Series: G1 1988
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Headmasters
G1 1988 Squeezeplay gallery

Tech Specs

A raving, relentless, one-robot wrecking crew with slashing, crushing claws and needle-sharp, armor-piercing fangs. Rarely slows down. Never stops to think. Binary-bonded to Lokos, a Nebulan smuggler and hardened criminal. Armed with overrider rifle that overloads and blows out electrical circuits. In robot Mode, uses tail as metal-rending mace. Titanium-reinforced claws can slice through almost any substance. An expert at underwater sabotage.

Total: 54
Transformers Tech Spec: Squeezeplay
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: A one-robot wrecking crew, Squeezeplay rarely stops to think as he charges into battle. He's not stupid by any means; he simply doesn't believe there exists a foe or an object that can stand in his way. Terrifying and relentless, the sight of Squeezeplay has unnerved some of the coolest Autobots. With slashing, crushing claws and needle-sharp armor-piercing fangs, Squeezeplay has more than enough might to back up his 'unstoppable' claim. He doesn't rely on cunning or tactics, thinking these things weak. Might is everything to Squeezeplay, and he has no time for thinkers. Detesting weakness in any form, Squeezeplay makes enemies within his own ranks as easily as he makes them outside. Like his sometime battle partner Fangry, he needs no telling. If the enemy is in sight, it is there to be crushed... and he's just the robot to do it. His Nebulan partner, Lokos, is a hardened criminal, specializing in smuggling and air piracy. He revels in Squeezeplay's power and steers it towards personal advancement. As long as Squeezeplay gets his fill of chaos and carnage, he's content to let Lokos indulge himself. It doesn't quite suit Lokos's sneaky nature, but when you've the might of Squeezeplay on tap-- who cares?
Abilities: Very strong and armed with an overrider blaster that overloads and blows out electrical circuits, Squeezeplay is a force to be reckoned with in robot mode. But it still pales before his crab mode. Dense armor plating and titanium-reinforced claws that can slice through almost any substance make Squeezeplay a deadly opponent. He uses his tail as a metal-rending mace. At home on land or deep underwater, Squeezeplay is an expert at deep-sea sabotage, able to resist vast ocean pressures
Weaknesses: Squeezeplay has almost no actual weaknesses, but he is by no means indestructible. His refusal to believe anyone can harm him could be a literally fatal flaw.
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Cartoon Appearances

Squeezeplay appeared in the following 24 cartoon episodes:

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