Ultra Magnus

Series: Cybertron, Galaxy Force
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Leader Class

Tech Specs

Known throughout the Autobot ranks for his boundless courage, Ultra Magnus is a powerful warrior and able leader in his own right. He is nagged by a constant self-doubt brought on by the fact that he was passed over in favor of his brother when it came time to pass on the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Though his jelaousy of Optimus Prime once drove him nearly to treasonous violence, he has since grown older and wiser.

His competitive nature drives him constantly to prove himself against the Decepticons, but his natural intelligence makes him a careful planner. Not given to philosphy like his brother, Ultra Magnus is a straightforward thinker. He dislikes wasted effort, and often his commands amount to little more than one or two words.

Total: 65
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Ultra Magnus is not your typical autobot. He is brash, cocky, offensive and sometimes borders on traitorous. Perhaps this is the reasoning behind Vector Sigma choosing his brother Otpimus Prime to recieve the Matrix, and lead the Autobots rather than Ultra Magnus. This fact has haunted Ultra Magnus since its occurence eons ago, so much so, that he left Cybertron for solitude until recently. Ultra Magnus still wants control of the Matrix and the Autobot ranks. he even attempted to forcibly take it from his brother Optimus Prime. What resulted was an unlocking of a secret combination, one that unites the two brothers, total opposites as individuals, into one mighty robot - Omega Prime. A mixture of their personality, experience and power, Omega Prime dominates the battlefield, and it could not be possible without Ultra Magnus' fierce tactics and aggressive nature. It seems Alpha Trion knew what he was doing when he created them at precisely the same moment back on Cybertron, locking the fates of the two brothers - and Autobots - together forever.
Abilities: Ultra Magnus is a powerhouse on the battlefield. In vehicle mode, he can travel average speeds of 100 mph with short bursts in excess of 250 MPH. His vehicular mode is a transport truck capable of holding 4 average sized units. His front end is plated with a battering ram (emblazoned with the Autobot insignia), and is capable of smashing through titanium plated walls and other objects up to 8 feet thick. In robot mode, Ultra Magnus carries his weapon of choice: a dual purpose chain gun and multi-laser he nicknamed "Blue Bolts". His weapon has the capacity to transform into various configurations, maximizing its power for the task at hand. Different mode for "Blue Bolts" can unlock different attacks for Omega Prime as well. He can combine with Optimus Prime to form Omega Prime.
Weaknesses: Ultra Magnus' anger is his greatest weakness.
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