Iraqi Information Minister has conference about Optimus Prime

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Iraqi Information Minister has conference about Optimus Prime
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Black Hat writes: "No, there are no Decepticon bases in Iraq. Also Islam is a religion of peace, and that man with the bulky vest just wants to give your child a hug."
Godzillabot Primal writes: This Photo started the war, no kidding
Heckfire writes: First one of you bastards says ANYTHING about "Carbombya" I SWEAR oil prices will be raised $100 a barrel...
Ramscreamer writes: minister:optimus is dead!
*sound of peeps protesting*
ultra magnus:the goddamn junkions fixed me so why didnt they fix prime?!
StarSaber1701 writes: All Run The USA Send out the calvary Run....
shockblaster5 writes: Shortly after the conference, Optimus Primes from all generations crashed straight through the building, bringing it down in the process.
shockblaster5 writes: And now For something Completely different, a man with a tape recorder up his nose.
lockepsb writes: I would like to thank all Americans for bringing their Walmarts and Mcdonald's to Iraq. Because the Americans have supported us and given us all these new Resources we finally get the little cars that can change into robots, which are called Transfo
Lich Lord Dranas writes: Behold our new leader! All hail Prime! All hail Prime! All hail Prime! All hail Prime! All hail Prime!
Roadshadow writes: My fellow Iraqis. Do not fear, there is NO SUCH THING AS AUTOBOTS. But we do believe in Decepticons....
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Superion_007 writes: Optimus: Let's show these Iraqi sissies what happens when you mess with the USA!!
Superion_007 writes: America's Ultimate Weapon against terrorists

The Mighty Optimus Prime
Jetstreamx writes: Minister: Optimus comes to Iraq, and get's midieval on our asses.
Brakethrough writes: There are NOT any Autobots in the vicinity!
Alphatron writes: Today's top story is the death of a very close friend: Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime: I'm not dead!
Great Red Spirit writes: In today's news, in an attempt to scare away coalition forces, Saddam Hussein aquired old G1 Transformer toys, claiming them to be the real Autobots coming to his aid to fight off the Coalition forces. Eyewitnesses report that the Coalition forces di
Pokejedservo writes: If "Fahrenheit 9/11" was sponsered by Hasbro.
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Citizens of Iraq, be on the lookout for a Red tractor-trailer with a grey trailer. We believe it houses America's deadliest WMD's.
Nightshadow writes: Iraqi Minister: All hail the Truck! He is our One true god!
Iraqi Minister: All hail transformers! «More then meets the eye»?
lalala writes: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWW
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crazyfists writes: It's just a truck! No! That's not the autobot logo...its the international sign for...for...ummmmm candy! It's a candy truck! Yummy candy for all! By candy I mean death. Yummy death for all.
Zeedust writes: Information Minister: "Tonight, I will announce, as always, that there are no American infidels in Iraq. But first, would the owner of a red 1984 Autobot leader please report to the parking lot? Youre vehicle is double parked."
Unknown writes: "I will tell you one more time: there are NO Autobots in Iraq. Especially not right outside the window behind me. Nope. None at all. Nuh-uh. Nada. WHO WANTS DONUTS?!?!"
Rainbow Starscream writes: Iraqi guy: I promise you, we have no weapons of mass destruction in Optimus Prime. Prime: You're such a liar. But that's okay, I found Saddam and kicked his ass.
General Megatron writes: every time i look into a monitor prime my circuts cizzil when are we gana start bustin iraqticons!
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: "Very soon, Saddam Hussein shall know the way of war...the way of Optimus Prime."
- Optimus Prime, a U.S. soldier serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Unknown writes: The Autobots Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction does not go well.
Unknown writes: We Send to America the ultimate counter attack. Megatron
Unknown writes: And lo, Operation: Iraqi Energon began.
Dash Trigger writes: With Saddam Hussein found and caught, the Autobots have freed up more search forces to hunt down the remaining members of Al-Queda, whose new members are said to include former Cobra members, several Powerlinx repaints, and Gundam Wing's resident
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Unknown writes: "This is the only defense the Americans have! A red sermi truck...HAAHAHAHA...HAHAA...oh no!
Unknown writes: no optimus prime is not attacking iraq. he did not just blow up saddams harem of wives. he is not currently moving in on my position. he did not just kill my body guards. (get a hole shot through his chest) no i did not just get shot in the chest. no i am
Unknown writes: We have attatch our weapon to Optimus Prime and we send him to America.
Zu Darkness writes: *The US has sent in their greatest weapon Yet Optimus Prime.*

Sadam: We surrender!!!!
Darth Vegeta writes: I repeat Optimus Prime and the Autobots did not blast our Tank Divisions and Tank Megatron did not sent out SOundwave to find prove that I'm a compulsive liar. I am not a compulsive liar. I am a beautiful maiden and I caught Ravage red handed! H
Unknown writes: I wonder if our chemical weapons will have any effect.......
Shadow Fox writes: Thank you very very much for this time to speak to you...It has come to my attention from a recent show called transformers generation one that is just now airing in Iraq, that giant robots are the real terrorist, please tell us if you see a giant red sem
Cliffjumper writes: And more importantly than Armada, G1 Optimus Prime is being re-released. Stay tuned to for our thirty minute commercial for this toy
matt writes: In other news giant robots do exist. coming up at 6. We find out if there are distructible
Unknown writes: Minister: I'm saying this out of my own free will (Quietly) Help me! (Megatron's gun points in)(Minister speaks fast)YES, YES, YES, where were we? Ah yes! (Normal) Optimus Prime is now an enemy of the state of Iraqi.We will pay 10,000,00
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Unknown writes: Iraqi Minister: "We will destroy the American hopes and dreams by perpetrating a terrorist attack on their most beloved monument- OPTIMUS PRIME!
Unknown writes: and de us plans to drop lots of da lsd have worked as de saddams soldiers rport an 18 wheeler turned int a robot ,then another 30foot robot shrank to the size of the old sony walkman ,,,..... all soldiers who reported dis were shot on site
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "We were misunderstood all our taunts of,"Come get us Mr.Bush if you got the grapes!",were meant for Stan Bush,NOT George W.Bush.Now please stop kicking the crap out of us."
Unknown writes: Minister: "Our NEW PRESIDENT is... OPTMUS PRIME!!!" Saddam Hussein: "I'M SCREWED I'M SCREWED I'M SCREWED!!!"
Unknown writes: ir:my nany loves prime.
Unknown writes: Iraqi- I now have proof that President Bush has weapons of mass destruction.
micah writes: my nest is is:OP:stym like a chime.
Unknown writes: IR:my butt is not mat ass its its:op:shutup!
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micah writes: op:stupit guy you dont now anything.
Unknown writes: *Inside The Studio*
Said - Nonsense, The Americans do not posses any giant robots of destruction, and if they had...
*Outside The Studio*
Said - Gulp !!
Unknown writes: I am telling you quite categorically there are no trucks here. Any American or British infedils will be destroyed before they could enter any cab...
Unknown writes: don't worrry, america has an army of toy trucks, this is the latest image our spies received. it's no match to our 1930's tanks
Unknown writes: When the US Military fails . . .
Unknown writes: The Iraqi government swears that there no Decepticons hiding in Iraq. They keep telling Prime there is no need to come visit with an Autobot inspection team.
Unknown writes: "We're f*cked!"
Unknown writes: We're ----ed!"
Unknown writes: everytime when the Iraqi Information Minister sleeps, he has the same reoccuring nightmare: an attack by a talking semi-truck
star_sabre86 writes: haha, Bush missed our new weapon of mass destruction.... what was that? we're still filming? uh-oh
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Unknown writes: Information minister: Sadam was not evil! He played Transformers. He got only Autobots, like this toy. Bush is evil! He got all kind of Megatrons and Blair got a Starscream toy. ha ha ha!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: TOP TEN EMBARRASSING MOMENTS FOR OPTIMUS PRIME:(10)once busted for sneaking mexicians into u.s. (9)lubricated all over himself the first time he fought Megatron (8)passed leadership on to Hot Rod (7)RiD (6)keeps bumping head on matrix everytime he transfo
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Weekend Update from SNL really does suck more and more each year. Well so does SNL. Bring back Kids In The Hall.
Unknown writes: Today 47 Iraqi Leaders were trapled when apparently a Semi Truck came to life and started to walk through southern Bagdad. The robot was reported to say this "Ahh not another one i cant take one step with out these blasted saddam inpersinators ge
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'm not scared of the Autobots.We control the oil they need to make Energon.Bring it on Autobots.You don't have the bearings to come here.Besides we've been suppling Unicron with softcore porn as seen in the last capti
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Yes,I really do enjoy especially Caption Contest,and Before Carly."(sorry for obvious but kissing)
Ravage writes: "In other news, the turban of former Al-Qaeda leader, Osama BinLaden, was found in the front grill of the semi-truck." ((God Bless America))
Unknown writes: One shall stand and one shall fall
Unknown writes: We have just received word that Optimus Prime is still alive...somewhere in Iraq.
Unknown writes: And today fellow iraqis, I bring grave news, we have just heard that Optimus Prime is coming to iraq to kick our ass.
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Unknown writes: Minister: "This just in. Once again the federation has sent female Bounty hunter Samus Aran to kill the Metroid prime!" (He looks at the pcture) Minister: "DANGOIRRE! NOT OPTIMUS PRIME, METROID PRIME!!!"
Unknown writes: "we shall be creating a new line of weapons starting with this one"
thexfile writes: Iraqi Information " yes you in the bleu shirt what is your question ?? " yes minster do you know were sadam is and have you seen him recantly??"
Iraqi Information : " ehem that was not realy the topic but i'
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "In the what could be the worst news ever Autobot leader Optimus Prime died today.While sad it only got worse when he passed the matrix onto the closest Autobot he could find transforming his into the newest prime.Wheelimus Prime.Former Prime Hot
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Bah weep grana weep ninny bong."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "At this time I would like to annouce my intentions to run for governer of California."
Unknown writes: As you can see by this video, Optimus Prime has decimated the entire 143rd Armored Column of the Iraqi National Army. He left no survivors. Saddam has now given himself up to the American soldiers.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This just in Autobot leader Optimus Prime will release his version of the 70's hit song'Convoy'.Breaker one nine,breaker one nine Prowl we got us a convoy.CONVOYYYYYY! WE GOT AN AUTOBOT CONVOY ROCKIN ON THROUGH THE NIG
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "You can't tell from where you are but I'm not wearing any pants.........or underwear."
M writes: Minister: "OK. Those japaneese turds can't remake a good 80-cartoon so now it's Iraq's turn!"
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M writes: Hey, americans? Is that an original G1 Optimus Prime toy you got there or are you just happy to see me?
Optimus Primevil writes: Armada optimus Prime is NOT dead. Like he'll really stay dead.
Pokejedservo writes: One can almost wonder on how Jay Leno is going to milk the jokes out of this one.
trm writes: We now cross live to the Iraqi Information Minister's bedroom.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'd like to say that the following statement is a offical government press release:HOWARD STERN RULES BAH-BAH-BOOEY!!!!!!"
Chachi writes: "The truck is exactly what meets the eye. It does not transform into a robot. Do not believe these American lies."
PlasmaRadio writes: "We now interupt your program for a staring contest with the Iraqi Information Minister." (so what if it has nothing to do with transformers, see if I care)
Unknown writes: More than meets the eye?
I say, not!
Unknown writes: The Semi truck is Blue not Red and does not transform into a Robot!
marco writes: TRANSFORMERS MOVIE SPOILER: Transformers movie producers just confirmed today the name of the official writer for the film: George Bush Junior! It was a rumor, but in a recent interview US president admited it."I was a fan since a child. I did li
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This just in,much like the east coast blackout we have nothing new to report,so there will be round the clock coverage of Optimus Prime preempting all programing you might want to watch while I give you pointless facts such as Optimus Prime&
COMMANDER writes: ...In other news the people of Iraq have enlisted the help of the mighty Optimus Prime to assist in usurping the evil Megatron's henchman,OpenValve.The Decepticon Pretender, OpenValve,posed originally as Sadam Hussien, but once Megatron realized
Unknown writes: Iraqi man: What the hell is Optimus Prime doing here?!
Unknown writes: ...And now we go to the world renoun United States soldier Optimus Prime....
Unknown writes: Which is the lesser of two evils now? Optimus Prime...or that fact that there is no Iraqi harem girl in the pic? Find out next on and Fox News Chunnel...I mean Channel!
Unknown writes: Mohammad : So here is the plan of the Iraqi goverment. We will bail out Saddam Hussein outside of the country and-
Optimus Prime : Too late bucko! Your leader just got turned to street pizza. America 1 Iraq 0!!

Mohammad : NOOOOOOOO!!
Lug writes: in todays news, we have found out that optimus prime is coming to try and destroy iraq

Unknown writes: george bush is invading us .we are in deep man. hes sending optimus prime! we might have to sommon help from megatron!
Unknown writes: "Our new design for a mobile biological/chemical lab. This disguise has to fool the americans!"
Optimus Primevil writes: For the last time, it's name is convoy not optimus prime. You are all under the capitalisitic swine hasbro's spell. TAKARA RULES!!!
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Starscream writes: There is no Optimus, only Allah
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Welcome to the Optimus Prime celebrity roast,I love Optimus I really do but from what I hear everybody in this room has at least once am I right.(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)But seriously folks Old Op he's a great guy always takes an interest in th
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: When they noticed their ratings were falling, a popular Iraqi news station decided to regain their popularity by one-upping the popular Internet phenomenon that is "Bert is Evil."
Potimus Prime writes: Bah! I'll be impressed when the Takara one drives up.
Unknown writes: "After brutaly murdering Saddam, Optimus had this to say:"With all the talk about Sodamy Insane, I thought he was Galvatron. My bad." Yes, his bad indeed."
quadrunner writes: Mohammad: Yes, we are armed with autobots now, and we are ready to take on the americans.
Reporter: Are you sure, because that optimus prime looks like the one that i lost about two days ago? come to think of it, that looks really similar to mine. Moham
Professor Smooth writes: Iraq is proud to announce that it is the latest evil organization to try to control the Transformers. We hope that our attempt ends better than Halo's or Cobra's.
FortMax writes:, basically if you hear crappy stan bush music start playing, run like hell
Skyfire the Artist writes: Al-Sahaf wondered who switched his Dukes of Hazzard poster with an Optimus Prime one.
Fallengaiden writes: I repeat. There are no Transformers in Iraq.
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Unknown writes: Ahum, thanks to new technological resources, have we been able to discover our truly messiah, behold: Optimus Primallah!!!
Unknown writes: On second thought, we should throw a party at honors of those mighty brave warriors....
Unknown writes: This just came in: This red truck murdered our beloved leader Saddam. When Saddam asked: "Who are you?" He answered, in robot mode: "Your worst nightmare". Our beloved leader was then brutally shot till he met his death
Unknown writes: This is the US armies latest weapon, a truck that turns into a robot. It has been tested and it has been certified that this robot, codenamed "Optimus Prime" can and will defeat all of Americas enemies, which have now been codenamed &
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I.I.M.,"I have been informed that since the fall of our former government our new government full supports Transformers:Armada..", grabbing the microphone with a wild look in his eyes,"I can't do this anymore G1 ONE RUL
apex writes: Reporter: "urm sur have you any worries about the footage you have just recieved?"
Mohammad:"no i do not, as i have said, it is only a Articullated Truck... checked at the border it is carrying only computer equiptment... and d
apex writes: Mohammad: "This is a warning to all the American people, that your are commiting a hasness crime and we will be forced to retaliate... this truck was spotted 24hours ago out side our capital... it is said to contain a powerful nuclear device pois
Prime Nova writes: No, word of a toy line featuring this toy will never been seen on this planet , ever.
Transformer Gal writes: Iraqi Guy- World leaders have been puzzling over a note suposedly sent by Optimus Prime to Saddam Hussien at the start of his latest war. It was found in one of his blown up castles. The note appeared to be in code as follows:
Finally, an
Scantron writes: Minister: As Unicron's new spokesperson, I must say the following: The Autobots are nowhere close to stopping Unicron. Optimus Prime does not have the Matrix. The Autobots simply want to destroy Unicron because he has oil. Autobot charges tha
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Laserbot writes: Minister:"yeeeesss i told you a milion times that is the new President of the US. now can i continu on saying how we will concurr the pathetic US people even though more than half our troops have been illiminated.... ummm.... but thats not true e
TheRoMan writes: "You say the Autobots are here to bring peace and freedom to the Iraqi people? I say, nonsense...why do they not go to China? Because...we have oil, and oil makes energon! I have been in secret discussions with our NEW minister of defense STARSCR
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Al-Sahaf was a little worried when a small, ghostly Optimus Prime started telling him to do things, but he figured hey, it was better than Elvis.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Iraqi Information Minister,"I love the 80's!"
Unknown writes: I repeat, there are NO giant transforming robots in Iraq, only infidel American National Guardsmen with the same name!
thexfile writes: Iraqi Information Minister : 'goodevening , welkom to this special unvailing...we are proud to present in houner of discovery's robosapians tonight....

after al these years of working in secret in the deserd we are proud to presend ou
PhoenixPrime writes: Oh S#!t, we are so F@#*ing screwed now.
Unknown writes: Prime has run over Saddam! The Autobot leader was quoted saying
"Damned war coverage interupted Days of our Lives..."
TetraReris writes: The rubber wheels are made by 100 percent Iraqi oil. In fact all it's plastic parts are 100 percent Iraqi oil.
K-nonFodder writes: No this super advanced weapon of the free world seen numerous times rolling over iraqi tanks does not exist, and for the record the iraqi capitol is still well out of the grasps of the invading forces. I am sure you will all be glad to hear our President
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Transformer Gal writes: Iraqi Guy- "There are no such thing as giant metal aliens. It's just a truck. What does it matter that it drives around without a driver and blows this and people up. THERE IS NO SUCH THINGS AS TRANSFORMERS!"
Frenzy writes: Iraqi guy- earlier today, a dozen or more giant metal beings called transformers attacked the Iraqi capital, Bagdad. The truck, seen here was leading the attack, presently killing thousands of civilians!
Koultunami writes: There are no Autobot infidels in Baghdad, Never! - However my feelings as usual is we will dismantle them all! - Not undermining the fact that our initial assessment is that they will all die. I blame Blaster – he is marketing for the Autobots. God will
thexfile writes: Iraqi Information Minister : " ehm... is on this thing ?? o oke .. ladies and gentelmans ... you know we have made a new parlemant and i would like to introduce our candidate for the position for the 1st mair of bagdad....

becouse you american
HoliPrime writes: "Yes, we are confident of our new alliance. After all, both our nations have suffered unprovoked attacks by sadistic and incompetent warmongering people who rape the environment for fuel and whose air force target civilians to promote fear.
thexfile writes: Iraqi Information Minister " ladies and gentelmans i am here to give you the folowins statemant : we the irakies have had enouthe we kkow you bad as americans stik your nose in eaveryones buisnes..... suspect new wars , becouse this is the limit
Unknown writes: We at the regime are going to team up with Megatron and the Decepticons and destroy Optimus Prime and his scum autobot friends and the yankees
Unknown writes: It's just a truck! You Americans a sooooo lame! You say the truck is a bomb! You look inside, it ain't. You say it carries weapons of mass destruction, but does it? Nooo. You say it is a chemical lab. Mr Lame-Ass Bush and big ears Blair,
thexfile writes: Iraqi Information Minister " i'm not admitting to nothing.... , i no nothing about this truck that has been found.... as far as i know this is an amarican setup .... i tel you we no nothing about this cemical trucks !!!!
Unknown writes: We report that the tattletale infidel who told Hasbro about our pictures of an insignificant convention toy and got legal action brought down on us and his Hasbro bootlicking bretheren has been done away with. Praise Allah!
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Unknown writes: "...And they reported me to my ISP! If they didnt want that joke about gay sex, why do they constantly choose pictures of TFs in suggestive poses? I tell ya..."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'm not sure how to say this but here it goes effective immediatly I will be vacating the post of Information Minister.Optimus Prime and I are in love.He wants to marry me,so damn you and your cross planetary predjudice I love a robot a
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Yet another lapdog of the yokel,'President'Bush has arrived in our land.In other news Freddy vs. Jason was tops at the box office...."
Laserbot writes: reporter: "is it true that Optimus has been located in Iraq beatng the hell out of its soldiers?!"
Minister: "there is no such ting as Opimusin Iraq crazy US people making things up ::on back screen it starts to show Opimus des
Singularity writes: "Yes, this is simply Scourge. In different colors. To kill the heathens that we do not need help at killing. Um, yeah."
Bruciarsi writes: According to american TV a MR potimus Prime is coming to Iraq, after researching the name we found out he is a giant robotic tranforming truck.... so yeah we are f*cked
Unknown writes: I am broadcasting live. I am broadcasting from Bagdad. This picture you see? He is not an Autobot. He is not a Transformer. His name is not Optimus Prime and we have beaten the Americans and the British forces...
Exulted Unicron writes: Now remember, If you see this truck, blow it up. We needed Scourge not Optimus Prime.
Unknown writes: When reached for comment Optimus Prime had this to say..."I had planned on claiming victory of Saddam." After US forces had informed him that Saddam had fled he was heard to say, "I thought he was made of sterner stuff."
Unknown writes: No, there are no American Soldiers inside these Semi-Truck Trailers invading Iraq. These are just some shipments of Lollipops from other nations.
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Unknown writes: I have sad news to report. Saddam and Megatron where killed by this odd truck. Appearentally it transforms into a powerful robot. more on this later.
Unknown writes: Al-Sahaf:"The rumors being spread by the infidels are not true! Baghdad is not being invaded by Autobots! The infidel robots are fleeing! Our mighty Iraqi army is beating them! Saddam is still in power..." (Sound of laser blasts and tran
Unknown writes: this is the infidel that
shot and killed sadons sons a 50 million energon bounty is set on his head, if you can carry it.
PlasmaRadio writes: Minister: "He's near mint, I swear! I saw the fists yesterday!"
Bu-chan writes: Reporter: "It has been said that earlier today Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots were seen disscussing the location of the weapons of mass destruction with Saddam himself."
Kaiser Grimlock writes: Ok Ok you win Bush, big baby. Iraqies, TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!
Unknown writes: What do you mean fictional?
FortMax writes: We are pleased to annouced the third candidate for the Iraqy presidency
homelessjunkeon writes: now look i told you there are no weapons of mass destruction! only instuments of destuction and weapons of doom, both quite legal i assure you. can someone get me some bacon.
Unknown writes: There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, american infidels. The trucks are NOT chemical labs. No weapons inside truck yes? Autobots yes, but no chemicals. Oh damn! I gave it all away. Oppie boy! Go kill Bush!
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da bears writes: Bush, you can destroy our army, plunder our oil and kill Saddam... but you ll never get my G1 Prime!
Unknown writes: Optimus (interviewed on Iraqi television): I'm here to kick a$$ and chew bubble gum. And unfortunately, I am all out of bubble gum.
PlasmaRadio writes: Minister: "Hey G8! Whose got G1, SUCKAH!"
TheRoMan writes: "Fear the american Pigs? No, we do not fear them...I mean if they are so powerfull...tell me, why can they not get the Transformers Game for PS2? If they are so powerfull who come they have to sell reissues with weapons that do not fire or are 3
The Ponderer writes: "In counter-action to the rumors of Americans building the above Transforming warrior Optimus Prime, the Iraqi officials and I have built a working Unicron space station! IN YOUR FACE YOU AMERICAN PIG-DOGS!!
The Ponderer writes: "I called this meeting together today for one simple purpose. To show off my cool new Optimus Prime poster!"
The Ponderer writes: "Lookm I'll level with you...I KNOW I said I would use that money on food and water supplies...but I mean, who COULD pass up a chance like this?! Look at it! It's just so freakin cool!!"
Unknown writes: "...and it was announced today that the beloved Autobot leader will be taking over for those little talking cars in the Chevron commercials."
The Ponderer writes: "Would the owner of the red semi Autobot please report to the parking lot to turn off your headlights."
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Unknown writes: "...and we have been constructing a giant Luger pistol in defense of the city..."
Unknown writes: " was NOT TRUE this eighteen wheeler was chasing His Immenence around Baghdad yelling "Roadkill! Roadkill!"
Unknown writes: "...and the skid marks on Saddam's ass seem to match the tire tracks on the truck."
Unknown writes: "This toy was removed from the anus of a 35 year old soldier in Bagdad today."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This friday at the opening of the new Baghdad Square Mall meet Optimus Prime.Leader of the Autobots.Bring the kids for rides in Roller.Pictures of you and Optimus are available for two goats,and a virgin.This Friday only from 10am to 4pm. at the
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'm hoping there's McDonalds in that trailer ever since Saddam took over we've had no Big Mac's man I really need a Big Mac."
Optimus_Prime007 writes: The reason you cannot find Saddam because he is joy riding in this tractor trailor truck.
Unknown writes: "The Autobots will commit suicide at the gates of Baghdad! God is grilling the Matrix in hell!"
Bill writes: This just in. Saddam is so screwed over
Unknown writes: "I will say this only once: The infidels among us who own an american toy like this one, showing on the picture beside me, will be persuid like dogs!!
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g2jazz writes: We tride to interview MR. Optimus Prime, but Optimus prime comments were: "Saddam Hussein must be stopt... no matter the cost" after this statemend he transformed and drove away.
Ironhidensh writes: this just in: this is a blue truck, not a red one. No, no really, its blue. I'm the information minister, would I lie to you?
Unknown writes: The new transformer live-action movie shall come to our country some five or fifteen years after it has been premiered in the land of infidels?! Rarrrghhhhhh! Excuse me for just a moment here, please. I have a paper stating that we will recieve the live v
Zeedust writes: In related news, the Iraqi defense minister denied the existance of the rogue mini-con teams that have decimated the nation.
Firestorm writes: In other news today, the Iraqi information minister has declared that the Autobots have joined the hunt for Saddam Hussein.
Unknown writes: And now American scum, i present our latest hostage, you're falling like flies, mwhahahah!
Roddimus writes: minister: ha ha ha, we have the mighty optimus to use against the amaericans, look as tehy tremble with fear, ha ha ha Camera man: (whispers, but says a bit too loud) its only a model minister: stunned look on his face as he reali
Replicator writes: I was informed today, by optimus prime, that megatron is the one behind these terrorist attacks, so stop blaming Saddam Husain...
Kaiser Grimlock writes: "Muhammad has sent the Autobots 2 help us, PRAISE ALLAH!"
TheRoMan writes: "Are we afraid of the Americans? No, we are not. Because, we have the touch...or as you would say...we have the power, yeah."
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PlasmaRadio writes: Minister: "I believe our next form of action will be to transform and roll out... any other questions?"
DarkFire writes: Okay so maybe we lied but did u really have to send him over here. I mean were already getting our asses handed to us.
g2jazz writes: i am telling there are no tranformers in Iraqi...
Unknown writes: An American toy company, Hasbro, has a treat for Iraq's children: Thousands of Transformers action figures will arrive in Baghdad this weekend.
Unknown writes: Here is something that is truly More Than Meets The Eye: One of the most popular toys in the US will finally make it to Iraq--the Transformers.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This just in,in the wake of the death of the Autobots earthbound liasion Spike Optimus Prime has annouced his replacement 1800collect pitchman CarrotTop."
KarentheUnicorn writes: NO..Really that is my truck parked right outside that window. WHAT? Thats is a window..Its not a Poster! Really! Its true you infidel!!!
Unknown writes: The very-long-awaited Transformers: The Movie is finally playing in theaters throughout Iraq.
Ricochet writes: Dude: Were f*cked
Unknown writes: Finally, the world's favorite Robots In Disguise--the Transformers--shall soon appear in stores throughout the Middle East.
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Unknown writes: Transformers, especially female Autobots, are a rarity here in the Middle East. But, eventually, Western culture will flood our region.
Unknown writes: Information Minister: "So basically, we're all screwed..."
Unknown writes: There is no shortage of Generation One Rereleases in Baghdad. Our stores have enough transformers for everyone. In fact we have twice as many as the American Infidels, who turn on eachother like dogs out of desperation...
Unknown writes: Escorted by Coalition Troops, a Hasbro company truck arrived in Baghdad this morning with enough Unicron figures to diffuse the rioting...
Unknown writes: We have no weapons of mass destruction. Or only weapon is P-38 Walther custom made for our glorious leader, and a few fighter jets. We do not have the technology for Weapons of Mass Destruction. See, I myself still carry a simple cassette walkman, we d
Arkhaon writes: who votes the big red shiny truck as our new saddam...raise your hand now
npk writes: ...this image is not already funny. It was certainly not part of a Photoshop Phriday at
Arkhaon writes: there are no americans in iraq... its all a lie
mumble mumble.... ow there are autobots in iraq but certainly no americans
SlagMaker writes: Minister: These Autobots are not real. They are the imagination of those American dogs, whose tongues burn with lies. Optimus: Man, we're gonna kick your ass! Let's Roll!
Unknown writes: "... and lastly, jihad was declared today on the autobots and their leader Optimus Prime. For the "Al Aribiya Evening News," I'm Baghdad Bo; you will be slaughtered, good night."
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Frostic_Prime writes: Blah Blah Blah...Translated: No more worries I have found out how to transform this puzzle which we cALl the transformers.
Unknown writes: Apparently one of the HISS vehicles COBRA sold Saddam is resisting its programming...
Minicle writes: IIM: HAH HAH HAH. For you Optimus speciel release 2003 diaclone reverse turbo chrome $23.99 Prime, the war is over.
Minicle writes: IIM: Attention filthy Americans, we have captured the Autobots leader Optimus Prime. If you do not surrender to us now then we wi...
Kid(From off screen) Say Mister when can i have my Optimus toy back.
Slappyfrog writes: "...and my name is actually Megatron, and my massive arm-mounted cannon bursts will destroy all hope for the American/Autobot forces!"
davewelttf writes: "We will use america's own hero against them" Optimus
transforms, makes a gesture , shouts USA, and shoots the camera
Jade writes: It's offical Optimus Prime is here to kick my ASS!
Unknown writes: Optimus Prim e could kick my ass and saddams ass
Unknown writes: There is no mystery, we know exactly where the trailer goes...but of course we will not share this information, it is strictly classified.
Unknown writes: "He works for us. His name is Stevie the Wonder Truck. For the Americans, there is no hope."
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Hot Rodimus writes: the Americans,they bomb us to hell and they send us A Truck! a truck!
meh writes: "Bah, those pathetic autobots are commiting suicinde under the gates, and their engines will roast in Unicron"

"hey.....whats that outside the window?"
Unknown writes: This is NOT Optimus Prime and we are NOT losing this wa...*breaking news* reports of a mass Iraqi army has been wiped out by Optimus...this is of course not true *smoke drifts in*
Shermtron writes: The autobots and not in iraq......building rumbles
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This just in. The United States is now offering a mint in box G1 Optimus Prime as a reward for anyone that gives them information leading to the capture of Saddam Hussein."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "You want a statement o.k. here's one.Your worried about us,when all over the u.s. there are giant robots hiding as every day things right in front of you,not to mention their from another PLANET! End of friggin statement!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Even I can't wait for a live action Transformers movie."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "We deny that we have been secretly moving weapons of mass destruction in Autobots."
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