Series: Beast Wars II
Faction: Predacon
Subgroup: Basic Vehicles
Beast Wars II Thrust gallery

Tech Specs

Despite having the personality of a comedy duo's goofy gag man, Thrust is actually the shrewdest of the Destrons. He and his buddy Dirge form a well-known combo. Like Dirge, he can store his weapon (Thrust Gun) in his legs or increase its power by converting it to long-barreled form. Thrust hates sea breezes, as they rust him, and so hates Scuba as well.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Like his best friend Dirge, Thrust has the attitude of a comedian. He never calms down and hates acting serious. He'd much rather have fun and take things in stride. Thrust has a shrewd personality, though, and along with Dirge he forms a well-known duo among the Predacons. Unfortunately, the duo isn't known for exactly what they'd like to be. For the most part they are thought of as bunglers. Thrust hates sea breezes since they tend to cause him to rust and for that reason alone he has a great hatred of the Maximal Scuba.
Abilities: Thrust and Dirge share a great deal in common. Thrust transforms into a stealthy fighter jet just like his partner. He also carries his weapon of choice, the Thrust Gun, in his leg compartment and can attach a barrel to it for increased power.
Weaknesses: Thrusts inability to focus on anything for a length of time reduces him and his partner to the more medial tasks while complex assignments are left to more appropriate Predacons.
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