Series: G1 1984, Fight! Super Robot Life
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Autobot Cars
G1 1984 Sunstreaker gallery

Tech Specs

The complete egotist, Sunstreaker thinks he is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Loves his sleek styling, contemptuous of other Autobot race cars (particularly his twin Sideswipe). Fires laser-guided ground-to-air rockets and high energy electron pulses at 300 bursts/sec. Tough polymer-steel skin resists artillery. Not a team player. Can be baited into dangerous situations, but is a very calm, competent, and ruthless war machine.

Total: 51
Transformers Tech Spec: Sunstreaker
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Sunstreaker is the complete egotist. He feels he is simply the most beautiful thing on Earth. He is constantly discussing his sleek lines, his aerodynamic styling and he is loudly and continually grateful to the Ark for giving him such a magnificent body. Sunstreaker is faintly contemptuous of the other sportscar Autobots, particularly his fraternal twin Sideswipe, whose design, he says, is spoiled by the rearmounted engine in his automobile mode. When he is in his robot mode, Sunstreaker is the most dangerous, most ruthless of the group; a calm, competent war machine. His biggest fault is his tendency to stop so that people can admire him when he ought to be tending to business.
Abilities: In Autobot mode, Sunstreaker wears a right shoulder-mounted, laser-guided, ground-to-air missile launcher. Each missile is the equivalent of 450 lbs. of TNT and can down a Decepticon jet fighter at a maximum distance of 37.5 miles. He also carries an electron-pulse gun capable of emitting at 300 bursts per second a beam of highly energized electrons (the high rate of emission makes it effectively a continuous stream of electrons). A sustained burst of 1.5 seconds will burn a 3 inch hole in a .5 inch-thick plate of titanium-alloy steel. His upper torso construction incorporates a tough polymer-steel skin, making him particularly resistant to artillery fire.
Weaknesses: A potent arsenal and tough hide like Sunstreaker's would be sufficient to preclude any serious weaknesses, it it weren't for his ego and sociopathic tendencies. His inability to be a team player and overriding lust for battle often diminish his overall value to the Autobots, and the ease with which he can be baited by anyone, including adversaries, often puts his well-being in serious jeopardy.
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Cartoon Appearances

Sunstreaker appeared in the following 37 cartoon episodes:

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