Galvatron squats in front of Cyclonus and Soundwave

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Galvatron squats in front of Cyclonus and Soundwave
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trailbreaker writes: POOP !!!!
Ravage XK writes: Galvaron: I am Galvatron and this is my new Alt mode. I am now a tree.

Cyclonus: I may get a shot at being leader yet.

Soundwave: I miss Megatron.
Madeus Prime writes: Don't anybody move!!! ....I lost my contact.
BERSEKAEL writes: told you soundwave, galvatron rocks in hopscotch.
dirtysock47 writes: and 1.2.3. and 1.2.3. cmon boys 1.2.3. 1.2.3. ....
toxinom writes: (galvatron looks at ant colony)
Cyclonis: he is crazy
Mad_Mexicoy writes: ----...........I dropped a contact........
Flame Cheetor writes: Galvatron:What are you looking at you fools, i'm trying to do my big business!
seminole1 writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron sir, what are you doing.

Galvatron: I'm doing my squats to warm-up. I've been watching a human broadcast called Dragonball Z, and the guy named Goku dose it before every battle, and it seems to work for him.
Hope writes: Gal: C'mon everybody! Let's have an orgy before Optimus Prime and his goons come back!"

Cyc: Me first!"
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Unknown writes: Galvatron after he watched "Flashdance"
kanesomers writes: 'The toilet! The toilet! WHERE'S THE DAMN TOILET!'
Dclone Soundwave writes: Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, .......

But mighty Galvatron, we've been waiting for 2 hours now!

Rumble, Frenzy, eject. Operation, pull it out.

We're not going up there!

.....Wait for it, there it goes!
Payner™ writes: "Megatron never did did stuff like this...."
Lich Lord Dranas writes: What happens when you play DanceDance Revolution for ten hours straight.
Roadshadow writes: Galvatron: Everyone leave. I have to crap...NOW!!! (Quote from Peter in Family Guy episode "Da Boom")
dolenarda writes: Galvatron:"Quick grab a lighter this is gonna be great!!"
Cyclonus:"Not still havent fully healed"
Soundwave:"I dont think we will have any polysporin to treat any more burns you may encounter"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Galvatron: hey guys here comes the best one yet.
behind galvatron, cyclonus and soundwave have already put on their gas masks.
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EnishiYukshiro writes: Galv: Now Rodimus Prime...admit defeat!
Rodi: What? I really don't understand how you think you beat me...
Cyc: Mighty Galvatron...please explain. You said you had a sure fire way to defeat the Autobots...commanded myself and Soundwave to follow y
sideswipe6520 writes: galvie impersonating Larry the cable guy**

"heh-heh Now tell me that don't stink!"
DarkDranzer writes: *the Decepticon version of Sherades...*

Cyclonus: Sigh, Mighty Galvatron we give up...who on Cybertron are you trying to impersonate?

*Galvatron goes psycho as usual*

gauthic_angel7680 writes: Hey guys could you check and see if there are any stains. Starscream did the laundry and i don't think he did my thongs.
Tom Of Doom writes: Right i think we should go with 4 fingers this time
ninjabot writes: The Earthlings call it the Funkie Chicken.
Armbullet writes: I forgot my bra.
Screambug writes: Look at my manly, meaty thighs! That's indeed something for a robot!
Starscream7 writes: Starsceam: Bow before we you insolent worm!

Galvatron: I am your humble servant.
Not Sonic writes: Galvatron:I feel a big one comin on!

Soudwave:OH GOD!!!

Cyclonus:Fly away!Fly away!

*lets fart out-rumbles planet*

Cy and Sound:t-to late

*Cy and Sound fall over and pass out*

Galv;Oh come on its not t-tha..that

*passes out
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Masterpiece Prowl writes: Cyclonus and Soundwave hold signs that say "2"
Gavatron: Did I get the gold medal?
Soundwave: You forgot to stick the dismount sir.
Cyclonus: We'll never win the Cybertronian Olympics at this rate.
Jetstreamx writes: Galvatron: Come on ladys. This is how you do it. Stretch those legs and arms. And 1, and 2.
Marv writes: As Galvatron lost concentration once again and started staring at ants for two hours, Cyclonus and Sounwave just pretended they didn't know him...
Marv writes: Music playing: The heat is on!!! The heat is oh-on! The heat is on...!!!!
Marv writes: Sure, oh mighty Unicron, I'll gladly destroy the Matrix for you...but not wearing THIS outfit! Change me back right now!
Marv writes: I'll get this stupid, Japanese dancing game figured out, even if it's the last thing I'll do!!!
Greg writes: I Have Nearly Got It Out!
I Hate Constipation!
Nenesis Prime writes: I hate it when my own army does a STRIP-SEARCH on their own leader!
Tzarinchilla writes: Galvatron: Look Soundwave, I'm a lamp post!
Tzarinchilla writes: Galvatron: I saw a human do it once.
Soundwave: what happened:
Galvatron: Well, what looked like chocolatey goodness came out and he was in this position.
Soundwave: Psst Cyclonus, I think he's lost it!
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Arc the ZAKO writes: Ok people! Move those gears! And one, and two, and STRETCH!

Swoundwave: What's he doing?

Cyclonus: I have no clue...
Powerstorm writes: This is one of those time where you wish you didn't take a laxative.
p3rc3pt0r writes: C: what is he doing?
S: operation fart.
G: nghhh...
pdp11 writes: It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A!
Operation Ravage writes: Cyclonus: "Don't move, Mighty Galvatron. You've got this huge bee sitting right on your rump."
Great Red Spirit writes: Cyclonus: I knew watching Richard Simmons on that Earth TV would only lead to trouble.
juggaloG writes: Decept-ercise!
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron Makes The Horrible Mistake of thinking "X-Lax" meant "relax" and charr never quite smelled the same
dolenarda writes: And when I said this big I ment THIS BIG
fuzzy butt writes: I new that I should havent eaten all the cheese, HMMM, Hmmm errgh
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DeltaOmega writes: Galvatron Shows Yoga to his fellow Decepticons. And brings them into a new era. of inlightenment.
Mosaic writes: C: Umm, Galvatron? Tell me again why we must dance Swan Lake?
G: Because then the Autobots will believe that we are hopelessly idiotic fools with an IQ no higher than a grapefruit.
S: But don't they already think that?
G: Just shut up and catch me
Mosaic writes: G: And one and two and three and four... Come on now, work those thighs...
C: I'm scared.
S: I concur. Is it too late to defect to the Autobots?
sagekilla writes: Cyclonus: Uh that looks wrong you know.
Soundwave: Cyclonus actually has a point you know.
Galvatron: Just shutup, its called Yoga
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron: Cyclonus , Soundwave help me find my contact lens at once and watch were you step!"

Clyclonus & Soundwave: "Yes Mighty Galvatron"
Acelister writes: The urge to push him off the cliff was almost too strong for Cyclonus and Soundwave...
Banshee writes: Galvatron's impression of Atlas fooled no one
Zu Darkness writes: Cylonus: The Autobots are coming Galvatron what should we do?
Soundwave: What are our orders
Galvatron: Soundwave, Cyclonus; we must do our Captain Ginyu posses so that when they come theywill be intimated by us.
Cyclonus: Damn it I knew we shouldn&#
Kevinus Prime writes: "I'm BATMAN!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Look! I'm a butterfly! A pretty butterfly..."
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Kevinus Prime writes: "SOUNDWAVE! I thought Ravage was HOUSEBROKEN!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Aw, sh*t! I stepped in Human again!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Will you not fight, Prime? Are you chicken? BAWK-BAWK-BAWK!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Right when Galvatron turned his back, Cyclonus gave him a wedgie.
Kevinus Prime writes: "NO no no, you idiots! It's one-two-three, one-two-three...."
Kevinus Prime writes: "EEEK! Mouse!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "C'mon, Galvatron! It's my turn on the trampoline!"
homelessjunkeon writes: "hey larry, if men could do that, women would have become extinct a long time ago"
Firewalker writes: JAZZ HANDS!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Galvatron develops Transformers Armada.
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Viper 16 writes: you know you waant it
shockwave_inoz writes: GALV: "Okay, NOW do you two fools SEE my G-STRING??!"
GALV: "I'll take that as a yes, then."
happylock writes: STOP!...Hammertime!
Powermaster Jazz writes: Galvatron to Daniel: Beat it kid! Can't you see we're Jazzersizing?
Cyclonus: Maybe we should have left him in the plasma pool...
GetterDragun writes: Galvatron: SHE BANGS! SHE BANGS!
Cyclonus: Stop encouraging him Soundwave.
Tiedye writes: GALVATRON-"Stand back...I....I think I'm gonna hurl....Blahhhhhhhh.
Tiedye writes: CYCLONUS- "Hehheh" I put Coolant in his systems he'll be stuck like that for megacycles.
Unknown writes: I make Richard Simmons look like Billy Blanks!
BlItZeR writes: BLUE-ANGELS!!!!!!!
NightMare writes: cyc:full moon tonight
soundie:told u not to bend down
galv:it ur fault u made these tootight they ripped u can see my butt cheeks
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Unknown writes: Get out of here! I'm training for the Special Olympics!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Cyclonus, Soundwave, watch this! *drinks can of Red Bull and starts flapping arms*
Soundwave: What are you trying to achieve Galvatron?
Galvatron: BAH! I thought this stuff was supposed to give you wings!
Cyclonus: But you can fly already!
Gambit's Mind writes: Galvatron: "Wait it's comming, you guys are gonna love this! Wait....wait!"
Soundwave: "Didn't you remind him he doesn't have a exhaust port?"
Unknown writes: Galvatron was plenty PO'd when he fell for the old flaming bag of dog poop gag.
Unknown writes: I remember this from the 80's after Transformers The Movie,the Decepticons were in pretty bad shape energon wise,and Galvatron would take Cyclonus,and Soundwave down to the corner,and perform breakdancing on a piece of cardboard.I know I shouldn&
Unknown writes: Cyclonus,"Mighty Galvatron,haven't we seen enough of the monkey's cage? Isn't there some Aoutbots you rather destroy?"
Gigantatron writes: Galvatron "get away you fools yopu stink"
Unknown writes: One day after years of abuse at the hands of Galvatron,Cyclonus just snapped,and shoved Nightstick up Galvatron's ass. Soundave laughed.
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Cyclonus I don't care if everybody is powerlinking with minicons remove that transformer from my ass." Cyclonus,"That's not a minicon that's Wheelie." Galvatron,"Oh then by
Unknown writes: Ok Soundwave, push play. [click]- "Sumuna,Sumuna,Sumuna,Sumuna,Sumuna,Sumuna, Sumuna,Sumuna, Baby, Baby, Momma,Momma,Momma,Momma,Momma, Shoobadee,Momma,Shoobadee,Momma,Shoobadee,Momma,Momma, Yakata,Yakata,Yakata,Yakata, Nana,Nana,Nana,Nana, Yeah,
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Unknown writes: Decepticons... Merge to become... Wait one minute Galvatron, we Decepticons don't have the ability to unite with eachother!!
Unknown writes: you see women give birth something like this
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Together, we are the Ginyu force, you fools!
Soundwave: I was right. Galvatron: Nutcase...
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "FOOLS!! Earth women pee like this!"
Cyclonus and Soundwave: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Soundwave....Cyclonus, don't tell anyone about this but, this morning, I found corrosion around my ass, see?"
Galvatron: "What was that?"
*Soundwave removes his finger from the recording
LagunaL8 writes: Galvatron suffering from weeks of constipation finally....
Galv.:Ahh...yess, I feel it coming....
PlasmaRadio writes: Cyclonus: "You're right that is a bad rash..."
(As always, rust proofing is your friend)
PlasmaRadio writes: Galvatron: "Electric Slide, on the dance floor! Freaky-deaky like Studio 54!" Soundwave: "Get funky with your bad self!"
PlasmaRadio writes: Cyclonus: "You will never transform into a jet that way..."
Alphatron2k3 writes: Galv: Oh mighty Primus we worship you and ask you forgiveness. Cyclonus: Wait we were made by... SMACK! Galv:Pay him no heed he has not seen your power and i have. Soundwave:(hope this works and we can win battles and have Galvatron sane for once. This wa
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nothing_face writes: Galv: And now, Autobot fools, you will face the wrath of -- AWWKKK! Cyclonus: Lord Galvatron, what's wrong? Galv: I-I slipped a disc. D-Decepticons, retreat! And TAKE ME WITH YOU!
ninja lass writes: Cyclonus and Soundwave watch Galvatron;
,,erhh, whats going on here?''
Galvatron:,,didnt you knew its other-way-day today? In stead of looking up, im looking down!!!''
{watch spongebob squarepants :p}
Tiedye writes: Soundwave- "HEH HEH we put antifreeze in his systems, He'll be frozen like that for megacycles.
Tiedye writes: "Guys stand back, I..I think I'm gonna hurl.
dq writes: oh my god he left a floater
Unknown writes: "Jeez, this giant invisible box is getting really heavy guys."
Unknown writes: "WAIT! EVERYONE STOP! I think I left the iron on."
GreenLantern writes: Cyclonus, Soundwave, I Galvatron will now... Nevermind I'm stuck. I'm stuck you fools! Now help me up!
TheRoMan writes: Soundwave— "What is he doing?" Cyclonus— "Shhhh....don't bother him, he is gona smell the ground. He can actually tell just by the soil if a tornado is coming. I have seen him do it before, its part of why we call h
TheRoMan writes: "Tick tock tic....Shoop doop doo doo.........Tick tock tic....Shoop doop doo doo....I'm gona fly like an eagle, to the sea...." Cyclonus—"Shut it off Soundwave, I have seen enough. I quit."
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TimeKeeper writes: Cyclonius: "Stealth landing or not, it doesn't help when you land in front of us."

(Splinter Cell reference)
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"You know I've always wanted to be a dragon.Wouldn't I look cool? Guys? Guys?"
Unknown writes: Soundwave- "What are you going to do Galvatron?"
Galvatron-" I'm going to shut my mouth, bend over, and TAKE IT IN THE TAIL PIPE!!!
Unknown writes: I swore I left here somewhere.
Unknown writes: Galvatron - "Wait, hold it...stop everything. I lost my keys."
Unknown writes: Galvatron - "Wait, hold it...stop everything. I lost my lunch."
Unknown writes: Galvatron - "Wait, hold it...stop everything. I lost my contact."
Unknown writes: galvatron: what do you think, soundwave; does this new body make my butt look big?
Unknown writes: *Good ol'Jim Ross*

Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Don't you think my dance and purple go-go boots are sexy? I am the Lord Of The Dance!!"

*Soundwave and Cyclonus look at each other*
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MechaDoom writes: Crowd below the building Galvatron's on: "Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!"
thexfile writes: Galvatron : go away you idiotes can't you see i'm trieing to do my joga exersizes.
thexfile writes: cyclonus : hey mighty galvatron what are you dooing ??

soundwave : training

Galvatron : soundwave , what was the hight again that i had to get to win this years robot olympics high jump ??..... here i come !!!
thexfile writes: Galvatron : tellig big man stories " when i was stil a young fearles disepticon leader called megatron , i could just do areverse transform flip into gun mode , wait i'll sow you "
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Guys, I've told you, I really don't want to go off the highest diving board in the universe!"
thexfile writes: Galvatron : bombshel !!! you blasted insecticon leader what have you done to me ...

i seam to be infected by a robot form of a human bowel desise
thexfile writes: Galvatron : 20 thousand years in gun mode gives you sutsh a creak in de nek
Unknown writes: Galvatron: decepticons, stop! Finally I found them!!! BWAHAHAHAAAA! Cyclonus: what he's talking about? Soundwave: Ants. He have promised to kill them all. Cyclonus: why? Soundwave: he doesn't want them to steal his sugar jar anymore!
Decepticon Spike writes: Galvatron bows after giving a stirring performance in "Death of a Salesman".
Decepticon Spike writes: Galvatron: It's just a jump to the left!
Cyclonus: And then a step to the right!
Soundwave: With your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight!
All: but it's the plevic thrust that really drives you insane! Let's do
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Unknown writes: Galvatron: Incoming transmition from big giant head!
PsyckoSama writes: Drat! I lost my contact!
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Decepticons quickly into the pool,we must continue our game of Marco Polo."
Galvatron writes: "Alright! Who wants to sumo wrestle?!"
Unknown writes: At this point Galvatron stops and thinks for a moment while his loyal decepticons are holding in thier snickering and realizes that he better stop dancing like a balerina.
Unknown writes: Look you fools I have a new mode as a mighty airplane!
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Do you have the feather Cyclonus?" Cyclonus,"Yes,my lord." Galvatron,"What are you waiting for an engraved invitation? START TICKLING!" Cyclonus,"Yes,my lord." Soundwave,&a
darxide writes: I ment Galvatron. I was too busy laughing to think straight.
darxide writes: Cyclonus: Um, Megatron, there's something on your head.
Megatrom: Is it a spider? Get it off.
Soundwave: No, it's not a spider.
C: Yea, it's kind of blue and fuzzy.
M: Like a blue spider? Get it off.
S: It's not a
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Unknown writes: Oh yeah right G1 Galvatron has none of the mobility shown here.LIARS!
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Stop I lost a contact." Cyclonus,"That's the fourth contact this caption contest,how many eyes do you have?"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Aaaaaaargh!!!! It's a Big Hairy Spider...

Soundwave: U Big Girls Blouse...
Unknown writes: Galvatron," back it's out again.Decepticons retreat."
FortMax writes: Galvatron: light a match this'll rule
FortMax writes: Galvatron: I love my vagina...sometimes I squat and look at it. A woman should not be afraid of her vagina. She should embrace it. Sometimes I look for hours...sometimes I touch it. Sometimes I talk about it.
Unknown writes: Galvatron prepares to finish off Rodimus Prime,with the peoples elbow.
goldfingerz writes: Are you sure?...Are you sure, cause I swear I felt a stinkbug land on my back....look again.
Cliffjumper writes: I refuse to be neutered... Oh wait I already have been.
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trinity3 writes: "Just a couple of more pushes....Breath....I think I see a's a.....Minicon? Galvatron have you been doing what I think you've been doing with the minicons again?"
Unknown writes: "Go on boys... take turns!"
Wing Zero Custom writes: Galvatron:"FINAL FLASH!".
Soundwave:"What a strong Aura!".
Cyclonus:"Gosh, Incredible!"
Unknown writes: I'm just limberin' up before I kill you, Rodimus Prime!
Unknown writes: soundwave: galvatron, what are you doing? cyclonus (whispering): silence you fool! can't you see galvatron is conducting the constructicons' band? after what they did on starscream's coronation, our fearless leader had to teach
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Alas, even though Galvatron was the first Transformer to realize he was on a television screen, because of his 'condition,' Soundwave and Cyclonus just wouldn't believe him.
shockwave_inoz writes: CYC: ", no - I just don't get it. Sounwave...?" SOUND: "Don't ask me, I hate charades!" GALV (thinking): "Geez, if these guys don't figure out I'm a Cyberturky
TheRoMan writes: It is the year 2005, and the evil planet Unicron has encountered a drifting spacecraft carrying the remains of a late 70's icon. Upon transformation of this dormant human, the world is unprepaired for the shear terror of.... "Freakatron&
Unknown writes: And coming in first place in the Log Spinning competition....Galvatron!
Unknown writes: Inaddition to insane galactic conquerer,Galvatron was an accomplished ballerina.
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Unknown writes: "And for his next illusion Galvatron the great will make Trypticon dissappear into thin air!" Cue overproduced magician music.
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"I swear Cyclonus the cyberfish that got away was thiiiiiiis big." Cyclonus,"Sure it was."
Unknown writes: G1 Decepticons attempted a chonoassault on the Beastwars Maximals,but soon found themselves in full retreat,after the crap fling assault of Optimus Primal.
Galvatron writes: --SMACK!--SMACK!-- CYCLONUS & SOUNDWAVE:"Ouch!"
Galvatron writes: GALVATRON:"Come on Mexicon Energon... eject! I must me constipated! Where is my eject button!?"
Unknown writes: Where did it go where did it go!!??
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"What the hell,why is Beastwars Megatron so much smaller than we are." BW TM Megatron,"Well lets see first I'm more energon efficiant,second I take over Cybertron,in Beast Machines,and third I've chan
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"HOLY CRAP! AN EGG?!"
Unknown writes: Things on the set of TF:TM get tense.Galvatron,"Nice job lad you even got rid of a nasty burn on my rotator cuff..." Cyclonus,"THAT'S IT NELSON,I will not work with this unprofessional acting HACK!" Soundwave,&
Unknown writes: Cyclous and Soundwave:What was that????????????
Galvatron:I just farted.
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star_sabre86 writes: Galvatron: woah...I know kung-fu
Unknown writes: Galvatron: ARE YOU READY TA' PARTY???!!!

Cyclonus & Soundwave: No...
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Soundwave this planet is made completely of cocaine." Cyclonus,"I tried to tell him this was a bad idea my lord." Galvatron,"Shut up Cyclonus,Soundwave your brillant we'll make so much money
Unknown writes: As much as they wanted, Cyclonus and Soundwave, could not stop Galvatron from thinking that russian kick dancing would be the ulimate fighting form to defeat the autobots with.
Unknown writes: For crimes committed on the planet Krypton, Galvatron,Cyclonus,and Soundwave were placed in the Phantom Zone.
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"WHHHHOOOA,I almost tripped on a dangling plot line." (Thanks to John Byrne)
Minicle writes: Galvatron: MY LEGS!! SOMEONES CUT OF MY LEGS!! 0.0
Soundwave: Err.... Thats the border of the pic Galvatron. -_-'
Cyclonus: Even though you can't see my face, I'm still the sexiest of the three here ^_^
Minicle writes: Galvatron: Pathetic! abssolutly Pathetic!
Soundwave: What is it Galvatron?
Galvatron: Just look at all these captions, not one of them is even remotly funny, GRRR! I need to hit someone!
Cyclonus: Oooo Me Me M...OWWWW!!
Soundwave: (Sigh)....Wish I was
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"GRRRR....I hate gum."
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Unknown writes: Galvatron; "Whoa! I nearly trod in that! Curses, Soundwave - I thought I told you to clear up after Ravage!!!"
administrator writes: WARNING! Keep your posts to a somewhat decent nature (PG-13 rating). While we acknowledge some of these pictures are easy to make vulgar or obscene comments to (trust us, we've thought of them), we ask that you respect the fact that young people
Unknown writes: See my theory on it is simple but it does use more gas but makes your car go fast. I havn't actually tried it but I am sure it works. Just drop a match in your gas tank and take off!!!
Unknown writes: When I bought gas I paid $10 to fill my plastic car up. I was outraged!! It made me so mad... I spent all my money my mommy gave me. I cried.
Galvatron writes: I can't even afford my energon pop with these gas prices. But one day when I control the universe there won't be a gas price!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa
Unknown writes: Gas prices have gone up? No ----? Wow... a lot happens when you are dead.
Unknown writes: Le gaz ici est l'OH si doux. Le vin ici est bon aussi bien. J'aime le sexe et les chiennes.
Unknown writes: Oh my gosh! I have only been getting $2 worth of gas.. I wondered why I kept getting less gas and spending the same amount.
Unknown writes: Jeeze man. That there gas is out of this world you see. If we people don't stop driving cars and don't go back to wagons there won't be any left for us other folk.
Unknown writes: Jeeze man. That there gas is out of this world you see. If we people don't stop driving cars and don't go back to wagons there won't be any left for us other folk.
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Unknown writes: I recon the prices will go down. But it will take a bit of time here. If we gather round the camp fire and tell stories it will help pass the time.
Unknown writes: OMG! Tell me about it, the prices of gas is so annoying. I mean you try and drive and you run out of gas. I am a single guy working 0 hours and its hard as hell for me to not run out of gas.
administrator writes: I will go check the packits since I am the packet filter guy.
Unknown writes: "Honestly guys, this trampoline is the best."
Bumblejumper writes: After loosing the last great war, Blast-Off started running a laundry service, Rummble went into public transit, and Galvatron now teaches Pilates.
Unknown writes: galvatron has given up the regular methods of combat and has taken up a Yoga-esq form of combat, now he shall 'transform' himself into a pretzel and leap into battle!
Bumblejumper writes: Running out of ideas, Galvatron concocts a way to distroy the Autobots, once and for all, with the use of...Pilates.
Bumblejumper writes: "What?! My crotch panel's not open!"
shockwave_inoz writes: GALV: "Quick, one of you - pull my finger!!" CYC: "Toss you for it, Soundwave." SOUND: "I'm not the betting type (levels gun at Cyclonus) you do it." CYC: "one of these days Soundwave
shockwave_inoz writes: GALV: "Hey, guys! How's the view from back there??!"
CYC and SOUND: ".............."
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shockwave_inoz writes: GALV: "Soundwave, prepare to receive!!"
SOUND: "As you command, mighty Galvatron!"
CYC: "I'll leave you two alone, okay?"
Scantron writes: Galvatron: OK, nobody move...I just lost my contact.
MacrossFA19 writes: Galvatron: crap!!!! I wet myself again
Soundwave: confirmed.
Cyclonus: I will clean it right away lord Galvatron...
Laserbot writes: Cyclonus:"Stop! Stop! I wont fail the mission next time just please stop mooning meee!!
Unknown writes: cyclonus: What are you doing galvatron?
Galvatron: "This town aint big enough for the
both of us Rodimus!
Soundwave: I hate westerns
Unknown writes: maybe if i keep doing this i'll be like spider-man . . . "spider-bot spider-bot does whatever a spider does.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Look Everybody, I Ripped MY Pants!!
Cyclonus: We really shouldn't let him watch SpongeBob ever again.
Soudwave: Affirmative
darxide writes: "Incomming message from the Big Giant Head...."
Unknown writes: Cyclonis:Note to self never eat energon laced with a fine black powder.

Galvatron:IT BURNS
Spartanion writes: Cyclonus:Dear Cybertron, I thought you said you'd stay away from the energon beans Galvatron you know what they do, right soundwave?
SoundWave:I don't even have a nose and I can tell that it smells like something died in here....
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Unknown writes: Common'y'all!! Don't just stand there! Do the Robot with Galvy!!!
Primal Lynx writes: "...and down again. Good, feel the burn, five more here we go!"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus,"Beats me Soundwave,he's been trying to do this all day,and the only thing he's said is to send the Sweeps to Earth to retrieve someone named Mr.Miyagi."
Unknown writes: When Galvatron gave the order to evacuate this is not what Cyclonus,thought it meant. (Evacuate get it a medical poop joke? Nyuk,Nyuk.)
Unknown writes: It wasn't so odd that Galvatron practiced his kurtsy,but the fact that he made Cyclonus,and Soundwave watch now that's just disturbing.
Zeedust writes: And as Galvatron bowed and took his fighter's stance, Bludgeon suddenly realized he wasn't the only one who had mastered the art of Metallikato.
TreNt writes: Wait for it....Wait for it... HHUUUHHHH...Almost there....whoa thats a stinker!!!!
Megatitan writes: Whoah!! If I push this big ass button on my belt, my eyes light up and I make some cool ass laser sounds!!!
Megatitan writes: Whoah!! If I push this big ass button on my belt, my eyes light up and I make some cool ass laser sounds!!!
JosephusPrime writes: As a forfeit, galvatron does squat thrusts
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Unknown writes: Galvatron,"What's this?! People making fun of me.ME! GALVATRON! Leader of the Decepticons. I hate all of them,I hate combaticon carl,I hate Hexina,and I'm not to fond of TRANSMETAL NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE either!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"Look I'm Scorpinok,Sting,Sting,bah hah I'm a big stupid Headmaster.." Cyclonus,"Maybe that's not such a good.." Galvatron,"Your mother smelt of eldaberries..." Sou
Unknown writes: Fear the might of Galvatrons Back-Penis!
Unknown writes: Galvatron reinacts his favorite scene from the "Matrix"
Unknown writes: Nobody will forget the tragic day Galvatron entered the mosh pit.
Unknown writes: Good ahead, kiss my @$$!
DeceptiGojira writes: Galvatron (drunk) serryously off..ficer *HIC* I can *HIC* whalk on the li..line iff I can f..find it *HICK* Soundwave&Cyclonus: ¬_¬U
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Back, you fools, that taco bellergon is going right through me!!!
Convoy writes: Galvatron: Do you think this new Unicron body makes my butt look big?
Unknown writes: *Cyclonus chuckles to himself after having replaced Galvatron's daily energon drink with new Folger's high octane coffee*
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Unknown writes: Galvatron -- "Really, I caught a fish THIS big!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron again tries to impress Soundwave with his Richard Simmons impersonation.
Rodimus sucks writes: Galvatron: Damnit! -snif-snif- I stepped im Wheelie!
ryanna writes: Galvatron: I really dont see where that comfounded thigh master is working soundwave!
Topnwe writes: Galvatron: uhhhhhh, I CAN'T DO IT!!! Cyclonus: what's he trying to do? Soundwave: he was watching yoga earlier on PBS, he seems to think he has joints like the humans. Galvatron: ow, i think i sprained something, in my nether regions....
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: So how long has he been at this? Soundwave: Well ever since he took that Plasma bath he has malfunctioned. Cyclonus: No I mean this dancing. Soundwave: About 6.4241 Hours now. Galvatron: (Tappity Tap Tap) Yeah... C'mon... JAZZ HAND
Unknown writes: Cyclonus- Does the term " Anal Retentive bastard " ring a bell?
Soundwave- Looks more like Starscream has possesed Lord Galvatron...
Starscream- : in Galvatron : YOU STOLE THAT FROM DOGMA!!
MechaDoom writes: Galv: "NO! Don't... move... an... INCH!" Cy: "Why?! What is it?!" Galv: "You almost stepped in that innocent lady bug! It's okay, walk on by, they won't hurt you..." Cy: &
Unknown writes: I have the exact same loose joint problem with my Grimlock.
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"You can dance if you want to you can leave your friends behind,cause if they won't dance,then their no friends of mine.S-A-F-E-T-Y Dance." Cyclonus,".........."
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Unknown writes: galvatron making up a stance for the infamous ecky, ecky, ecky, pakang, zoom-ping! from monty pythons holy grail
Unknown writes: Who the hell glued these aweful boots on me!
Stone writes: Somethings gotta give and I dont want to know what it is...
Unknown writes: Galvatron was stunned to find his feet gone.
Pokejedservo writes: Galvatron, Amateur Mime
Unknown writes: This is my favorite scene from Revenge of the Decepticons where Galvadexter gets stoned and his crotch starts movin to the beat of Michael Jackson's Thriller.
Unknown writes: Behold! Galvatron Decepticon lord of the dance.
Megatitan writes: Galvatron:"If I could just bend over a little more, I could get that thing in my mouth!"

Cyclonus:"Good God!"
Unknown writes: And behold, lord Galvatron parts the red sea.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: what is galvatron doing, Cyclonus? Clyclonus: well last week he got stuck on the planet of junk for a few days and all that was playing on the screens there was the Matrix series, and now he's trying to be like that Earth being Neo fr
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Unknown writes: Stand back my Minions, I feel the Motherload of all bowl movements occuring within the central core of my body.... Brrrrrrrrmpppphhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ah... that felt pretty damn good.
Unknown writes: galvatron: bwoark, im feeling misarebel
cyclonus : mighty galvatron this is what the humans call a hang over
soundwave: affirmitive, you drank to much heineken, try jupiler next time. Belgian beer is the best beer on this planet

galvatron : DECEPTICO
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Are you sure making a scarecrow that looks like Galvatron will keep the Autobots out of our garden?"

Soundwave: "Positive."
slyder writes: Galvatron: "He's SAFE!!!!!"
Soundwave: "Whats going on Lord Galvatron?"
Galvatron: "I bet my arm cannon to Pete Rose that the Reds would lose."
Soundwave: "Wow Pete is more courage
Unknown writes: Do you not see the invisable boulder on my shoulders.
Unknown writes: The rest of the Decepticons were really puzzled when Galvatron began instructing them in yoga.
BoomBox writes: Galvatron: Megatron transformation sequence begin!!!...wait I don't have to say that do I?
Soundwave: No... and you're not Megatron either (whisper: you raving lunatic)
BoomBox writes: Galvatron: Now you will witness the power of my secondary gun barrel!!
Unknown writes: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: Hmm nothing's happening Galvatron: That's funny.. it says right so in this magazine.. *Soundwave quickly hides playboy mag*
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Unknown writes: galvatron:you idiot told me tan this viagra is an energy source, like energon but i dont feel any power??!!
ciclonus:migthy galvatron , this human girl
Britny Spears ,says than no friendo o foe could resist her if use this weapon.
soundwave:no music ,
Unknown writes: GALVATRON: "nnnnnggh! just give me a few more minutes!" SOUNDWAVE: "Man, i told you that you shouldn't have eaten that full can of baked beans all by yourself this morning!"
Unknown writes: GALVATRON: "nnnnnggh! just give me a few more minutes!"
SOUNDWAVE: "Man, i told you that you shouldn't have eaten that full can of baked beans all by my self this morning!"
Aestus writes: *singing* "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!..."
Minicle writes: Soundwave: Old habits die hard don't they Leader.
Galvatron: Shut up and bend over already!
Minicle writes: Galvatron: Up Down Left Right Up Down Left Join in you two!

Soundwave: I knew it was a bad Idea to stick that exercise training program in Galvatron's memory core as a practical joke -_-'
Minicle writes: Its not fair! Why does my Energon toy rule so much whilst my crappy G1 toy sucks so badly!
Minicle writes: Cyclonus: OW! My beautifull face >.
Unknown writes: Watch me fart, guys!
Shermtron writes: Galvatron:Soundwave... Cyclonus.... follow me to freedom!!!
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Shermtron writes: Galvatron: i lost my conacts!!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Okay, Cyclonus. Light the firework.

Soundwave: I wish they would stop immitating Jackass stunts.
Rainbow Starscream writes: Galvatron:Watch me do my backflip I've been practicing for the circus!
Cyclonus: Have you lost you mind, Mighty Galvatron?
Soundwave: Apparently. Unicron messed him up GOOD...
Unknown writes: "Oh brother I shouldn't have eaten those boritos my ass is fire!" *farts* soundwave and cyclonus:" Oh man galv that stinks!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Together, we are... THE GINYU FORCE!!!
killfranken writes: Hey, look somebody wrote something on the sidewalk- it says, "GALVATRON SUXORS!"
Bombshell writes: *CRACK*! Galvie: God! I threw my back out!
Soundwave: Aw, geez, Lord Galvatron was playing "cheerleader" again.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Lord Galvatron, what's wrong?! Galvatron: Let's just say I'm NEVER eating at Taco Bell again! Now let me have some privacy!
Unknown writes: Galvatron demonstrates his new moves to Cyclonus and Soundwave.
Elita One writes: Galvatron: So there you are, my accursed enemy! You think by crawling on the ground you can escape my wrath? You fool! Soundwave: How long has he been like this? Cyclonus: Ever since Torqulon. He believes slugs are his worst enemies. Galvatron: You cann
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DeceptiWynn writes: Galvatron: Fusion HA!
Galvatron: Cyclonus! I'm waiting!
Cyclonus: I apologise, mighty Galvatron, but we're not on Dragon Ball Z.
Soundwave: Megatron never did this.
Galvatron: Silence, fool! Now, hand me that oil can; I thin
Elita One writes: Cyclonus: Uh, Mighty One, are those...dolls I see?
Galvatron: NO! There's nothing to see here, move on!
Soundwave: Identification confirmed: Two Barbie dolls, a Skipper and Ken, arranged in a small water container.
Galvatron: ARGH I told you t
Marcus Rush writes: I am Galvatron Lord of the Universe... Leader of the Decepticons. Master of the BELLY FLOP.
brawn1228 writes: Guys, Thanks for the skate board. Now I just have to learn how to olly!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Stop you fools! I found a Minicon! Soundwave: A Minicon,Galvatron? But,we're in G1 not Armada! Galvatron: I don't care but,the power this Minicon has will be mine! HAHAHA! Cyclonus: I think Galvatron need to stop reading Drea
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Yeah, this slag is why I'm Funk Master of Destruction in Japan..."
Unknown writes: Galvatron,"CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUW! Tremble before the might of Galvahawk!"
Unknown writes: Soundwave playing old rap tape:
Galvy:"Break it down!...*vibrates across the floor for a bit* STOP! HAMMER TIME!!"
Unknown writes: Cyclonus: How long do you think it will take for him to realize he doesn't have the articulation to scratch his own back?
Soundwave: Shouldn't we help him?
Cyclonus: Naaah... way too entertaining.
Unknown writes: woah guys. an anthill.
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LagunaL8 writes: Galv: I swear these thongs are too tight...
SoundW: Affirmative, we can see your buttcheeks
Cyclo: .....(do i have to add on to this too?)
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Here we go with the new Galvatron Simmons! We go up and down, up and down...
Cyclone:...I'm going to need a professional therapist after this.
Soundwave: Extreme suggestive picture detected!
TheRoMan writes: "So, this is Earth... What did I just land on Soundwave?" SW- "It seems you have just crushed Ryan Seacrest to death." Galvarton- "Great does this mean the Earth people will fear me?" SW- "N
PredaKing writes: Soundwave: "What is it that you are doing Lord Galvatron?"
Galvatron: "Quiet you fool. I need to concentrate; as soon as I learn how to power up, I can audition for a role on Dragonball Z."
Cyclonus: "You do
Unknown writes: people we just need a liter and we can lite up the whole planet
Unknown writes: I love these new spandex pants Cyclonus! They make me want to....STAND UP AND SHOUT! STAND UP AND SHOOOOOUUUUUUTTT!!!!!
TheRoMan writes: Soundwave - Galvatron, why are you making me blast Motorheads "Time to Play the Game"? And whats the whole spiting water thing about?
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Unknown writes: they lady at the store said it would look as big but u guys think this thong is to big?
Unknown writes: i swear to god men have it so much easier when they gotta take a leak in the woods
steve2275 writes: quiet im spying on wreck gar while he's watching strpperella
Unknown writes: G: I swear to god i sucked my own ---- before, im just a little stiff thats all.
Unknown writes: Gahh! My thighs thickened!
CenturionDroid writes: Galv: STAND FAST DECEPTICONS!..........i found......a PENNY!
Unknown writes: ...sorry, I can't even keep a straight face looking at this one.
gir writes: "watch I'll do the splits"
Starscreamer writes: What...did...I...just...SIT IN?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: 'This was my makeover!!! I thought you guys were going to spray me those natty Energon Megatron colours! If Starscream were here I'd kick his ass for this!!'
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Unknown writes: Owww! I just sat on a Catus!
Unknown writes: Cyclonus (fem) - "Galvy, you have such a ladder run in your tights, baby". Galvy (fem) - "Noooo, these are best pair"
Unknown writes: Galvatron (feminine) - "Girls, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oooh My Ghood, I think I have celulite on my thighs, Look !!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron - "These Kneeguards are just unnessessary ! I MEAN LOOK AT 'EM (crouches), Shaawwaa!
Unknown writes: Galvatron (Energon Drunk) To Soundwave - "Let's Dance, Silent Bob, You Tubby Bitch !!!"
Unknown writes: G: If it wasnt for Cyclonus and Sounwave holding me back, I wound tear you apart Rodimus! (whispers) Quick you dumbs fools grab hold of my arms! C: Ehmm, Yes lord Galvatron immediately!
Unknown writes: All right everybody! And one! And two! And three! And four! And... Cyclonus: For once, I actually want the Autobots to show up and stop us... Soundwave: Agreed.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Cyclonus, Soundwave, quick, remove my cyber tapeworm!
nothing_face writes: Galvy) Foolish Autobots! Tremble before the might of my ultimate weapon: THE CROTCH CANNON!
Unknown writes: After watching some earthling pornography, Galvatron wondered why he himself did not have a
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Unknown writes: Poot!
Unknown writes: Ur! One...more...push!!!
Unknown writes: Galvy: Do these stockings make my thighs look fat??

(sorry, last one, I swear)
Unknown writes: Galvatron: And then you say....WE ARE THE GINYU FORCE!!!
Cyclonus: I'm a bit rusty in my Japanese, but what would be the purpose of yeling out the names of dairy products??
Soundwave: Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ratbat, eject...Operation: Pass the
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Stand back, boys. It's my turn to play chopsticks on the foot-piano!!! Eat your heart out Tom Hanks!!!
Unknown writes: Everynight when the decepticons recharge, they all have the same reoccuring nightmare: Galvatron doing some disco type moves
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Stop you fools!
I droped my contact.
Hellspawn writes: Cyclonus: Hey Soundwave. this a common thing for him? It's rather disturbing. This could ruin our reputation. Soundwave: Only if it hits the internet. Cyclonus: What the f--- is the internet?
Hellspawn writes: Cyclonus: Hey Soundwave. Is...Is this a common thing for him? It's rather disturbing. Soundwave: Only if it hits the internet. Cyclonus: What the f--- is the internet?
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Do you guys think this pose is scary enough? Soundwave: No. But that fart that just came out of you sure was.
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ReinaHW writes: Soundwave: "Megatron was better trained than this" Cyclonus: "My God...Now I know who ate Scourge, that's sick!"
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