Optimus in Jewish garb from Family Guy episode

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Optimus in Jewish garb from Family Guy episode
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Emerje writes: "I'm only Jewish during the holidays, the rest of the year I eat energon bacon like everyone else."
Optimum Supreme writes: "Wait, to convert I have to do what to my smoke stacks?" And thus the short stacks came to be
MagnusLabel writes: "My parents always want me to be a rabbi."
Black Hat writes: Optimus was never very good at cosplay...
Black Hat writes: What? No, this is a football scarf and bobble hat!
Rodimus Prime writes: No wonder Megatron looks like WWII German soldier...
Angelbot writes: Optimus Prime decides to give Reformed Judaism a try after Elita One's conversion to the Sede Vacante branch of the Catholic church.
Angelbot writes: I hope Chromia and Ironhide arrive soon. They have the rest of the candles for the Menorah.
hot rod 907 writes: I finaly gest star on an episode of family guy and it gets banned! I havent been this pissed at fox since canceled RID!
Zeedust writes: "Hey, rabbi... Quick question, is diesel fuel kosher?"
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StarSaber1701 writes: Optimus Prime: I am not Jewish I did this so I can get paid I am starving here
Unknown writes: Jewish Prime:Ok who didnt light the meenorah!?

Bumblebee:Please Father Prime i didn't mean to!!!!
Unknown writes: God, I guess this makes me racist. Or the director just f***ing stupid.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: How Optimus Prime REALLY got the Matrix of Leadership.
shockwave_inoz writes: Optimus Primessuggener: "Oy vey, oy vey. If you two boys don't stop that, I'll give you a potch on the tucchus!! I bet Topol never had this trouble."
Roadshadow writes: Autobots, transform and roll out to the bagel shop!
Not Sonic writes: i nned to get my yamaka refitted
Powerstorm writes: Prime prepares to play Shylock in Shakespeare's play, The Merchant of Venice.
Marv writes: Starscream, if you can't keep quiet, I suggest you'll just wait outside until Bumblebee is done reading his part from the Torah!
Marv writes: Ah! Imam Hot Rod! Pope Megatron! Ultra Lama! Come in, my friends, we have much to discuss!
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Zeedust writes: Oh, sure, it's just nonsensical now, but add a picture of Megatron in stereotypical islamic garb and it's suddenly witty political commentary.
DeltaOmega writes: One word:

Kal-Seth writes: If Autbots are jewish does that Amek Decepticons islamic?
Nightshadow writes: Optimus: Scripture 32, from Noah of the Ark reads "Autobots shall rule all, says God"
Unknown writes: Meet Rabbi Optimus, your new leader.
Unknown writes: Optimus:SO Mr. Cartman, I hear you've got something against Jews. Cartman:Oh ----, I am SO ----ed!
Unknown writes: Transformer: I am no longer a little switcher, I am a true Transformer!
Unknown writes: "And all the goils say I'm pretty fly, for a Rabb-i!"
Scooter writes: Behold, Optimus Stein!
Unknown writes: Peter: Optimas primes Jewish. Prime: CI Seineor
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Unknown writes: Peter: Optimas primes Jewish. Prime: CI Seineor
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime? He's Jewish?
President Optimus Prime writes: I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Jewish Earthlings a belated Happy Hannukah.
Zeedust writes: Prime: "You think this is bad? Wait until you see what happens when PRIMAL has a crisis of faith..."
Unknown writes: Prime: "Megatron, are you going trough my barmisthfa pics?" Megatron: "Yeah so!?" Prime: "Then that means you already saw my circumsition pics!!"
Unknown writes: Prime: "Megatron, are you going trough my barmisthfa pics?"

Megatron: "Yeah so!?"

Prime: "Then that means you already saw circumsition pics!!"
Unknown writes: When you wish upon a Weistein, even Optimus Prime comes to life!"
Unknown writes: Optimus: Is that energon kosher?
Dash Trigger writes: Comedy Central's backup hero for "The Hebrew Hammer" was fired due to lack of large enough stunt doubles.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Tell no one...
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Zu Darkness writes: Dewey's always did have an evil mind. This was one of his greatest achievments of them all. A Jewish verison of Optimus Prime set to kill his mother Lois.
Zeedust writes: Writer: "WHAT? That's not what happens! Look at the script!"
Animator: "I DID! It says he converts to robot mode! See? Right here, 'Optimus converts!'"
Unknown writes: Jesustron was a good Autobot, but he was not our Mechsia.
Unknown writes: The Decpticons Shenanigans came to a screeching halt. For there, in the doorway, stood Rabbi Primus.
Shadow Fox writes: Optimus- Ya it has long been believed that I was cybertronian, but my mother was jewish..I was made fun of a lot, that's why I had these guns attached so I could just shoot whoever pissed me off from now on.
Unknown writes: "If I were a rich man . . . I would've been a great Tevye. Anyone for the 'Dreidel Song?' How 'bout 'Hava Nagila'? PISHERS!"
chinoodin writes: as today instead of being Christian because they have bad luck on lottery tickets I'll become jewish because if you are you 50% off anything yoy buy.
Unknown writes: After the fiasco the Dinobots made during last year's Christmas party on the Ark, Optimus thought it was best to make a new kind of change...
Unknown writes: I hate Megatron for so many reasons but the one that realy ticks me off...He eats pork!!!!
Unknown writes: THIS is what it wold have looked like if Archie Comics had a Transformers series!
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Asheron writes: so , to pay his rent optimus signed the contract for his new found job...
Galvatron writes: OPTIMUS PRIME (thinking to self)..."So, the first Autobot leader is now making cameo appearances on The Family Guy cartoon. At least it's better than a cameo on Armada!"
Unknown writes: i`m getting my red armor/outfit cleaned so you`ll see me doing my thing in this lovely outfit my other made me.
Pursuit writes: Oy..Fighting Decepticons makes me
Shvitzing Inmy Aching Nikagazoints
metalformer writes: It could have been worst: Optimus Primal.
Unknown writes: does... energon count as pork? (long pause) it does? ooiii... I'll scedual you for a brisk right now, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Unknown writes: After many fruitless attempts to gain Primus' guidance in leading his people, Optimus Prime is left with one last resort...
Unknown writes: I'm infected with a virus so everything in 200 meters will become 100% jewish! AAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEE!!! (I'm NOT A NAZI!!!")
Jetplague writes: Oy Vey! How many more of these " Re-imagined " spin off series are we going to be in? And I thought " Robots in Disguise" was bad.....
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Unknown writes: I knew I shouldn't have
listened to Homer Simpson about that stand-in opening....
Unknown writes: my other cote stinks!
micah writes: When we see megatron lets act like jewish men
Unknown writes: Peter: hey it's coolaid!
DAMMIT dont you people watch the show I am an auto bot!!!!!
Unknown writes: I better get paid for a cameo...
FortMax writes: Optimus: I'm here for the bris
Unknown writes: OY, Optimiski Rabbi transform and roll out already!
Arkhaon writes: who wanted the circumcision?
omega icecream writes: i love wheelie SO why doesnt anyboby love wheelie
Arcee writes: I hate arcee butt I LOVE BLURR.
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Unknown writes: camander blurr is cute
Transformers writes: hot shot
Unknown writes: Oie Vay, I'm late again.
Unknown writes: MOZELTOV! Now! Anyone for Pie?! Piping Hot!
homelessjunkeon writes: HOY!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "What? Times are hard its the best offer I could get.WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!"
Minicle writes: Optimus: Don't play innocent with me. The real reason you won't let me in is because of the colour of my metal.
Unknown writes: A GODmaster Optimus Prime?
parkwood writes: Engh its a living!
Autobot bubbs writes: Optimus prime, suspecting a Decepticon plot unfolding in Televiv, goes undercover to ferret out Megatrons devious plans...
Optimus: Mozel tov fellow humans!
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Autobot bubbs writes: Prime: This is the last time I let my agent talk me into hosting private parties...
Zu Darkness writes: Optimus Prime: This is the last time I'm letting Whellie take command of the Autobots.
Unknown writes: I know we can transform but that doesent mean we can convert to a different religion.
K-nonFodder writes: Rabbi Prime " what the hey, we've got trees, we've got squirrels, lets bless them all and get versnicket"
Zeedust writes: "Seriously, Galvatron, again with the conquering of the worlds? It's getting old. Come to think of it, so are you. Why not get that new guy, the dinosaur Megatron that didn't used to be you, why don't you get him to
Zeedust writes: Aeon Animation's preliminaty character model for Prime and Overload combined
Unknown writes: (This is where you put your name, right? oh ok.)
Optimus Prime
??? writes: Optimus: MY GOD THAT LADY HAS SUCH A HUGE ASS--
Peter runs in
Peter gets run over by a Decepticon
Unknown writes: Prime: Autobots, shalom and roll out !!
Unknown writes: Let my people go!
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Unknown writes: Oh, man... so this is Wheelie's so called costume party...
Unknown writes: Prime-I better stop pretending to be Jewish-Bible seller and find this human, Megatron's teaming up with, named Stewie and quick, this fat guys laugh is getting on my nerves.
Hot Rodimus writes: Everyone Ge-woah,rong cameo qoute
Unknown writes: AutoPious!
Unknown writes: Ohhhh a penny!
Zu Darkness writes: By taking whellie's advise that no one can tell if he's an Autobot Optius puts on the garb and walks in. After getting discover to finds Whellie and B---- Slaps him
Zu Darkness writes: Optimus: Note to self read fine print before signing the contract
Suzuki writes: DIRECTOR: No, no, no! In the new team-up, the Joes and Transformers are fighting in World War ONE! The ones responsible for the Holocaust were in World War TWO!
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Rabbi Megatron, I'm ready for my barmistfa. I'm ready to imbrace manhood!
Unknown writes: So I guess that means the rumors are true. Mel Brooks is directing the new TF movie
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Pokejedservo writes: Prime (thinking): So I'm in a show that got rejected from a different channel into Cartoon Network's Adult Swim? Eh, could've been worse, I could've been on "The Ripping Friends" *shudders*
Omega Supreme writes: Megatron: I've done it I've defeated Optimus Prime, hehehehahahahaha!!!, but I never thought it would be anything like this.
Optimus: Oh shut up Megadumb.
Linkortron writes: "If I were a rich man."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Next season on 24 Optimus Prime joins the cast watch as he goes undercover with agent Jack Bauer to defend the U.S. from terrorists.
tf dutchie writes: Allahrm, allahrm, the decepticons are comming!
*oh no, I'm a rabbi*
Unknown writes: "So, you sure my Beam Axe is isn't overdoing it for the...operation?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I find it very odd that even though all three components feel pain when one is hurt only Optimus converted the trailer,and roller stayed with their original faith. Weird huh?
Unknown writes: A3:"And, my son, did you bring your two friends along for tea?" (Prime):" Ye..eess, but actually, they're a liiittle to big, daddy..." (at that moment the earth is shakin and loud footsteps could be heard)(A3):
Unknown writes: Rabbimus Prime: Freedom is the right of all sentiant beings, Pharaohtron! Pharaohtron: No! Now get back to work building those pyramids! Rabbimus: Okay... *sniffle*
The Matrix writes: Obey the 10 Commandments, or Moses will come down and kick your ass.
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Broadside writes: Does that mean my successor's gonna be rabbimus Prime
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Shortly after G1 stopped being aired in the states Optimus needed to find work the result a short lived series(1 episode)on FOX called "That's My Rabbi" didn't fair to well. Sadly it only continued when Bumblebee remade
Beast Simpson writes: Mark my words, we WILL defeat Galvatron and the Mormonicons!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "What these oh their worms cool no just like that X-Man guy Maggot."
Unknown writes: "Anyone know of a good kosher Deli around here?"
RollingMayhem writes: So... you're sure these 'spenders don't make me look fat?
Unknown writes: A3: "Prime, my son. Are you back home?" Prime:"Yes daddy, aand I've eaten my sandwich at lunchbreak, just as you told me. And I didn't spend all of my money for pokemon trading cards." A3:"Ver
Unknown writes: Not only is energon a clean-burning fuel, it's also kosher!
Unknown writes: Prime: Oh man, I haven't been this poorly animated since Dark Awakening...
Wizzrobe writes: Bumblebee: Optimus, I don't think thats what Wheeljack ment when he said you should "convert to a better power source."
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Unknown writes: I fight for the freedom of all sentinent beings, as long as they can pay!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "What no I'm not Jewish I've been upgraded for slot car racing."
Unknown writes: "This is Jewish!"
Spartanion writes: Bumble looks at Optimus "Lost another bet eh?"

Optimus:"Yup I should have known that ant would beat the crud out of Wheelie"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "Laugh if you will Megatron,I'm not the only one who converted meet Omega Scwartzman."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I really can't complain converting to the Jewish faith has been pretty good to me,the biggest draw back is that Megatron gets away with everything fridays after sundown,well that and eating energon matza."
Unknown writes: "Well, it's been OK, except my little beanie keeps blowing away in cab mode."
Unknown writes: "...therefore, I will be known from this point forward as Shecky Prime"
Unknown writes: That is the real reason why the Transformers were al circumsized.
Unknown writes: "May this mennorah light your darkest hour."
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Unknown writes: "Hey! Don't laugh! My luck's been getting better since I switched my smokestacks with Mezuzahs!
Unknown writes: Why the hell am I wearing this crap!!!
Optimus writes: honey, i'm home!
Unknown writes: peter "Jewformers, more than meets my rabi! Jewishbots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Nazicons!" Use that star of david optimus jew!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Optimus Prime,"Hello,Lois." Lois,"Hello,Optimus you know your not supposed to be here." Optimus Prime,"I know Lois but I can't help myself.I love you Lois leave Peter come with me we'll leave
Unknown writes: At least I was drawn better on SNL.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Every December I wait for FOX to run my two favorite holiday specials KISS Saves Christmas, and The Transformers save Hanukah.(pictured above)
Unknown writes: And games
Unknown writes: I starred in my own tv show and now it's come to this. At least there's the comics, Armada crap, and the upcoming movie.
Unknown writes: I'd probably looked better in Dilbert. Least I'd get to be an Elbonian.
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Megatron made his Optimus clone before he knew that, in an accident too bizarre to explain, Wheelie's CD-ROM copy of "Hershel and The Hannukah Goblins" had gotten mixed in with his schematics. The scary thing was, the Autobots
Unknown writes: whoops thought this was the sperm donors...wait dont throw it away i could use it as an elastic band or a nice necklace
Unknown writes: Oy. I gotta get this jewish garb off before fighting Megatron. I look like a shlameal.
Unknown writes: Waitaminute! Prime's Jewish?! All this time I thought he was Christian!
REEK-ON writes: 3/10 successful circumcisons can't be bad!
Unknown writes: Rabbimus Primeman prepares for an exorcism to banish the suck from Armada.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I think Stewie from Family Guy grew up to become Megatron from Beastwars. Think about it their speach patterns are so similar,yes.
Unknown writes: This may sound weird but that looks just like the old Optimus halloween costume well mine didn't square up at the shoulders like that.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I found this cheap knockoff of Optimus Prime in my local Dollar Tree store its package called it Motor Change Robot.Hey what you want for a dollar?
TetraReris writes: I'm sorry I couldn't find a hat in my size. Will this do?
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Unknown writes: Shalom Humans, I am Rabimus Prime. Im from Israeltron. Ineed your help in the war against the the palestiniacons and their leader Megatron Hussein
Unknown writes: Why is Optimus wearing such a ridiculous outfit?
Unknown writes: Dradle,dradle, dradle/
I made it out of clay...
Unknown writes: OH MY JESUS!
FortMax writes: FortMax: The decepticons are in a place called Palestine!?!
FortMax writes: Optimus: What next master Yoda?
FortMax writes: Optimus:You see the jewish Autobots believe there was a Autobot Jesus but he was not the messiah
Exulted Unicron writes: Optimus decides to entertain the crowd with a rendition of Weird Al's "Pretty Fly (For a Rabbi)"
Unknown writes: What's that Jazz? You want to join the Nation of Islam? Are you sure you really want to do that?
Unknown writes: Note to self, When Circumcising Wheelie..make Mistake, and pretend to be sorry...that'll shut the little bastard up.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Peter,"Holy Crap there's a Jew in my living room!" Lois,"Peter,shouldn't you be more concerned that he's a tractor trailer truck that turned into a giant robot?" Peter,"Hey who am I t
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "You lose Megatron by choosing Jackie Mason as your Headmaster and Johnathan Silverman as your Powermaster,my Headmaster partner is Fran Drescher,and I've backed up her sonic attack with the most powerful Jewish battery ever meet Powerma
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "GIMMEL! You lose Megatron."
gLOVES1000 writes: 'ahhhh, i play one mean game of dradle!'
Unknown writes: Hasbro Official: Well, we lost the rights to your name, too, Optimus Prime. So for your new toyline, we're recomissioning you as Rabbimus Prime. According to our polls, it seems we can rake even more money into our greedy little hands by marketin
Unknown writes: Well, this proves my theory about Jews having extraterrestrial ties. After all, Superman was an alien who died and came back - he was created by Jews. Mr. Spock was an alien who died and came back - he was played by a Jew (and Nimoy contributed more to t
TheRoMan writes: "That it Prime! Me Grimlock draw line right here. Me say no bash heads on Saturday stupid rule! Me Grimlock no Jewish. Me Grimlock now take off stupid beenie!"
TheRoMan writes: "Realy Spike, we didn't want all of the employees at the rocket facility die. You have to understand, it was sundown on a Friday night and well....."
TheRoMan writes: There was only one Transformer as powerful as Shlomo Prime....his arch enemy, MegaMohamad!
TheRoMan writes: Once Sharon showed Arafat his new line of Tel Aviv Public Transportation vehicles. Even he knew, the Hamas gig was up.
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Unknown writes: You got the touch
You got the power
When all hells breaking
YOu be riding the eye of the storm
Unknown writes: Botmitvahs, transform, and spin the dreidel!
Unknown writes: Hitler's worst nightmare.
Unknown writes: Optimus, yelling to Megatron: "My God can beat up your God!"
Unknown writes: Optimus cashes in on the "Seinfeld" craze of the late '90s.
Unknown writes: I'm in the wrong cartoon!
Unknown writes: In order to be considered for purchase of G1 Reissue Prime by the Jewish community, he had to be converted. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he got circumsized and now we all regret the shorten stacks choice.
Scattershot writes: Optimus prepares on a spiritual level for his fight with Unicron.
Optimess Prime writes: Rabbimus Prime is Preparing for Wheelie's Bot-Mitzvah
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Megashock writes: Decepticons are kinda like Nazis aren't they?
Unknown writes: "Jews! More than meets my yamaka! Jewishbots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of... the Nazicons!"
Unknown writes: "Jews! More than meets my yamaka! Jewishbots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of... the Nazicons!"
Unknown writes: I quit Hasbro, so I've come here on Fox.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: TRU reissue Powermaster Optimus Prime with Hebrew Apex Armor. (hey it's funnier than my last 2 posts)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wow that was so bad I had to Say I'm sorry again and major I'm sorry to Adam Sandler.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I wrote this song for all the jewish robots who don't get to hear any Chanukah songs. Optimus Prime lights the menorah so do Jazz,Sunstreaker and Snarl he's a dinosaura. Guess who eats together at the Iacon Deli Silverbolt the plane and
Megashock writes: So, is someone gonna get me a seat big enough for my butt or what? I'm tired of standing.
Unknown writes: Oy vey! what a day 2 barmitzahs and a circumsiscion! oh and to the moskowites mazeltov!
Unknown writes: Autobots, transform, and roll out. For the briss!
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Starscreamer writes: To combat Megatron's aliance with Pat Robertson, Prime forges an aliance of his own...
Shermtron writes: Transformers the movie prequal: autobots help the jews win the yom kippour war...
Shermtron writes: OY!! My back its killing me
Unknown writes: Uuuhh.....this ain't the council citadel.
Unknown writes: Ok! Who's the (bleep) head who drew me like this. I look nothing like on my old show. And why the (bleep) do I have only four fingers?!
Firestorm writes: Little David had no idea what his parents had in store for him at his bar mitzvah.....
Megashock writes: "OK! Who' the (bleep) head who drew me like this! I look nothing on my old G1 show. And why the hell do I have only four fingers??!
Jade writes: They day optimus becomes a man his Bar Mitzvah!!!
Unknown writes: yes, very clever. the only way they could get optimus to do a cameo was to have him don a jewish garb for the Family Guy. Whoopee ding.
Optimus Minor writes: "If only Armada was as good as you!"
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Unknown writes: Rabbi Primus prepares to for an exorcism to banish the suck from Armada.
star_sabre86 writes: Moletov its a boy
Unknown writes: You need a caption for this? All right fine. Here's a topic. Megatron has a new evil weapon. Discuss.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Optimus,"I'm not really Jewish Carly knitted this for me."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hey I'm not suprise Optimus converted I knew it the moment I picked up the TRU reissue and saw that his smoke stacks had been trimmed.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jewish Powermaster Optimus Prime found that after going the Powermaster process he had become an amazing song and dance man.Well that's not really a suprise he was bonded with Sammy Davis Jr.,"Transform and roll out,cats."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "I'm here to perform your son's circumcision......WITH MY ENERGY AX!"
Unknown writes: Somewhere long before Cybertron was THAT scene in an Autobot family was...(Alpha Trion): "And remember, Optimus, my son, always ea..."(young prime interupts him):"...always eat your lunch box at lunchbreak, and don't sh
Chris writes: Peter: "Hey Lois look here its the Transformers."

Lois: "Finally a show Chris can watch."

Chris: "Ah mom....."

Peter:" Hey dont worry Chris you get to watch Rabbi Prime fight the e
Chris writes: Peter: "Hey Lois look here its the Transformers."
Lois: "Finally a show Chris can watch."
Chris: "Ah mom....."
Peter:" Hey dont worry Chris you get to watch Rabbi Prime fight the evils of t
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Unknown writes: "And today, we shall read a passage from the Covenant of Primus..."
Skyfire the Artist writes: We don't believe in Robot Jesus. We believe he was built and programmed well, but he wasn't our Messiah.
PlasmaRadio writes: Rabbi Optimus: "Those schlemeal Decipticons have stolen Haunica! Lets just schlep on down and lay a schmekel of whoop-tushie on their Decepti-cans!"
Unknown writes: Why am I a powermaster already???
Prowling Hound writes: Rabbi Primeman gets ready for Wheelie's Bat Mihztvah!
Unknown writes: If you think being Jewish is hard, wait until you see what we cut off during an Autobot Brisk
Prowling Hound writes: How many bagels did you say you wanted?
Unknown writes: Optimus infiltrates a synagogue, looking to find Rumble and Frenzy, who now transform into a dreidle and a Star of David.
Unknown writes: Political correctness sucks!
Unknown writes: Havatransforma!
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SlagMaker writes: Shalom!
Slapshot writes: dang it some one get me dreamwave's number these marvel guys suck!!
Slapshot writes: how dare they do this, i've done summer stock!!!
Detour writes: Oh great. First wardrobe screws up, and now I'm on the wrong set. And where the hell is my latte????
Unknown writes: I always thought Autobots were Christian.
Unknown writes: Who cares if I'm wearing a Jewish Garb?! Doesn't anyone notice that I look like a goddamn Gobot?!
Unknown writes: And all the Autobots say I'm pretty fly for a Rabbi.
Unknown writes: So it is written in the Talmud, "...an Autobot shall rise from our ranks and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour." -Alpha Trion 3:16
Unknown writes: We all knew that some autobot was Religious
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