2.5 miles. He also carries a heatseeking missile launcher and a variable-caliber machine gun.
Weaknesses: Skywarp's control of the accuracy of his teleportation power diminishes as the distance he teleports increases. As a result, if he's not too careful, he's likely to crash into things when he arrives at where he's teleporting. Not being too bright doesn't help him avoid these accidents either.
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #160 - Grappling with Memory
Twincast / Podcast #160:
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