Series: Robots In Disguise, Car Robots
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Deluxe Vehicles

Tech Specs

Total: 51
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: SMOKEJUMPER possesses a withdrawn, meticulous nature that frequently seems inconsistent with his role as a DECEPTICON warrior In fact, SMOKEJUMPER himself might recognize this incongruity, if only he was capable of detaching himself from his duties as an intelligence analyst for more than a few microseconds. While his central processing core is incredibly powerful, the shell program that governs SMOKEJUMPER's behavior is severely limited, causing him to be ill-equipped to focus on any tasks other than those that relate directly to his primary function. Consequently, his fellow DECEPTICONS often characterize him as frustrating and uncooperative to work with or as teammate DREADWIND likes to put it: "He's seriously geeky."

Though SMOKEJUMPER often seems introverted and subdued, in battle he will not hesitate to execute aerial maneuvers of incredible skill and daring, if only to gather more accurate information on the damage caused by his teammates' weaponry
In fact SMOKEJUMPER's single-minded pursuit of his work often takes him so close to the effects of DREADWlNG's bombing runs that he himself appears completely unaffected by the smoke and destruction around him - hence his name.
Abilities: In jet mode, SMOKEJUMPER's advanced avionics allow him to perform great aerobatic feats that would easily tax the systems of his fellow fliers. Capable of hypersonic flight, SMOKEJUMPER's design complements his own desire to enter a battle, gather the data he needs, and quickly withdraw to begin planning another attack. In each of his modes, SMOKEJUMPER is armed with two phase-conjugate tracking probes designed to aid his partner DREADWING in target acquisition. With SMOKEJUMPER's eye for detail and DREADWING's lust for destruction, the two can make an extremely effective team.
Weaknesses: As a result of his primary function, SMOKEJUMPER's systems are designed purely to gather and analyze tactical information. As such, he is not at all well-armed or powerful. This can prove to be a serious liability given his popularity among his fellow DECEPTICONS, leaving him alone and undefended at his times of greatest need.
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