Arcee looks shocked at Ultra Magnus' missile

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Arcee looks shocked at Ultra Magnus' missile
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william-james88 writes: Watch where you point that thing!
hinomars19 writes: "Why Magnus, what a pointy warhead you have!"
trailbreaker writes: "That's right Arcee, just like that."
Lboogie609 writes: Arcee: "So I gave Galvatron a right hook, ya' see?...and uh....

Magnus: "Your lying..., so shutup"
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Arcee: Uh....You want me to pop your pimple for you? Uh...ok.
Revenge of Bruticus writes: ARCEE: Uh pop your pimple for you. uhh...ok.
Black Hat writes: Arcee: Whoa! It's huge! Just how horny are you?

Magnus: That's my missile, you silly girl.
Retrospex writes: Arcee: "I can't deal with that right now!"
Orionseid writes: eyes are up Here, Arcee.
WarzoneBeta writes: Arcee: Wait you put what were and do what!
Magnus: You heard me. Now get down and get to it.
Arcee: Alright fine but just this once. But next time don't expect me to build your Gundam Models for you.
Magnus: Curse my giant hands...*sob*
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Heckfire writes: Well, Arcee, I showed you MINE...
Dinobot13 writes: Arcee:-Is that a missile on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me?
Rept138 writes: Wow that's a pretty big missile you got there. You sure you've never done cybertronic porn before?
Erowuii writes: Magnus: Think that's big? Wait til you see this.....
moonie writes: MAGNUS: yes, i know it looks odd, but the doctors said it was the only way they could save my....... manstuff.
darkqueen01 writes: "Put that think away or your gonna get us all killed!"
Blazefrost writes: Arcee: *whistles*
Jetfire1978 writes: Nice tip
what0080 writes: Until now, Arcee did not know she was "self-lubricating..."
Deceptiwho? writes: hmmm... PG-13??? nope im not even going to try it!
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ChevyTron writes: Magnus: F***
Arcee: *gasp*
Nemesis Jason writes: Arcee: Look at the size of that nipple!!
Ironman21 writes: wow its huge
Swerve writes: ...And I told you, not until I get a ring on this finger.
phillmo writes: "This hunymoon is the worst idea since that episode when i did have penis"

"boy did they get that the wroungh way round", "aeh Mangus"
snavej writes: Arcee: Why are you red, white and blue?

Ultra Magnus: I have a terminal heart condition.
hot rod 907 writes: I never knew you felt that way about me!
Tiedye writes: Magnus-"And so I told Starscream to eat slag, and then...Wa What are you looking at...(stares down) OH PRIMUS I'm so sorry.
Arcee-"Nice try buddy! I sueing you for harassment.
medleystudios72 writes: So let me get this straight. When it gets cold, your shoulder beams?
Castle74 writes: Don't point that thing at me unless you're willing to use it!
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mechajol writes: It's not a missile. I'm just happy to see you!
Ccampbell23 writes: Hey Acree, know what adam said to eve at a moment like this?.... "Stand back baby, I don't know how big this thing gets"...

Acree: Nice try, but I've already seen it... I'll be at Optimus Primals...
Dynamax writes: You know Arcee, I am just SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR WHINING AND SCREAMING!!! EAT SLAG AND DIE!!
darth_paul writes: Arcee: Um, no thanks not interested…geez.
Ultra Magnus: Fine then if you won’t put out then I’ll just go ask your sister the Paradron Medic, I hear she’s easy.
Octocon writes: Arcee: oooow, can i touch it
battlestrike writes: arcee: mmm..., taste like chicken
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "Could I get a lube job?"
TransX writes: REALLY? ON HUMAN TELEVISION??? They actually have commercials about feminine products??? What's with this world, Magnus?
SiriusPrime writes: Arcee: "That's a great idea Ultra Magnus! We could use that to destroy the shield generator. Did Optimus Prime's spirit really communicate with you?!

Ultra Magnus: "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

Unknown writes: My, what big arms you have!
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InfamousB writes: Arcee: "Don't grouse to me about useless appendages. You try being taken seriously when you're stuck with a 'Princess Leia' haircut!"
actionfigure73 writes: Ultra Magnus: "...and that's how much I saved by switching to Geico."
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "Guess what? We didn't make it in the movie."

Arcee, "WHAT!? But Michael Bay promised me a role! He said that if I let him watch me detail myself every week, he'd write me into the script as a hot pink Ferrari! That lyi
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "Thank You Mario! But our Princess is in another castle."

After realizing how badly he sucks in general, Ultra Magnus has a nervous break down...
Fireblast writes: Ultra Magnus: Milk me.
Arcee: NO!
Fireblast writes: I knew Rhino would screw up this DVD Collection!
1337W422102 writes: "If you think THAT'S big and red..."
snavej writes: Arcee: I can't get round that with both hands! You can't seriously expect me to ... with my mouth!

Ultra Magnus: What the hell are you talking about? I asked you to blow up the DECEPTICON missile OVER THERE that's about to KILL US ALL!
Archanubis writes: Ultra Magnus: Do you get the feeling that we've done this before?
actionfigure73 writes: Ultra Magnus: "So Arcee, ready to become a Headmaster?"
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Road Turtle writes: (Magnus and Arcee argument continued...)

Arcee, "He's a quadrapalegic you jerk! And he goes potty just fine on his own! And he doesn't whine... much..."

Magnus, "Yeah whatever, Princess Leia..."

Arcee, "Oh! What
GrimSqueaker writes: DumDum........DumDum.......DumDumDumDumDumDumDumDumDumDumDumDumDum-DA!!! NA!!!!
snavej writes: Arcee: You can take it off when you don't need it, you know. It nearly poked my eye out!

Ultra Magnus: How do I know that your eye isn't a Decepticon surveillence device? I have to wear my missiles so that I CAN poke people's eyes out!
snavej writes: Ultra Magnus: Need a ride, honey?

Arcee: Oh, stop that oil-house banter, you steel-plated pig!

Ultra Magnus: Hey, I AM a car transporter truck, aren't I?! And you're a car! Tch, women!

Hot Rod: I want a ride!

Ultra Magnus: [Shudder
snavej writes: Arcee: Is that a nuclear missile?

Ultra Magnus: It's pronounced 'nuculer', Arcee. 'Nuculer'.

Arcee: Oh, shut up Homer!
Thunder_breaker writes: Arcee: So, why don't you ever fire that thing?
Magnus: It's... uh... because...
Sometimes even the greatest autobot warriors need a little help.
trailbreaker writes: "Oh Magnus, it's HUGE!!"

"Thanks Arcee. That's why Prime originally gave me the Matrix."
shockwave_inoz writes: MAGNUS: "Well, hum ho... here we go again with this old caption contest. Why don't they get that scene of Soundwave running through what looks like a finsh line at a race??"
ARCEE: "Yeah, whatever. Just don't point that thing at
Atamus writes: Arcee - "Did you buy another useless accessory from that stupid Popeil infomercial?!"
Ultra Magnus - "B-but it was so ch-cheap and for a limited time only...(sob)"
PrimulArchangel writes: Arcee: You were drinking again weren't you !!!!
Magnus: No i wasn't honest.
Arcee: Then where did that cocktail umbrella come from!!!!?
Magnus: uffff!
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PrimulArchangel writes: Arcee: Can i touch it ?

Magnus: No way you already broke yours off !
Atamus writes: Are those made out of silicon or saline? And WHERE can I get a rack like that?!
Morpher writes: CAREFUL! You trying to poke my eye out with that thing?!
Zeedust writes: Arcee: "Yick...."

Magnus: "What? Is there something on my missile?"

Arcee: "No.... Caption contest reruns."

Magnus: "Oh, YUCK."
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "Arcee, you know that white Autobot who looks a lot like Optimus Prime?"

Arcee, "Yeah, he's really cute! The other day I was checking him out during his oil bath...sooo dreamy...!"

Magnus, "Um, yeah, that was me
Road Turtle writes: Magnus,"Uh, Arcee, I've got a confession."

Arcee, "Yeah, Magnus?"

Magnus, "I'm really just a big red and blue robot with a little white robot trying to get out."

Arcee, "What, You FREAK!"

Down_Shift writes: So, umm...looks like your going to be a "3 inch" titanium huh? Too bad, Rodimus is 6 inches of solid metal.
Coloradus Prime writes: For Primus' sake, will you just pop that thing already?
transformerguru writes: Magnus: Look at my missle of death... you are getting sleepy...

Arcee: Enough of the hypnosis Ultra Magnus it doean't...*falls down asleep*

Magnus: YES!!! It finally worked.
snavej writes: Ultra Magnus: So then we found that the only paints they had left were white, light grey, light pink and mid pink, so we thought 'Let's buy them all and hide them so Arcee can't touch herself up incessantly'.

Arcee: [Slaps Ultra Mag
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snavej writes: Arcee: HasTom are going to redesign us how many times?

Ultra Magnus: On average, three times a year for the next 472 years. I will be done more often than you, though, because I am superior.

(Arcee pulls off Magnus' missile launcher and runs a
snavej writes: Arcee: Now that you don't have the Creation Matrix, can I put my handbag in there? It saves me carrying it around the shops all day!

Ultra Magnus: No, tell your handbag to transform and follow you on its own two feet! The same goes for you, Trac
Stormrider writes: Magnus: Ok, open up and I'll take care of that tooth with my trusty drill.
Unknown writes: Arcee: "Can I? Can I touch it?"

Ultra Magnus: "I thought you would never ask."
tian17 writes: Arcee: Wow baby, if another part of your body was as big as that, mmmmmmm
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Magnus,"Damn hon we ain't buying this house, this place sucks look at this crack in the wall. Hon. Honey? ARCEE!"


Magnus,"My eyes are up here you know."

Arcee,"But it's huge."

shadow minicon writes: What did you just say?!
Brakethrough writes: Yeah, I've had it with you and your guyjumping. Eat ballistic death, Arcee.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Arcee, I'm not going to ask how your purple bra got up there. And Springer, for Primus' sake, put some pants on."
Kevinus Prime writes: "It's been like this ever since I tried Viagra."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Arcee, you think anyone will be funnier than when they used this picture the last time?"

"In this group? Are you serious?"
Damolisher writes: Arcee: "It's incredible!"
Magnus: "Not as incredible as the fact that Seibs hasn't realised he's already used this pic."
Tyranitron writes: Arcee: Is that a..........circus tent?
UM: Yeah........Hasbrow rents out my shoulder to the incredibly small midgets for money to animate us...."
Arcee: ...........


Arcee: Since when was your missle able to act like a drill?"
UM: Eve
inturnmike writes: It looks like something my dog-bot has. "Come here, boy!"
Acelister writes: Transformers: Attack of the Giant Savage Completely Invisible Aliens!
Arcee: "Dear Primus help us! There's one in here with us!"
Ultra Magnus: "What...? Where?"
Director: "Cut!"
Acelister writes: Arcee: "When the slag did that get there?!"
Ultra Magnus: "Have you even SEEN me before?!"
Unknown writes: its how big!!
Seibertron sucks writes: Arcee--I guess we found who Stole Alpha Trions Viagra

Ultra Magnus --#@!##@$
transformerguru writes: Arcee: *sniffing and gasps*

Ultra Magnus: IT WAS ME!!!!

Arcee: Damn, what did you eat?
Death-Ray Charles writes: Magnus: yeah's real
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AirFlare writes: Arcee: "....And you want me to put THAT in my WHAT?"

Ultra Magnus: "Why do you think they call me Ultra Magnus?"
AirFlare writes: Arcee: ""

Ultra Magnus: "Yeah, I used to get that a lot back on Cybertron. Some girls used to faint"
Ravage XK writes: Magnus: "Oi Leia! Stop looking at that and help me get my head on straight!"
PG13 writes: One more word about 'I can't handle that now!' and I'll blow your friggen face off.
snavej writes: Ultra Magnus: Don't look at me like that. You're just a bizarre attempt to appeal to the human female audience! You make me want to spew oil.

Arcee: That does it! I'm going to paint myself black and join the Decepticons!

Hot Rod (o
snavej writes: Arcee: Why do you have pillars AND missiles on your shoulders? I think you're overcompensating for something!

Ultra Magnus: Typical of a fembot to obsess about such things when Hezbollah are still firing at us!
snavej writes: Arcee: Wait a minute - it's made out of cardboard!

Ultra Magnus: Yeah, budget cuts. What can you do?

Arcee: I thought you were supposed to be 'Masterpiece Ultra Magnus'.

Ultra Magnus: Takara didn't have a very good translator
Optimutt writes: You think you've got riotous headlights? Check these puppies out!
dabattousai writes: Arcee: Are those missle pointers suppose to symbolize something???

Ultra Magnus: No...Why?

Arcee: Nothing...
Roboto750 writes: Arcee - "No, you can't use your rocket launcher! You'll shoot your eye out!"
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Roboto750 writes: Ultra Magnus - "Target locked! Preparing to fire"

Arcee - "Hey, Ultra Magnus....."

Ultra Magnus - (turns around) "What?"

Josh writes: is that a missile on your shoulder or are you just happy to see me

[yeah i know its lame :P]
Roboto750 writes: Arcee - "Don't you point that thing at me!"
shortround writes: What a big missile you have ultra magnus.
Powersurge writes: Arcee-Are you thinking what i'm thinking?

U/M - Yeah, i should really use these missles to get rid of Wheelie, i never seem to use them, even when i could REALLY do with that sort of fire power.
Powersurge writes: Well i hope it doesn't miss-fire on you
Powersurge writes: My god, i never knew they came THAT big
SdazVarence writes: Arcee: Oh my god....Thats.......enormous...

UltraMagnus: Arcee? You okay?
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