Megatron & Optimus costumes win contest at Lafayette's Graham Central Station

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Megatron & Optimus costumes win contest at Lafayette's Graham Central Station
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ultraprime0914 writes: Prime: how long do we have to stand like this for?

Megs:16 hours

Prime: crap
gogleman374 writes: Megs: You Shall Fall prime Ha Ha ha!
Cops: Look that megatron dosent Have An orange saftey tip! GET Him.
Megs: Noooo!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: You wish you looked this good
SilentBlaster writes: Behind the seens of the upcoming transformers movie.
kanesomers writes: 'So alone...'
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Sadly, these are the best looking cosplaying costumes in the world.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Pretenders hide the lame fanboys inside!!!
crypto199 writes: Megatron- Prime! I didn't give Reflector permission to work with the Humans!
Prime: Don't move, they can't see you if you don't move.
Megatron- can I shoot them?
Prime: NO! They have the Matrix!
Megatron- Thats a Coffie Mug
Draego writes: Megatron: "Prime, we've been spotted."
Prime: "shut up, at least people won't laugh at your size when you transform. ever seen a truck as small as me?"
Megatron: *laughs under his breath*
Draego writes: Megatron: "Prime, we've been spotted."
Prime: "shut up, at least people won't laugh at your size when you transform. ever seen a truck as small as me?"
Megatron: *s------s*
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Suzuki writes: Due to budget cuts, the next Botcon will only have two staff members on security detail...
galvanostril writes: my god the suits are so crappy... they're falling appart before our very eyes!
galvanostril writes: megatron: prime look! it's a grey!
grey: m'name is davis!
prime:thats it davis! NOBODY TOUCHES SOCK-BABY!
(see NOW)
galvanostril writes: meanwhile on ziest...
(see NOW!)
Hogwarts writes: its a caption, which means a few words, not a whole essay like. guys cop on!
Acelister writes: Megatron: "Dead or alive, you're coming with me."
Optimus: "I told you not to kill anyone!"
Megatron: "At least now I'm warning them first!"
Acelister writes: In Metro City, Detroit, a sucessor to ED-209 was needed. These are 2 designs...
Dead Matrix writes: megatron:hey prime look at that kid over there.. god he is uuuuugly
Dead Matrix writes: prime:It was nice of those Power Rangers to loan us these costumes
megatron:oh crud...i have got to take the BIGGEST crap in the world
prime:stop it, he-ho, your makin me laugh.....
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Dead Matrix writes: Megatron:i'm gonna kill that camera man he's staring at me....
prime:oh be good, you did that last time at disney world
megatron:oh ya..that was funny ha-he
Dead Matrix writes: George Bush's new line of crowd control
Road Turtle writes: "Magic Staff, Make My Monster Grow!"

oops sorry, wrong TV show.
Road Turtle writes: "It is I Mega Zord! er, I mean Megatron!"
Castle74 writes: Coming crap!
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Optimus "With Enough Cardboard Koji, Anything is Possible, never forget that.."
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "Why do I feel like a Mega-Zord?"
fltadmdavisyuy writes: M:I can't believe we're stuck babysitting while Rodimus & Arcee go out.
O:I know, you'ld think he'ld show some respect to his elders. We get no respect, no respect.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Megatron? You know what really sucks, is my gun is so long I can't hold it far enough away to shoot myself."
Kevinus Prime writes: Due to the flies around the Spam-mobile, the organizers called in Cybertron Pest Control.
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Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Optimus! Using my laser sight, I can see into the girls bathroom!"
Kevinus Prime writes: Meg:"Know what's worse than making minimum wag for this gig?"
Op: "No, what?"
Meg: "Guys using my hip panels to open their beers."
fltadmdavisyuy writes: Back away from the car. Back away from the car.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron,"Look Prim over there! That leggy blonde model in the pink bikini she's give'n me the look."

Op,"What her? Man she's looking through you to get a better look at me."

Megatron,"No way man she's lo
AirFlare writes: Prime: "You just smashed your Vibe into my trailor"
Megatron: "I was trying to kill you, Prime"
Prime: "Well, I have some good news and some bad news"
Megatron: "What's the bad news?"
Prime: "You didn&
AirFlare writes: Megatron: "I can't believe that after our many encounters, it comes down to this"

Prime: "I didn't know you used the same online dating chatroom"

Megatron: "Who knew you were "Sextimus Prime"?!"

Acelister writes: Megatron: "We are here from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts to tell you..."
Optimus: "... About a great offer right now! Buy any 500 busts and..."
Megatron: "... get this FREE Skoda, as shown behind us!"
Optimus: "
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Whoever ordered the Transformer-a-Gram better own up now, otherwise Megatron will start blasting..."
Jackrabbit writes: O: Hey Megatron! Say hello to my date, Stacytron. She's a Pontiac Vibe. And what does your date transform into?
M: Oh, Frenchtickler? She transforms into... well... lets just say, she transforms well.
Jackrabbit writes: Megatron... don't do this. It's over... I've moved on and so should you. Just get in your car and leave... before Bumblebee wakes up. I don't want to see you two fight.
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ejabba writes: Prime: So this is what the inside of Unicron looks like? Megratron: No fool this is Unicron's birthday party I told you this before. Now don't spoil this prime.
Minicle writes: Night of the living Actionmasters!
Minicle writes: The recently discovered costumes of the abandoned Doctor Who/Transformers crossover.
Thermo-man writes: Megatron:hey Prime why are we here again?
Optimus:i dont remember why,but try to blow anyone or anything up thus time.
Chromia writes: After the Great War ended and Ultra Magnus took over Cybertron, Prime and Megatron were forced to earn thier living in a more, undignified manner....
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Strangely enough Optimus,and Megatrons 'special' brothers Mongtimus Prime,and Retardatron were bestest friends!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Flip our heads back were Pez dispensers!"
Autobobby1 writes: Megatron:What do you mean, I don't win by default, smartass?!
AirFlare writes: B-Boy Optimus and B-Boy Megatron are here for breakdancing competition. Mass popping and locking and doing the robot will be graded.

Optimus and Megatron: "Prepare to get served!"
AirFlare writes: Announcer: "Behold, a preview of the upcoming live action Tranformers movie!"

Audience: ".........Dreamworks my ass...."
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Massdestruction writes: With the success of the TV cartoons, toys, video games, comics and movies; it was determined that Transformers should expand into other areas of entertainment.


TRANSFORMERS: The Broadway Musical
or TF:TBM for short
Sun Runner writes: The ensuing brawl with the nearby Trekkies who tried to take the Auditorium for there Star Trek convention resulted in many casualities for both the Decepticons and the Klingon Empire.
A'Arab Zaraq writes: I Megatron, Have Origami'd You just a Galvatron Origami'd Magnus...
dmprime27 writes: Wheelie's loaded in?
Zeedust writes: I feel sorry for the guys in these outfits, if only because it looks like thses costumes have typical G1 articulation. I can forsee them falling down a lot when they try to walk.
Massdestruction writes: Hastak brainstorms a new Transformers line:

"How about Pretenders?"

"Brilliant!... wait, no... Hasn't it been done"

"But how about this, Pretenders with a twist; robots on the outside, humans on the inside"
Massdestruction writes: It was leaked prototype photos like these that sank the never released World's Largest Transformers (WLT) toy line.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Give us your women!"
trailbreaker writes: Two rejected Armada prototypes.....
jaster701 writes: "Aww! Crap i forgot to go to the bathroom before i put this get up on."
"i'm more concerned about getting back into the car"
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Orionseid writes: ...suffice to say, their dates were less than impressed.
Pokejedservo writes: There was a reason why there was enver any live action Transformers in the 80's...
Kevinus Prime writes: "Megatron, what's wrong???"
" Burritos in an airtight suit..
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Megs, it's the FBI. Apparently you've been shining the laser sight at airplanes again."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh my God! Six beers and NO ZIPPER ON MY SUIT!"

Kevinus Prime writes: "You think WE'RE embarrasing? Wait til I call the dog! Here, RAVAGE!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, Optimus, is there a Hemi in there?"
Jaw Crusher writes: 'Optimus': "But I AM Optimus Prime! And this is my arch-nemesis Megatron!"
Turbo: "Yeah, yeah, pal! And I suppose Optimus Prime ALWAYS had a picture of Tony the Tiger inside his left leg! Man, what a couple of oddballs...right
extremetidal writes: The aluminum foil budget alone nearly wiped us out...
New Omen writes: Optimus Prime and Megatron joined the traffic police after retirement from showbiz. Here Megatron shows off his new speed camera/blaster cannon while he and optimus pose in front of impounded cars for the local papers.
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Massdestruction writes: In the latest X-Men/Transformers crossover: Mojo turns Optimus and Megatron into the TF-BABIES.
buddhaquest writes: This picture was shown to Michael Bay recently. His response - "Star Wars robots are neato".
Death Gunner writes: OP:So why did you make me bring my new car when I could of just transformed?
Megatron: Listen Prime, I only ride you at night when they've all gone to bed, now get in there. My metalic clingfill is peeling.
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: megs:that's the last time i let u drive prime. you're blind in both vehicle and robot mode.

OP:SHHH!!not so loud, it's bad enough the humans know we're a couple.

megs:and whose fault was that?
saiyan_prime writes: Bystander: "Wow, Optimus Prime and Megatron.....Boy, you two really let yourselves go"

Megatron: "Silence, fleshling"
Acelister writes: Megatron: "My Giganto-ray was a success!"
Optimus: "Wern't you supposed to use it on yourself? And NOT everything else?"
Megatron: "Details..."
Acelister writes: Megatron: "Why didn't you base your costume on Pat Lee's drawings too?"
Optimus: "Then the front would have been too heavy! I'm not blonde, under here!"
Acelister writes: Megatron: "You just crashed into my BRAND NEW CAR!"
Optimus: "Calm down dear, it's just a commercial..."
Megatron: "Oh, hi mum!"
Acelister writes: "Okay, that explains why you were in the car, Optimus... But why did you crash through the wall?"
Optimus: "Well that's a long story... That Megatron can tell."
Megatron: "What?! Uhh, oh yes... Well once, many centuries
Exulted Unicron writes: Casting call for the movie began with a rather big disappointment
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Acelister writes: Megatron: "Does my skidplate look big in this?"
Optimus: "The correct answer is 'no'. He has a big gun..."
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Just... Don't... Move... And they won't... See us..."
Acelister writes: Megatron: "Give us the prize!"
Human: "This isn't a contest! It's a car dealership!"
Optimus: "... I told you I should have driven..."
Acelister writes: Optimus: "Told you we'd win."
Megatron: "I still say we should have dressed up..."
Acelister writes: Megatron: "You! With the camera! We are NOT here. Turn away now, nothing to see..."
megatron 2005 writes: casting? is this casting?
we're here for casting for the live action movie. no, really.
doppelgänger writes: Maybe I can’t transform into a truck, but I still can transform into a tool...
*makes transforming sound*
Gamacon writes: Megatron:Mines bigger. Optimus:Nu uh mine is. Megatron:Well, my gun could blow your gun up. Optimus:Well, my gun is all black and cool. Megatron:Well my gun is shiny. Optimus:Well, i'm a good guy so I win anyway.
Brawn's Girl writes: Megatron: My gun looks like a flashlight.
Starbeam writes: Light Side or Dark…I mean, Autobot or Decepticon? Which do you want to be when you grow up, kids?
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dmprime27 writes: our moms say we're cool!
Ratbat writes: My god!!! Those costumes are ugly!
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