Giant holds Ultra Magnus and Divebomb in his hands

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Giant holds Ultra Magnus and Divebomb in his hands
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trailbreaker writes: Bad breath dude !!
Chrisby writes: That bastard said LIGHT wear! He is SO getting negative feedback!
mechislander writes: When Transformer collectors get old and cranky
bringo writes: Level 10 diffcultly?
How do ya change him into a plane?
He's a $%^$$ truck?
What the hell!
bringo writes: Mint in box? I think not. Damn Ebay.
Judynator writes: Stupid TF toys! Stupid-stupid-stupid!!!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: D**MIT, HE'S MISSING A WHEEL!
Archanubis writes: Oh boy! Show accurate figures!
crypto199 writes: I hate theese Happy Meal toys! Always poorly made! I miss the Action Masters, they looked funny. HE he he
Scatterlung writes: Giant: NO I DON'T WANT ANY FRIES WITH THAT!!
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soundwavegt writes: Magnus: I got two words for you, Chuckles! Breath Strip!!!
DestronMatrix writes: Giant:"I smell the blood of a...(farting noise) good god what the hell is that!"

Magnus:"um... that was Divebomb"
prime idiot writes: God-damn crappy knock-offs!
Roadshadow writes: The Predacons found a new way to destroy Autobots, sending them to...COLLECTORMUS, the giant Transformers Collector!

Ultra Magnus: You told me this guy was gonna have a beer drinking contest!

Predacons: Well...we lied! That's how we send Aut
doowaneeprime writes: Magnus: He came to life, good for him.
Divebomb(to giant): I keep telling you Flanders has it.
Marv writes: N-no Metroplex! I-it's a LOVELY Pretender shell! We all wish we had one just like it, don't we boys?
Marv writes: And who would've thought Unicron was really just some guy in a suit?
Marv writes: Run! Save yourselves! Galvatron has unleached a giant Serious Toy Collector!!!!
Marv writes: Yeah...and "Fe Fi Fo Fum" to you too!
Marv writes: Sir, please, "eat me!" is just a figure of speech...
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Marv writes: Giant or not, no 7-year old should have a beard like that!
Marv writes: Magnus was angry and humiliated at being used as a transformable robot toy. But then again, for some strange felt natural to him somehow...
gauthic_angel7680 writes: Magnus: Psst, Divebomb.
Divebomb: Yah, Magnus.
Magnus: Hey, I wonder how much cocain we can sell him?
Divebomb: Man we would be set for life.
HookX5 writes: Giant: "Waaaaait a minute - there's no takara 1985 stamp on this! Why..I've been had! this is a knock-off!"
Zeedust writes: Methinks this guy's watched Toy Story one time too many if he expects his transformers to answer him. ;)
red_ensign writes: Ultra Magnus: My God...I can see years worth of chunks of food and waste collecting in that unshaven beard of his...And ONE OF THEM LOOKS LIKE WHEELIE!!!
red_ensign writes: I will not be talked back to by my own toy! Do you hear me? Do you? Do you?!?
red_ensign writes: Obsessed and Underhygenic Fanboy: "Yes! Yes! YES! My complete G1 collection is now be complete! And no one is going to stop me! Not even you, Ultra Magnus, not even you!"

Ultra Magnus (The toy): "..."

Obsessed and Underhyge
scattershot78 writes: Giant: " You know what I do to smart aleck toys!?"

U. Magus: " You smash us to pieces and then flush us down the toilets? "

Giant: "Close. I rip off your eyelids and force you to watch G2 transformer episodes! Hahaha! Then
Pokejedservo writes: Why giants should not be on e-bay...
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"Are you the Easter Bunny?"

UM,"Where the hell is Cyclonus when you need him?"
Orion_Pax writes: Angry giant, "Wich one of you is Tom Thumb"?
Orionseid writes: Mort would occasionally take his collection out of its packages to play with them, but would soon feel guilty about it and deny himself desert.
Orionseid writes: Artist rendition of the typical adult Transformers fan.
Hitch writes: Giant, "Have you seen my keys little robot?"
Ultra Magnus, "Ummm... He's got them!" points to Divebomb.
Divebomb, "Wha?"
Hitch writes: Gaint, "CANDY?"
Ultra Magnus, "Oh god no..."
Hitch writes: Giant' "WHY BOY HIT MY NOSE!!!
Ultra Magnus, "Uhh... thats not you line..."
Giant, "Oh, quite sorry there old chap! Lets have a another go, shall we?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"I just sat on a Quintesson,and I'm gonna need one of you to pull it out."

Ultra Magnus,"Oh no."
nojimus writes: Magnus: I am a completely useless leader!
Giant: I can't deal with that right now
Arc the ZAKO writes: Giant: Hey can any of you do the robot?
Ultra Magnus: Well...yes...I am a robot...
Giant: Do the robot!!! *pats club in hand*
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Warhead writes: me have new friends... old ones dont move no more
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"I gotta get a bigger house.I simply do not have the proper room to display you guys properly."
Suzuki writes: GIANT: Okay, now once and for all I'm going to find out if you really DO look like a white Optimus Prime or not!
ULTRA MAGNUS(meekly): mother...
feuerfreiguy writes: Giant: OK so far the highest one of you sissies went with one of my rockets is 2000 ft.
I wanna push 2500 so ill you some good tape this time.
Colinus Maximus writes: Giant: Darn, still not the clear chase Ultra Magnus. Guess, I'll add it to my kitbash pile.

Ultra Magnus: Help!

Tantrum: Sorry. We can't deal with that now.
feuerfreiguy writes: Giant: Insert slot "A" into slot "B" hmm...
but slot "B" is in the girl transformer?
Vile MK III writes: Giant:Ah new TF came in mail!
(Other Predacon look at him sadly.)
Giant:Don't be mad cus' me play with new toys!AHHHHH!
Ultra Magnus:Uhh,you need to brush your teeth.
Octocon writes: Man: Hmm, this is great, i was expecting that Diaclone rubbish, but ive got the real deal... look even Ultra Magnus has a removbable head

Ultramagnus: Rodimus Help!

Man: Thank honey the birthday gifts are prefect
Octocon writes: Transformers displaying there fortune tellers predictions in 1987 that they would hold on to fans well in to maturity.

depicted here is the firsts recognise mature fan,Jon Beckanspiel, he is now in 2005 the oldest known transformers fan aged at a woopi
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wavelength writes: giant: finaly show accuracy!
predacons:he-he[sneeks of]
Zeedust writes: Fred's dad is here, and he is PISSED.
Acelister writes: "And when I push this button, Ultra Magnus sings!"
Ultra Magnus: "Transformers! Robots in disguise!"
Acelister writes: He'd finally had enough. This was the third time they sent him Transformers instead of Barbie dolls.
FIRE-BOT writes: wow i finaly got and ultra magnus figure look at the detail!!!
Acelister writes: Giant: "You look nothing like how Pat LEe drew you!"
Ultra Magnus: "Hold me higher and look up at me. About my crotch height."
*Giant lifts up Ultra Magnus*
Giant: "I don't see what you... Ohhhh..."
Acelister writes: Giant: "And now you're doomed, Giant! No I'm not! Why not? Because..."
*Giant smashes Ultra Magnus against the floor a few times*
Acelister writes: Giant: "Fi, Fie, Fo, Fum, I smell the fluid of a Cybertronian..."
Ransom writes: Upon closer scrutiny, the giant realized that he had not bought a collectible "Optimus Prime" but rather a less-desirable "Ultra Magnus" action figure.
Thundercloud writes: GIANT: "I said to step, twirl, kick - step,twirl,kick!! It's NOT HARD!!
WHEELIE: Kick, step, twirl - this giant is a little girl!

HEADSTRONG: "And that's why I say - there can be no peace between us and other species, there can
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magirus writes: ahhh! knock offs!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"Now.Highlight my hair."
UM,"Primus,take me now.
trailbreaker writes: Is this giant related to the alien kid in the TF episode "Child's Play" ????
trailbreaker writes: Magnus -- "Man, his breath stinks!"
Acelister writes: Ultra Magnus: "I told you LET him win musical chairs!"
Divebomb: "Are you sure?"
Tantrum: "Musical chairs? I thought it was musical statues!"
Acelister writes: Giant: "You had to sing 'Just Can't Get You Outta My Head' didn't you?!"
Ultra Magnus: "We're sorry!"
Giant: "Its stuck in my head now! I'll kill you!"
Ultra Magnus: "Quick , what gets r
Road Turtle writes: Daniel Whitwicky mutates and grows up...
"Who's whinning Now Magnus?! Who's whinning Now?!!"
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "I Told you it wouldn't work!! We're both Boybots!!!"
Road Turtle writes: Giant, "You're an Autobot!"
Magnus, "Cybertronian!"
Giant, "Autobot!"
Magnus, "Cybertronian!"
Giant, "AUTOBOT!"
Head Strong, "maybe we shouldn't mention that we're Destrons..."
Road Turtle writes: Magnus, "...Your father was a goat and your mother smells of elderberries!!!"
Head strong, "Did he just...?"
Tantrum, "Yeah, he's toast."
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Road Turtle writes: Ultra Magnus' reoccouring nightmare of failing his smog inspection.

Giant, "Clean?! CLEAN!? Your tail pipe is Filthy! We're ripping it out!!!"
Magnus, "No! No! Leave me alone! I can't deal with you right now!"
Road Turtle writes: Giant, "I'm gona rip off your armor and leave you all white and naked!!!"
Magnus, "Noooooo!!!"
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Giant: It's "Dress Up Time"!
Magnus: The Junkions resurrected me for this?
Powermaster Jazz writes: Magnus: Can't we settle this amicably?
Divebomb: Wussy Autobot!
Hitch writes: Giant, "MY PRECIOUS!!"
feuerfreiguy writes: Hmm i wonder if his head transforms?
1337W422102 writes: "What?? Masterpiece Magnus has a trailer that combines with him??? Hell yeah!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ultra Magnus finds himself in a staring contest he simply could not win.
arcee_rika83 writes: The show LIED to me... you're not very big at all! Why aren't you saying anything? C'MON!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"NO,NO,NO,NO. *sigh* It's tap,tap,tap,shuffle,shuffle,kick,spin.Then kick,shuffle,tap,shuffle,spin,spin.Look I'm not the one that's gonna look stupid on opening night.OK lets try this again.Tantrum,start'I'm a little te
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Deathglide writes: This will teach you not to run away from my collection!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: UM,"Have you considered mouthwash?"
Road Turtle writes: Giant, "Oh m'god you farted!"
Magnus, "Well if you didn't squeeze so hard!"
DeltaOmega writes: Screw Gi-Joe. I gots me some Transformers now!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Giant: I will hug them and pet them, and call them "George"!
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Magnus: Dude, your mouthwash just ain't makin' it.
Godfather Bluto writes: Giant: All right now I have the whole set.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"For the last time I'm telling you I could kick the crap outta this Unicron!"

UM,"Dude he's a friggin planet."


Tantrum,"Sweet Primus he's dumber than me."

UM,"Hey c
Arc the ZAKO writes: Giant: Oooooh! A reissue Ultra Magnus! I've been looking EVERYWERE for one of those!
Ultra Magnus: I'm not a reissue! Put me down!!!
Giant:Oooh! He talks! *Tries to transform Ultramangus*
Ultra Magnus: OW! Hey! That hurts! Quite it!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: When he woke to find a fake beard and moustache glued to his face while Ultra Magnus and Divebomb tapdanced on his chest, Ash realized bringing his Transformers to the haunted windmill had been a mistake.
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Road Turtle writes: Collector, "Your box is gone and your chestplate's missing! You're loose and C-7!!!"

Magnus, "No! NO!"

Headstrong, "Ha, loser. Our boxes are mint and we have all our accessories, we're C-9 baby!"
Road Turtle writes: Head Strong, "Ok Tantrum, Magnus has him distracted, at the count of three we cap him in the knee. One, Two,...."
Road Turtle writes: Things went downhill for Harold after the divorce. He stopped shaving and was often found in his Mother's attic arguing with his toys.
Road Turtle writes: Grown Man, "I don't care if I'm 30, I still want to play with you!!!"

Ultra Magnus, "Get a life, and where did you put my chestplate you bastard!!!"

Head Strong, "Maybe if we hold really still he'll forget we&
Road Turtle writes: Giant, "HA! Now that I have you all, I will display you at Botcon and sell you on ebay for outragous prices!!!"

Ultra Magnus, "No! NO!"
Zeedust writes: Scene from "Small Soldiers 2: Slightly Less Than Meets The Eye."
Thanatos Prime writes: Giant as Ultra Magnus: Stop right there Divebomb! Or else!

Giant as Divebomb: Or else what?


Giant's mom: Harold come down here! I got pizza bagels!

Harold: Yay!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: What the hell? When was Mick Foley in Transformers?
Jaw Crusher writes: Unfortunately, such was the clamor of the G1 purists when Hasbro unveiled its new line of cartoon-accurate toys that the prototypes were slobbered into ruins in less than ten minutes.
DarkDranzer writes: DB: Waah!! I want my mommy!!!

UM: Would you please show at least the SLIGHTEST bit of dignity before we die?

DB: I just crapped myself...

UM: *blinks* Eeww...
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Giant,"I grow tired of asking you this.Where is the giant Oriental Massage Parlor located?"
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Ultra Magnus: You took us out of the box. We're no longer in mint condition!
Giant: NNNNNOOOOOOOO!! They're no longer collectables! (drops Magnus and Divebomb, who transform and escape, and the giant cries like a baby.)
Divebomb: WOW! I can�
Arc the ZAKO writes: Gaint: Fe, Fai, pho, phom! Did you steal me bottle of rum?
Ultramagnus: Uh...rum? Why would I need rum? I'm a robot heh heh...
Divebomb: *burps with flames coming out* The chemeichals in Alchohol keeps our batteries charged!
Giant: *Looks at Div
Dark Monkelus writes: as the action unfolded the invisable man just sttod back and began to think
Dark Monkelus writes: giant: 'ich un of 'ou 'obots 'as ni 'ottom jaw?
Dark Monkelus writes: Divebomb: well, at least we don't have to stare at his crotch anymore.
Magnus: ...and it was undone... UNDOOOOONNNEEE!
Dark Monkelus writes: Magnus: hmmm, with our time travel device we have proof; Chuck Norris really was big in the 70's
Bruticus Buckeye writes: Damn kids leaving their toys on the floor! The Browns game is gonna be on soon, and if we can stop Elway, we're going to the Super Bowl!
JazZeke writes: These TRU reissues are so bad, even barbarians don't like 'em!
Bed Bugs writes: Giant: I know you guys can change your size, and I need a ride, transform!
Magnus: It doesn't quite work like that...
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Bed Bugs writes: Giant: What did you say tough guy?!
Magnus: Nothing! Honest!!
Bed Bugs writes: In a last ditch effort to save the Pretenders, Hasbro released Pretender Unicron...
Bed Bugs writes: Giant: Mmm, candy with a shell...
Magnus: No!!!
Bed Bugs writes: After his deal with Starscream, Unicron finally did get a new body....
Bed Bugs writes: Giant: Why didn't you keep the Matix?!!
Magnus: I'm just a soldier!!!
Hot Rod: Hmm, should I save him now? Or should I go wake Optimus up again....
Acelister writes: Giant: "Micheal Jackson is innocent!"
Ultra Magnus: "Our friend's Daniel and Laserbeak would disagree..."
tequila stu writes: giant: fee fi fo fum i smell the blood of an......hey your no englishman
Ultra magnus: really. 10 points to captain obvious.
Acelister writes: Giant: "Why did you tie me down?"
Ultra Magnus: "I told you we shouldn't act like Luliputions!"
Acelister writes: Ultra Magnus: "Just keep still and try to soil yourself..."
Divebomb: "Will that work?"
Ultra Magnus: "I don't know, but it will cover the smell I just made..."
KAMJIIN writes: Peeyooo!! Ultra Magnus, shame on you!
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Acelister writes: Giant: "Sing it!"
Ultra Magnus: "No!"
Giant: "Sing it or I'll put you in my underwear!"
Divebomb: "And they call it..."
Ultra Magnus and Divebomb: "Puppy loooooveee..."
Acelister writes: Hot Rod: "Ultra Magnus! We're under attack again!"
Ultra Magnus: "I can't deal with that right now!"
Hot Rod: "You always say that..."
Ultra Magnus: "Seriously!"
Acelister writes: Divebomb: "I never thought it would end like this!"
Ultra Magnus: "I had a feeling..."
Acelister writes: Ultra Magnus: "How many times? We didn't take your wallet!"
Divebomb: "Where would we hold it?!"
Acelister writes: Ultra Magnus: "Brush your teeth!"
Ratbat writes: I've been a Transformers fan for over 20 years! Sure, a lot's happened to me in the past 20 years: I've grown taller AND wider at the waist, learned how to drive, visited a casino and did some gambling, got my first CD and CD player. And
Ratbat writes: I've finally found a bunch of high-quality, GENERATION ONE Transformers action figures! Nothing created TODAY can compare to the ORIGINAL Transformers. :)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Now.I will re-enact for the court room,exactly what happened that evening at the Jackson Neverland Ranch."
Solidus writes: Teaches me to bid on auctions with no picture, I just spent $1500 on a box of god damn Actionmasters!
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