First Aid stands next to an injured Blades

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First Aid stands next to an injured Blades
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Optimum Supreme writes: Are those guns attached to your knees or are you just happy to see me?
Nemesis Maximo writes: This keep what happens when you f*** a stranger in the @$$, Blades!
SillyMcGilly writes: First Aid: Come on guys! I only turn into an ambulance, I'm not a surgeon!
Shuttershock writes: "Ach, don't vorry. Helicopter blades grow back."

*No zey don't.*
trailbreaker writes: Let's play "operation !"
Black Hat writes: Sorry Blades, we took a vote, and we decided your scale was too stupid even for this show.
Sky Glory of Iacon writes: Congrautlations Blades! You're pregant!
dutnam writes: We have a few more minutes, tell me about your mother.

Well it all started a long time ago......
bringo writes: It's your prostate..*sniker* you have prostate cancer..*snicker* you gonna die..
GraveWaver writes: Blades: I was owned...

First Aid: Playing chicken with Predaking isn't the best idea yet.
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kanesomers writes: First Aid: You want happy ending?
kanesomers writes: First Aid: Sooo...what'll it be today? A lenghtining or a widening?
Blades: about a little of both?
Zeedust writes: First Aid: "Prowl and Red Alert are set to become Micromasters with us... I'm sorry, Blades, byt where we're going, you can't follow."

Blades: "Is it because I'm fatally wounded?"

First Aid: "No, but I&#
bringo writes: Tell me about your mother.
bringo writes: You get stubbed toe and you turn it into a sick day.
bringo writes: Its bad. You are going to die. Its lung cance....HAHAHAHAH, I almost had you.
Korium9 writes: This is Blades as he was found after going through Spike's naughty photo albums of his ex-girlfriends. All of them. In one day.
He will be missed.
Scatterlung writes: First Aid: Wow! Thats the most mangled looking helicopter I've ever seen!
prime idiot writes: Well doc, yah see the magic's gone. My chopper mode doesn't excite Arcee anymore..

Then maybe you need...CYAGRA!
Roadshadow writes: First Aid: Well, I have bad news. We accidently switched your cyber-heart with a baked potato. You have three seconds to live.
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ALISTAIRE_562 writes: First Aid: The bad news is we won't be able to save you.

Blades: What's the good new?

First Aid: The good news is that I just saved a lot of mony by switching to GIECO.

Blades: --------------------- (flat lines)
Flashwave writes: Thanks for being my dissection partner blades!
Exulted Unicron writes: Blades: I can't feel my ears
First Aid: Since when have you ever been able to feel your ears?
Blades: Oh yeah!-
Pokejedservo writes: Frist Aid: Whats wrong Blades? Blades: I dunno man for some strange reason I can be able to talk like a good majoirty of the decepticons and some of the other Autobots as well. First Aid: Ah you seem to be getting that sympton as well? Oh boy your getting
Warhead writes: FA-im going to try the old lead pipe routine
optimus-whats that?
FA-See this? im going to to hurl this at him
as hard as i can and see if that works untill he wakes up
Warhead writes: first aid-Dont worry this wont hurt...Ha Ha Ha Who the hell am i kidding!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: First Aid and Blades, in a scene from the off Broadway production of "Stephen King's Misery."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blades,"Ehhhhh what's up doc?"

First Aid,"Do you know how much I hate that frig'n joke?"
Acelister writes: First Aid: "Are there four lights or five, Mr Picard?"
Blades: "This isn't Star Trek and you're not a Romulan, First Aid!"
darkwind25 writes: First-aid: Hey, I heard some weird noises coming from upstairs. Is everything okay?
Blades: Yeah...uh, everything is okay. Look, will you please leave now! I have some..things to finish.
First-aid: Alright.
Blades: Psst, Hot-rod, you can come out now.
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Ryu-Shu writes: frist aid:(singing)"the lsft leg is coneckted to the hip, the hip is conected spine, the spin is coneckted to my wrist watch.... oh oh"
Ryu-Shu writes: *frist aid: so what happend to him?
hotspot: he's in shock!
frist aid:so then what did he see?
hotspot: he saw optimus pirme and megatron huging*
Ryu-Shu writes: frist aid: so what append to him?
hotspot: he's in shock!
frist aid:so then what did he see?
hotspot: he saw optimus pirme and megatron huging
Ryu-Shu writes: frist aid: ok blades today were going to try a new methud of healing
blade: ok doc what is it?
frist aid: were are useung acupuncsher the japonies way of healing with needlies
blade: so doc how are u going to get the needlies in me?
frist aid: thats t
BigDog Grim writes: First Aid - "Can I strap your knee guns to the sides of my head, go to Legoland and pretend I'm Metroplex ?"
(long Pause).........

Blades - "OOOkay!"
BigDog Grim writes: Blades - "My knees are outs to get, I tells ya !!"
First Aid - "Please Calm Down, Blades"
Blades - "AAhhhhh, Now they haves Guns !!!!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"Uh Blades,you just laid down on G.B.Blackrock."

Yet another Transformer mystery solved.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Blades: F-A! I just had the worst dream! The Decepticons let loose a new batch of cosmic rust, & stole Sunstreaker's body for Dead End, & Ravage was a Corvette sent back from his future self to hide away the decepticons from Unicron, & Gr
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Baldes: will this hurt?
FA: Why should it, I'm only putting knockoff stickers on you. Since we're not getting official re-issues, we've gotta make a living somehow.
darkwind25 writes: First-aid: Mom wants to know what do you want for supper tonight. Well?
Blades: Hmm, what about, Pizza?
First-aid: *starts laughing* Syke, we don't have a mom. Man, you're such a tool!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blades,"It's so dark,am I near death?"

First Aid,"Uhm no.It's called a dimmer switch,Grapple installed it last week."

Blades,"Oh,oh oh wow now I feel silly."
spider_j writes: FA; Woah!! ARe those cannons on yer legs, or are ya just happy to see me??

Blades: *Grins*
Acelister writes: First Aid: "The Spark by-pass was a success!"
Optimus Prime: "The what?"
Firest Aid: "Uhh, there's something we have to tell you..."
Prime805 writes: Blades: I just wanted to say I hated you First Aid.

FA: Yer just shut up and die.

Blade: reegh Blah.........
nojimus writes: Blades : In real life toy mode I look worse than you.
First Aid: I dont know where that daft canopy has gone ?
Ultra Magnus(offscreen): Look you guys, I can't deal with that right now !
Death Gunner writes: FA:Are you ready for love?
Blades:Ummmm*Cannonz pop up*
FA:I see
Blades:I swear i'm not gay i have nude pics of Arcee LET ME GO!!!
Yodaman writes: "Blades, wake up or you're going to miss Energon!"

"Dun wanna..."

"Are you still sore over them not making a Defensor Maximus?"


"Fine. Be that way."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Building on darkwind25's MASH ref.

Ratchet,"First Aid put a mask on!"

First Aid,"I have some news.At 2100 hours Optimus Prime's shuttle was shot down over the sea of Japan.It spun in,there were no survivors."

darkwind25 writes: Blades: *sigh*. I can't believe M.A.S.H is finally over. I love that show sooo much! Now I wont be able to watch the further madcap hilarities of Hawkeye, Radar, B.j hunnicut and the rest. Why God?!
First-aid: Dude, the show ended back in 1983! It h
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"Sooo what can I do for you today Blades?"

Blades,"I want a cool flame job like Hot Rod!"

First Aid,"Good lord your the ninth one today.I'm running out red,orange,and yellow paint."
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DeltaOmega writes: So what will it be this time? A tuck, an implant, or may be a little botox?
krukid writes: -Wow, what knockers
-why thank you doctor
krukid writes: -Give it to me straight doc.
-Well your gonna die a slow and horrible death and your an ugly no good drunken wanker, soooooooo yeah
-No, but I alway wanted to say that to a patient
little_fly writes: fa:hears a snoring sound
blades snoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
fa stop snorng dude.....
blades i have a cold im sorry
proximus writes: so what you're saying DOESN'T stand for Super Terrific Diagnosis????!!
Kevinus Prime writes: "Great news, Blades, Viagra works on...never mind."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well, it all started when I was five..."
Kevinus Prime writes: Blades:"One Autobot will rise from our ranks..."
First Aid: "Oh, get up. Hot Spot wants you to get Daniel's cat out of the tree again."
Kevinus Prime writes: "What are you doing, Dave?"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Well, I sneezed, and one of the blades stuck in my ass...."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "IT"S ALLIIIIIVE!!!"
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: F: what's wrong blades?
B:i can't believe i did that
B:i dropped daniel on his head.
F:...thats it thats ur problem?, that kid has been dropped on his head so many time i'm suprised that he's still alive.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: B: Will I make it, doc?
FA: Um...well, have you ever seen "Old Yeller"?
B: No, why?
FA: No reason.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: First Aid: Okay, turn your head and clank.
Mikemann writes: B-Will I ever be able to play the banjo again doctor?

F-But you were never able to play the banjo in the first place.
Omega Sentinel writes: After Optimus finally agrees to let First Aid remove Blades' feeding tube, Tom Delay and the GOP impeach Optimus and force First Aid to leave Blades in a persistant energonated state
Armbullet writes: Blades: I can't move

Frist Aid: Now I get to play doctor

omega wing writes: first aid: at last my new wife is complete
blades: but my cannos are in the wrong place
first aid: damn cheap mailorder
omega wing writes: blades: how long will it take to fix

first aid: dont know never seem one like it before
darkwind25 writes: First-aid: Daddy,daddy? Excuse mister, are you my daddy?

Blades: Psst, beat it kid! Can't you see im meditating.

First-aid: Forget you!
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Acelister writes: Blades: "So... Bruce Willis was a ghost...?"
First Aid: "Come on now Blades... You saw Sixth Sense years ago. It seriously wasn't THAT shocking..."
Acelister writes: Blades: "But I only needed my legs rebuilt..."
First Aid: "And I rebuilt them."
Blades: "But the cannon's..."
First Aid: "Don't they look nice?"
Pristine_Matrix writes: Blades: "Boy it sure is dark in here."

First Aid: "Mood lighting."

Blades: "Yeah. Heh! Wait. Is that Barry White you've just put on?"

First Aid: "Yeah baby. Something smooth. Sex-ay."

Blades: "
Road Turtle writes: First Aid, "You sure about this?"

Blades, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life! I'm a girl-bot trapped in a boy-bot's body. I want these guns on my chest and a pair of legs to turn Arcee greener than that Me
Road Turtle writes: Blades, "I don't get it, I'm a helicopter, and I've got wheels on my landing gear and blasters on my knees, who designed me? Daniel?"
nuava writes: FA: Now Blades tell me about your mother.
BL: Well my mother was a bit cold, she was as hard as steel some times. WAIT, I don't have a mother! I'm a robot, GET OUT OF MY MIND!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The first meeting of First Aid,and Blades had set the tone for their entire relasionship.

First Aid,"Hey that's my bed."

Blades,"Shut up Cool Aid."

First Aid,"Actually it's First Aid."

Blades,"Not a

First Aid,"I hate living with you."
Thanatos Prime writes: First aid: I don't wanna guys, this is kinda mean.

Hot rod: Just do it you pansy, it'll be funny. run up and pour the water on him!

First aid: Fine, whatever...

Blades: AHHHH!!! WTF!!! THIS S*** IS COLD!!!!
Prime805 writes: FA: shhh I'm going to butter he's face like a bit of toast hehe
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Blades,"27,28,29,30,31..."

First Aid,"What are you doing?"

Blades,"Counting ceiling tiles."
darkwind25 writes: Blades: Dude, I don't know if I can go through this. Maybe I've rushed things too fast.
First-aid:You can't back out of getting married now. Go back out there, step to the altar and marry Firestar. She's waiting and so is everybody el
DarkDranzer writes: *The Transformer's Interpretation of Snow White*

FA: Oh well a kiss shall awaken my beloved!!

B: (VO) "Killlll meeeeeee...."
darkwind25 writes: First-aid:Ha-ha, I found you!!
Blades:Ha-ha, you found me!!
Blades and First-aid: Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!
elmekia writes: After the initial moments of awkwardness, First Aid went in for the first recorded Autobot circumcision.
XeroSyphon writes: First Aide: **whispers** "Where's the bowl of warm water?"
1337W422102 writes: First Aid: "Now I must plunge the stake into the heart of Count Blade-cula and free Transylvania!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"Arise.....Lord.....Blades."

Blades,"Will you please cut out that Star Wars crap? You do this every single time I rest."
trailbreaker writes: First Aid --- "Well Blades, here we are....alone in the dark...."


Blades --- "NOOOOOOO !!!"
fa= no need to cry out about it
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Marv writes: FA: ...and if you wake up, you'll be...MEGA
B: "If"?
Marv writes: Good, as a first step, I'll need to sandblast you, then sandpaper your armour and then put on a fresh coat of primer. By then, I need you to have figured out which new colours you actually want, okay?
Marv writes: Him? Oh, his wife was having a Protoform and he just fainted.
Marv writes: The good news is that you're going to live. the bad new is that you won't be doing it for very long...
Marv writes: Yeah, I'd like to have another Autobot symbol tatooed on my left upper leg!
Marv writes: Is it safe?
Marv writes: "Sob"...he, he looks so....peacefull..."sob" Oh why do the good ones always die so young!!!!
Marv writes: No, I don't know what we need teeth for either, but you need to have them checked. So keep still and open your mouth!
Marv writes: When the prince went into the castle to awaken Sleeping Beauty with a kiss, he found a big, ugly, snoring Protectobot instead...
Marv writes: ...and if you put your empty clips under your pillow, the Ammunition Faery will come and replace them with full ones!!
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Marv writes: I'm sorry Blades, but you have one of the worst case of Cannon Knees I've seen since Armada Cyclonus!
Marv writes: FE: "Although I admire your steadfast determination Blades, I must point out again that robots are likely to get a suntan"
B: "So you say it's unlikely but not impossible?"
FE: Sigh...
darkwind25 writes: First-aid: Okay Blades, what do you want on top of your chocolate sundae? Peanuts or sprinkles?
Blades: Peanuts,, I mean sprinkles..wait Peanuts,...arrgghhh stop pressuring me!!!!!!!!
FA:Dude, chill out. It's just a sundae.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: First Aid in: "The Horrible Nagging Crush I Had On My Roommate!"
FA: I like to watch him sleep...
Hitch writes: FA "I'm sorry... It's a tumor..."
Blades "NO! It Can't be... I had so much to live for. It can't... WAIT! Transformers can't get tumors... You lied to me to see... inside me!"
FA "Hehehe"
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: The good news was, there was a key to unlock the strange death-trap strapped to First Aid's head. The bad news was, it was in the doped-up Blade's fuel lines.
Chromia writes: FA: Luuuke, I am your father, er mechanic...

Blades: *Damn, I gotta get a new agent*
Chromia writes: FA: Luuuke....I am your father, er, mechanic.

NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"Hey Blades what's the matt...your not Blades.You look just like him,but your not Blades.Who are you?"

Faux Blades,"I am Knockoff Bladez,with a 'z',I come from the 2002 K-Mart premaid Easter Basket.Me and my fell
darkwind25 writes: First-aid: So, do you want to tell me what all this is about?
Blades: I,... I watched "Battlefield Earth" for the first time,...why did John Travolta play an alien? The movie, everything was horrible,horrible!!!!!!!!
First-aid: Listen, I under
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Not Sonic writes: AID:
I told you that you shouldn't have eaten all those dougnuts...but did you listen to me nooo, who wants to listen to dumb old First Aid..God...

But they were jelly filled with chocolate sprinkles, what did you expect me to do, stand
Jaw Crusher writes: First Aid: "...congratulations, Blades, it's a boy!"
Blades: "You say you put Daniel in my head, I will rip out your spark with my bare dexterital modulators."
darkwind25 writes: Blades:You're right, First-aid; it's no use for me to mope and lay here on this operating table. Im going to do it. I'm going to join the Robotech Defenses Forces.
First-aid: Umm, huh!? I never mentioned anything about the RDF.
darkwind25 writes: This is what Tracks secretely fantasizes about when he sleeps at night. First-aid "attending" to Blades on the operating table. Naughty, naughty.
DarkDranzer writes: *When Blades finally lost it he went to First Aid for answers*

B: *sniff* Why? Why? Did Chromia turn me down!?

FA: I don't know, maybe she still hasn't gotten over Ironhide...

B: What? She's still seeing that guy? I thought he was
GunWolf writes: So First Aid, you expect me to talk!

No Agent Blades, I expect you to smile.
Zeedust writes: First Aid: "Dammit, that's the third time he's crawled home drunk off his ass and fallen asleep in MY BED! Wake up, WAKE UP!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: 1st Aid,"OK let me see your crankshaft."
Blades,"You sick freak."
1st Aid,"Look I'm a doctor."
B,"A gay doctor."
1st Aid,"I'm not gay."
B,"That's not what Tracks has been saying.&q
Predagade writes: first aid! i wasn't entertaoning myself. i mean, i would if i had one of those 'cos you really are an attractive bot
1337W422102 writes: "So, First Aid, you expect me to talk?"

"No, Mr. Blades, I expect you to die!"
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1337W422102 writes: Blades: Sometimes... I like to cut myself...
First Aid: (takes down notes) ...and when did this all start?
Blades: Well, my mom was a hooker and dad was a drunk, so growing up was hard...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: First Aid:(Normal voice) Glasses, moustache, hankerchief. (Arcee hands FA the items and he puts them on.)
First Aid: (with Gumby accent) I'm going to operate!
Ratchet and Wheeljack: (offscreen, with same accent)Operate! Operate! Get better brain!
Ryu-Shu writes: blades: tell me the truth doc can i still play the piano?
first aid:...
Ransom writes: Blades: What are you just standing for?! Heal me!

First Aid: But you are being healed -- simply wait for the feng shui of the room to do its stuff.

Blades: ...I'm gonna die.
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: blades: oh they just keep shooting me and won't stop. tell me doc am i crazy?

first-aid: i am not at liberty to say. but plz go on. tell me more about these "Decepticons".

(blades weekly visit to the psyciatrist)
Thanatos Prime writes: First-aid: I'm so sorry Blades! I didn't know that you would die because I put dog pee in your coffee!!

Blades: *jumps up suddenly* SO IT WAS YOU!!!
Thanatos Prime writes: Hotspot: Just do it First-aid! Just put the shaving cream in his hand and tickle his face!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: 1st Aid,"Blades your pizza's here."
1st Aid,"Blades."
1st Aid,"BLADES!"

Blades,"Ohhh dude not so loud.

1st Aid,"Your stoned again aren't you."

Blades,"Tehe,well a little.I was smoking.
darkwind25 writes: Blades: Okay doc, I want to have a new alt.mode. I've been thinking along the lines of a sleek Army Apache copter, with the works.
First-aid: That sounds like a pretty tall order. What say i make you into a real woman.
Blades: Get me out of here!!
Bed Bugs writes: Blades: Ratchet? Is that you?

First Aid: Sorry Blades, he died on the shuttle during the assault on Autobot City.

Blades: Lies I say! I know he survived somehow.

First Aid: Hot Rod blew the shuttle up in mid-air.

Blades: We didn't
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Bed Bugs writes: First Aid: I knew we shouldn't have arm wrestled with Bruticus...
Bed Bugs writes: Blades: He First Aid! You think you can take my rotor off for now? It's killing my back!
darkwind25 writes: Blades: Why are you doing this, First-aid!? Please stop while you still can. You can still get help.

First-Aid: It's to late for that now. Together we shall become one, all-powerful robot. We shall become,....FIRST-BLADE!!!!!!!!

Blades: Oh **
Bed Bugs writes: Blades: ...nor was I, but one day, an Autobot shall rise through the ranks, to light our darkest hour...

First Aid: Oh great, he got hit harder than I thought, he thinks he's Optimus Prime!
Acelister writes: Blades: "I'm dying..."
First Aid: "No, you just took some of Optimus Prime's Energon..."
Acelister writes: First Aid: "And then Optimus just ran right over you?!"
Blades: "Yeah! Well I did fire at him. And said he was a Romo... With Ultra Magnus..."
Acelister writes: First Aid: "At last, my greatest scientific creation is completed!"
Blades: "Yeah, yeah... And today is a good day for science..."
Acelister writes: Blades: "Will I ever play the guitar again?"
First Aid: "If you do, I'm afraid we'll have to do this to you again."
Acelister writes: First Aid: "He's been like this since he saw Kup and Hot Rod 'training'..."
Acelister writes: Blades: "I... I can't take the pain..."
First Aid: "I can't just pull the plug..."
Blades: "Do it for me... Please..."
*First Aid goes to pull the plug*
Blades: "Oh dear Primus! You were really gonna do
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DeltaSeeker writes: First Aid: We can repair him, we have the technology. We can make him stronger, faster...

Blades: Just no sound effects when I jump, OK?
DeltaSeeker writes: Blades: Well, my knees are happy to see you...
saiyan_prime writes: Blades: "What?....You?......Awww, crap, what kind of massage parlor is this? I want my $300 back!"
darkwind25 writes: first aid: All right kid, I want you to suck up that blood and oil, and destroy that Decepticon!!! Become a rooting, tooting, oil puking machine, ya hear me?! You eat Energon for breakfast and **** it out your waster regulator!!!

Blades: Uhhhhh, okey-
g2jazz writes: first aid: you want me to do WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

blades: i want a sex-change... give me the best job you can give me. and no micheal jackson "accidents" again. you made a big mistake with doing him
g2jazz writes: first aid: we're gonna experiment with switching your brain with that of a monkey

blades: can i get bananas then?
g2jazz writes: he`s dead, jim.....
Bat Primus writes: First Aid: (Freud voice) "What troubles your mind?"
Blade: "Well I have this strange dream were I disappear from becomig DEFENSOR. Am I crazy doc?!"
First Aid: " No, your not crazy, we just had to layoff some of the weakest link
Acelister writes: Blades: "I... I can't feel my legs!"
Acelister writes: First Aid: "I'm afraid we'll have to put you down, Blades..."
Blades: "Is it that bad?"
First Aid: "No, its just you're too heavy."
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: Blades: It hurts, it hurts
First Aid: (to himself) What would Ratchet do?? Ah stop your whining Blades
Blades: But it hurts
Road Turtle writes: First Aid, "See, this is what happens when you stick things where they don't belong, they get stuck; now roll over."
Road Turtle writes: Blades, "Doc, I can't feel my knee blasters!"
Ratbat writes: Looks like you're gonna be here a while, Blades. You've suffered plenty of damage, after the battle with Trypticon.
scattershot78 writes: First Aid: Well were out of some spare parts.

Blades: We just need to smash some Decepticons and bring back some of their parts.

First Aid: Yeah, I'll tell Metroplex. He's always wanted to know what its like to stomp a Decepticon.

King Slick writes: First Aid (in a Dr. Frankenstien voice): Know to bring my creation, the Frankenstien's monster TO LIFE! MWAH-HAHAHAHA!
(Off Screen)
Hot Spot: That's it, no more B picture horror movies for you!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"Well Mr.Reeves I'm afraid your paralyzed from the neck down."

Blades,"You know it wasn't funny the first time you said it,what makes you think it would be the 100th time?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: First Aid,"I think we've over run our quota of red and white for this picture."

Blades,"Shut up you big hunk of steel and take your pants off."
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