Sweep Seven

Series: Convention & Club Exclusives
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroups: Deluxe ClassExclusives
Convention & Club Exclusives Sweep 7 gallery

Tech Specs

Like all the other warriros in the Sweeps army, Sweep Seven was created using parts from the bodies of deactivated Decpeticons. Decepticons often have trouble maintaing conversations with Sweep Seven due to his tendency to walk off, deciding that his time is better spent developing some new weapon system for the Sweeps. Scourge relies on hm to keep the weaponry used by the Sweeps the most current and lethal available. He sees weapons develppment as an inellectual challenge and grows quickly bored one a new weapon has been developed. Scourge often feels Sweep Seven is an extension of both his intellect and creativity and uses him accordingly for the benefit of the Decepticon Empire. When called into battle, Sweep Seven is often eager to test his new weapons, but they sometimes backfire on him.

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