Megatron smiles on a big screen TV in front of crowd

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Megatron smiles on a big screen TV in front of crowd
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Bennington1234 writes: CNN News decides to hire Megatron as a news anchor.
Optimus Prime:Those human news networks hire anyone those days....
Optimum Supreme writes: The Max Headroom reboot is even worse than the new Ghostbusters.
Rainmaker writes: Hai
Black Hat writes: "Hi, Gigatron here with Chrome-Eaze! For all your flaking chrome problems! 3 bottles only £19.99!"
cusd220 writes: i just ate a burrito for breakfast.!
omegasupreme69 writes: and if elected i promiss you those people who make infomercial will pay!!! OHmy god how we will make them pay
Heres a Hint writes: and befor you say it yes i do relize the irony of me being on tv in order to diprive it
Heres a Hint writes: ive won ive won big brother yes the ultimate victory over the autobots
Zeedust writes: Megs Headroom
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Swoopscream writes: Alright, alright. Now add 5, divide by 3 and multiply by 20... and the first number you are thinking of is... DAMN. I'm a sucky mentalist. I WILL DOMINATE YOU ALL!
BenderCrosby1 writes: At Aspen Dental, I got my Mega-smile back!
Towline writes: Humans. It is not enough that you buy my toy for $50.00 dollars. But you must build me a space bridge to no where.
Kanyon writes: It's just like, it's just like a, Mini. Mall.
trailbreaker writes: MAX HEADROOM LIVES !
willywoo99 writes: All right ladies! We have some great Predacons! Call now to have the ultimate date right now! One of these I guess, COULD BE YOUR ULTIMATE DATE!!
Black Hat writes: Heyeyeyeyeyeyeye, trololololololol!
Delicon writes: Yes, even though no one remembers it, R.I.D. was an actual TV series
Road Turtle writes: " you get the Shticky and the Little Shticky for $19.95; but if you call in the next 20 minutes, you can get the Big Shticky absolutely free! Call Now, or Be Destroyed!"
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Road Turtle writes: "O.K., AGAIN. Both of your boats have a bomb, and both boats have the detonator for..."
Girl in pink hat, "But we're not on a boat!"
Megatron, "StaAAAArscrEEEam!"
Starscream, "I'm Not in R.I.D.!."
Dynamax writes: Now that I have gathered all of you humans here, I can fulfill the next stage of today's plans. HUMANS...look closely at my teeth, I feels something stuck in them but I can't seem to find it.
Hypershock writes: "Ahem, Is it on? Is it on?"
Rodimus Prime writes: Do I have something in my teeth...?
#Sideways# writes: "FUS RO DAH"
Grimlock64 writes: Megatron: Citizens of Earth, repeat after me: WEE WEEEEEE!!!
Decky123 writes: I have gathered you all here,, as been to and he do I say this? Has asked me to contact everyone I have 'been' with in the last I think need to get yourself checked out?
Tateros writes: These people look normal!

Starscream, you idiot! I said to tap into the screen at Times Square not the one in the Shinjuku District! I knew I should have waited for Soundwave to start whipping these pigs into shape.

Cut the
Tateros writes: Now hear me you American filth! From this point on you will stop stuffing your faces with everything that crosses your paths! Our Decepticon backs are killing us from hauling you around while we lie low in your world and we've had it up to...What the? The
DISCHARGE writes: Evolution of a Decepticon leader: Megatron --> Galvatron --> JUMBOTRON !!!
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sharkticonspawner56 writes: HI MOM! I'M ON TV!
ALBERTICONS writes: WHAAAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT??! Your archaics TV cameras add 10 pounds!!
rockman_fan writes: "robots in disguise" my foot
Optimum Supreme writes: Remember Max Headroom? He's back! In Predacon form!
Twitchythe3rd writes: ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOGIGA.
#Sideways# writes: Crowd: "The big face on the screen... This is madness!"

Megatron: "Madness... THIS IS CYBERTRON!!!!!"
snavej writes: Megatron: I just wanted to make it clear to the whole world that I'm not gay. Transformers naturally have a wide range of different looks.
snavej writes: Man in crowd: Of course, in real life he's a lot bigger.
snavej writes: Crowd: Boo! Bring back George W. Bush!
snavej writes: Voiceover: After this experimental treatment, the teeth were white and cavity-free. However, the monsterism was severe and the psychological damage was incalculable.
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snavej writes: The interruption to the soccer game on ITV caused the largest number of complaints to the network since the last soccer broadcasting disaster.
pWEN writes: Wow, Max Headroom did not age well.
Trikeboy writes: Hello I'm Tom Tucker. Tonight's top stories are.....
Zetatron writes: I demand tacos!!!
Short Circuit writes: Ah scrap, did someone forget to run the virus software again? Slagging windows 98!
Marcus Rush writes: "I goin ta Hollywood. I'm goin on da aeroplane."
JetOptimus23 writes: HAW HAW!
Twitchythe3rd writes: This show's been going downhill since season 3.
Godzillabot Primal writes: :
*snigger* Just wait until they see the rest of Megatron's college photos.
datguy86 writes: Attention Earthlings: This club cannot even handle me at this precise moment!
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Ryuki writes: Megatron:today I'm going to conquer your world,MUAHAHA!!
Megatron:what?,why nobody's panic yet?
Audience:for what? you said this everyday and at the end Optimus will save the day anyway!!
Godzillabot Primal writes: ;
Megatron's orthodontia is a marvalous way to correct your dental problems.

We just blast the teeth from your mouth so you don't ever have to worry about them again!
Samsonator writes: I'm Dr. Rockzo, the Rock n Roll Clown! I do ka-ka-ka-cocaine!
OptiMagnus writes: And now back to our feature presenta-
(picture scrambles)
#Sideways# writes: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO ME.
RoboTopia writes: ...This recording will self-desruct in 10... 9... 8...
RoboTopia writes: I've gathered you all here to make an announcement: The Winner... Of America's Next top model... Is... Is...
( pause for commercial break )
Maestro Meister writes: Smith! 6-0-7-9. Smith, W. Yes, you. Bend lower. You're not trying!
morphobots writes: "E Train now leaving on Track 13. Repeat: E Train now leaving . . . "
BeastProwl writes: Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!
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SoundwaveLVL14 writes: Megatron: John Jones, you are the next contestant on "The Price Is Right" come on down!
paul053 writes: "What's this?"
"Oh yeah! I heard that. It was a terrible show."
tekering writes: It was the grandest, most ostentatious home-video presentation ever seen at a trade show, yet it completely failed to secure a distributor for the "Robots in Disguise" Blu-ray release...
tekering writes: ...Despite a painstakingly remastered, ultra-high definition transfer and 7.1 channels of discrete digital surround sound, the assembled guests unanimously concluded RiD was still unwatchable crap.
griftimus prime writes: SUNDAY!
Ryuki writes: MC: ladies and gentleman, we presents to you the live performace of lady Gagatron !!!
MightyMagnus78 writes: Is that Megatron or Lady Gaga? I can't tell.
Ryuki writes: (continue...) GIGA sized TV with GIGA close up to announcing this to all of you, I hope that clear everything.
Ryuki writes: for all of you fleshlings that keep thinking I was Megatron. I want to clarify something today, I am GIGATRON... G-I-G-A-T-R-O-N.

I am completely superior from all that MEGATRON losers. I have more alt modes and I am more evil, I even hijacking this
Ryuki writes: MC: Welcome to BOTCON, everyone. Today we are guest starring... RID Megatroooonnnn !!!

Megatron: YYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS !....Oops !!, wrong Megatron line...
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Ryuki writes: man, that new RID Megatron toy that being showed in Botcon panel sure got high detail. They even sculpted his teeth...
Heckfire writes: My head is so huge, IT IS BENDING THE ENTIRE TV CONSOLE! OBEY ME!
turbomagnus writes: Do not adjust your set. There is nothing wrong with your screen. We control the horizonal. We control the vertical...
Ravage XK writes: "Thank you Megatron for that interesting rendition of I Will Survive! If you want to register your vote for Megatron to win the X Factor here is the number you will need to call 555 555 555 02. Lines open at the end of the show, calls are charged at Half
Ravage XK writes: "Thank you Megatron for that interesting rendition of I Will Survive! If you want to register your vote for Megatron to win the X Factor here is the number you will need to call 555 555 555 02. Lines open at the end of the show, calls are charged at Half
Road Turtle writes: Megatron,"For the Last Time! I am Not the guy from 'Jeepers Creepers'!"
Road Turtle writes: Megatron,"Citizens of Earth! I am Megatron..."
Man w/ Blue Dots,"Aren't you a T-Rex?"
Man Gray Suit,"No! He's a Dragon."
Girl w/Pink Hat,"I thought he was a hand gun."
Man Blue Suit,"No, I'm pretty sure he's a tank."
"Race Car?"
MarkNL writes: Today, I'm gonna rewiew the RID Megatron action figure. Let's begin with the coloring, I don't really like it. Oh... wait... I need a repaint...
MINDVVIPE writes: You! Yes, you! Girl with the pink hat! Get your fingers out of there!
Henry921 writes: People of Earth, I am Lur of the planet Omicron Persei 8. I DEMAND MCNEIL!
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MasterSoundBlaster writes: I will only call off the nuclear attack if you pay my ransom of...One billion,Gajillion,Fafillion,Trillion,Megatrillian Dollars. That is my threat,that is my demands...Good day.
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