Optimus takes a hold of Starscream

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Optimus takes a hold of Starscream
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185 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Why does Optimus have a 3rd leg where his arm should be?
Ryuki writes: GIVE ME YOUR FACE !!!
Zeedust writes: Been wondering how Movie-Scream's face wound up like that?

Now you know!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: I told you to STOP POKING ME!!!!!
Roadshadow writes: Never eat my twinkies, dammit!!!
Voyager Prime writes: Starscream: AAAHHH!!! Let me go, Optimus Prime, or I'll...

Optimus: Look, it's either get trashed by me, or by Alexis for taking those photos of her in the shower.

Starscream: (glancing over at a pissed-off Alexis cracking her knuckles) Po
Scatterlung writes: Optimus: Wow! A limited edition, life-size Starscream figure! Hasbro have really outdone themsleves this time!
Marv writes: Come here and give yer 'ol uncle Prime a hug!
Armbullet writes: This is for being in energon!!
Marv writes: Nah, this Decepticon's too small. I think I'll throwit back in...
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Marv writes: This is what happened after Starscream described the Armada Prime figure as an "electricity pylon with arms" while in super mode...
Operation Ravage writes: Optimus Prime: "I've had ENOUGH of you making fun of my immobile legs! I think that you're due for a repaint!"
Starscream: "Nooooooooo!!!!!"
Zeedust writes: Is it just me, or does this just SCREAM "lawn darts"?
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "And THIS one's for WASPINATOR, you body-snatching piece of slag!"

Starscream (meekly): "Mother..."
Unknown writes: Starscream: Ah! My skull! My beautiful skull!!!
Dash Trigger writes: Hissatsu! Bakunetsu! CONVOY FINGAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Unknown writes: Starscream: This won't hurt, will it? Optimus Prime: Not me...
Unknown writes: Optimus: Heeeey! get back here and clean your room young man! starscream: Aw man! I was gonna to pick up chicks!
Unknown writes: One Decepticon in the hand is worth two in the cyber-bush!
Unknown writes: Hulk smash!
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Shadow Fox writes: Optimus- Wait wait, this isn't supposed to happen, this super mode body part is new, I'm supposed to be standing in the background barking orders and looking heroic.
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Guess who!" Starscream: "I dunno... Someone whose hand I'm about to bite off?"
tristan writes: Starscream: AAAAHHHH! (Distant Scream, Closer and starts Again) Optimus: If You Surrender to me, i will put you down. Starscream: OK! I SURRENDER! Optimus: Good. (throws starscream) Ha! fooled! Starscream: Transform! That Is Not What I Had In Mind......
Unknown writes: Armada Prime: THIS is what happens to the morons that keep dissing Armada!
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime : Round and round there he goes, where he stops nobody knows!!
Unknown writes: Never eat my twinkies, damnit!
omega icecream writes: starscream; help!im getting attacked by a hand!
Unknown writes: Starscream: TAKE IT EASY! I'M NOT A HEADMASTER!!!
Rhys writes: Prime: Hulk bash! Hulk smash! Hulk homosexual!

STARSCREAM: Hotshot, you promised you'd stop taking him to the movies.
Unknown writes: Optimus prime:come hear handsome ! Starscream:you'er gay?!
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Unknown writes: Let's party. Come on Starscream, shake your body.
Hot Shot writes: how dare you mock good charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: shining fingaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: [optimus]I saw that starscream.[starscream]saw what? [optimus] you took my twinky!![starscream] I did not! [cyclons off scren] prime will blame starscream and not me^^
ionacus writes: but six shot does this to the clones in two panels. starscream; but he kills them i dont want to die (again) optimus; hehehehehehe
Ricochet writes: Got your nose!
Unknown writes: TAKE THIS.....my love, my anger, AND ALL OF MY SORROW!! BURNING
Shadow writes: Optimus: This hurts me more than it does you.
Starscream: Why do I not believe you.
zach writes: optimus:SHINING FINGER smokescreen:this is embarrasing
Unknown writes: Red-Alert: ((ofscreen)) That is the last time we let Optimus watch a G-Gundam Marathon...
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Unknown writes: starscream:MyFace!My Beautiful Face!!!
Unknown writes: Prime: This fight is lacking music sutable to an asswhoopin' of such magnitute.
Starscream: Yeah, Cyclonus, you got anything.
Cy: Yep, here it is.
Prime: What the F**k?
Cy: Wait how about this?
Music: Sunny
Unknown writes: Optimus: All right, here I come! This Matrix of mine glows red with awesome energy! It tells me to grasp for victory! It tells me to destroy you! Look, Cybertron! Is burning red! Get ready, here it comes...! MATRIX FINNNNGGGGAAAA!!!!!
Unknown writes: optimus:ottuh my way
Broadside writes: Who sez you need to be in jet mode to fly?
prime writes: i want to see how big your head is.hehehehehehe
Unknown writes: Optimus: You will never be a deception leader. Starscream: YES I WILL.
Optimus: You will NEVER be a Decepticon leader.
Starscream: YES I WILL!
Unknown writes: *Yoink!
Unknown writes: This is for Bashing Beast Wars you retard, Optimus Primal was my favorite Character.
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Your head would make a great coffee mug...too bad it's attached."
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Thunderwing writes: "Talk to the hand"
Battle Angel writes: Starscream, you have failed to grasp Tae kwan Zeep. Approach me so you might see.
Finger up the nose!
Inferno writes: OP: "Theory of flight?! I'll teach you the theory of FIST!"
Unknown writes: Optimus: OW! He bit me! That @$$hole bit me!!

Starscream: Tastes like chicken!
Unknown writes: Optimus: I DARE you to say that again!

Starscream: Okay, I give! I give! Autobots shall rule the world!

Megatron: What are you doing you fool?! Kick his ass!

Starscream: Why don't *you* try it?!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Shining Finger!!!!
Starscream: Wrong fu***ng show, Prime.
USAF Prime writes: *Optimus*Everyone who watches Armada want to kill themselves because of how horrid and gay it is!!! Any idea on how to change that? *Starscream* I love you! Wanna go Steady?
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: Rad showed me how to play this game. Starscream: I'm starting to hate this "smear the queer."
Unknown writes: Optimus: "Go back to Macross, punk."
Unknown writes: optrimus: ur going to die now
starscream: so u wanna see my sword huh
optimus: as a matter afact i do hum...
*CONSENCERED* starscream: uh um werbackable craftmenship
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Unknown writes: optrimus: ur going to die now
starscream: so u wanna see my sword huh
optimus: as a matter afact i do hum...
*CONSENCERED* starscream: uh um werbackable craftmenship
Unknown writes: starscream wil wil wil you mary me
Unknown writes: Prime; stupid little robot! why won't come off?!?
Starscream; no wait! this armada! not headma-- yaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Gay announcer guy:You're watching the Cybertronian Wrestling Federation pay-per-view special,Battle Royale on Earth!!!
z writes: Optimus: Now I'm going to read your mind.
Starscream: No you're not! You're just gonna crush my skull!!!
Optimus: Mind reading, skull crushing, what's the difference?
Unknown writes: OP: (thinking) Ha ha! Let's see my G1 figure do this!
Will writes: Optimus Prime: Hey you take that back!! I do to look cool!! Hotshot told me so, and he's the coolest Autobot ever next to me.
Unknown writes: Optimus: dead or live you're coming with me... Starscream : why me!!!!
Unknown writes: OP: You think my face is weird looking? Just wait 'til I'm done with yours.
Alexander writes: Op: I told you stay away from my stash!
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Unknown writes: Got Your Nose!
Unknown writes: Prime:GIMME MY fµ©kIN' BEER,BITCH!!!
Unknown writes: PRime: HEy Starscream remeber Arnold from different strokes that stuff is funny!!Starscream:YEah! I remeber that foo he was tight! HEs like wut u talking about Willis
Unknown writes: PRime: HEy Starscream remeber Arnold from different strokes that stuff is funny!!Starscream:YEah! I remeber that foo he was tight! HEs like wut u talking about Willis
Unknown writes: Optimus: Shining Fing- Oops wrong show.
Starscream: oh god we are gonna be sued big time
Unknown writes: One way to skin a Deceaption!!!!
Unknown writes: A new carnival ride: The Primal Whirl.
Unknown writes: Op: Take back what you said about my mother, you pathetic excuse for a paper jet! NOW!!!! *crunch* *cumple* Starscream: My...brain...
RandomFerret writes: "Well, he's missing a head, got all his decals ripped off, and is covered in teeth marks, but those people on eBay will buy anything!" RARE Starscream Jet Toy Trasformer Figure L@@K NR!
Unknown writes: OPtimus: ...and this is for making fun of my head Decepticon!!!
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RodimusPrime writes: Starscream:All I said was that You've gained a few pounds.
RodimusPrime writes: Starscream:Prime I wear the pants in this family! Prime:Shut up bitch and Get over here and gimme some head.
BLACKBIRD writes: kill the faggot,kill the faggot,kill tthhhheee ffffaaaagggooootttt.......
Firestorm writes: As his head was bashed open against the rocks, Starscream finally realized why you shouldn't steal Prime's twinkies.
Unknown writes: Oh no!, He's gonna Chokeslam him!
Unknown writes: You aint going nowhere, Starcream!
Unknown writes: Starscream: "Optimus! Can I join the Autobots? Can I? Can I?"
Optimus: "Hell to the no!"
Unknown writes: Come'er, you dirty b#tch!!
Unknown writes: OP: This is a new move I've learnt from CWF.
Star: Of S--t!!!!!!!
Galvatron writes: Prime: -whipping Starscream against the rocks- Eugn! Eugn! Eugn!

Starscream: Agh! Jesus! I know our show sucks!! You need anger management classes!
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Unknown writes: Prime: Goddamit i wanted the g-1 Starscream!
Screamer: Well f*ck
Prime: Kiss my ass!
Unknown writes: Prime: Goddamit i wanted the g-1 Starscream!
Screamer: Well f*ck yourself!
Dynamus Prime writes: Starscream: I said give me a HAND, not a HEAD! Optimus: Actually, considering how utterly stupid you are, I thought you could use a head.
Mac writes: optimus:SHININGFINGER Starscream:Dude quit imitateing G Gundam okay.
tyler writes: I heard of getting head, but this is ridiculous!
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: This hand of mine glows with an awesome power... Starscream: Will you cut the G Gundam act already?!
star writes: OP: Wanna play *a leg and a wing to see the king?"
Scourge writes: It takes two to tango!
Unknown writes: "Bitch you shut up and eat those Lucky Charms!"
Unknown writes: BITCH WHERE IS MY MONEY!
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Unknown writes: Optimus: ERUPTING!!! BURNING!!! FINGER!!!!
Starscream: NOT AGAIN!!!!
Unknown writes: optimus:kiss me u fool starscreem: noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: *crunch* Starscream: Ouchie...
Duo Maxwell writes: optimus: now that I have the SHININIG FINGERS I can finally get that spot on G Gundam...
Unknown writes: Another form of influencing cartoon violence on kids.....
Suzuki writes: "For crying out loud; get in the shot already, and quit licking my hand!"
Unknown writes: Optimus: Rock beats scissors! Starscream: NOOOOOO! Optimus: Oh yes, I get to wear the wings today!
Unknown writes: (Dracula Dead and loving it reanactment) Starscream: Hert me master!
Optimus: Alright!
Starscream: Good master very... good. Ok thats enough you put me down now. (throwns him down then Megs and Demolisher run over him with cyclonus running over his crou
Unknown writes: Give me the keys, Starscreem
Heather Prime writes: i hold pull to starscream fall down crash on land........... hahahaah
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Amph writes: supahfly: aahhh im soo wasted
Unknown writes: Optimus:"Alright, bring on the gay jokes."
Unknown writes: Come check out the Mega Pecker! I want to hear you SCREAM like a bitch again!
Unknown writes: Prime: Whats that shi t sticking out 30 feet behund you? Oh, Takara fu cked up the designs again so they could shove a speaker up your ass. Lazy pointy head bastards!

Starscream: Well look at your dumb ass!
Mr. X writes: There goes Starscream getting his but kicked in a quite humiliating way again...
Hot Rodimus writes: Optimus-"OPTIMUS CRUSH!"
Unknown writes: Prime: well starscream, the debate is almost over. which is worse? watching armada? or having ur head crushed?
Unknown writes: After a night of nothing but overenergizing and G Gundam, Optimus Prime attempts the Shining Finger on Starscream, with hilarious and predictable results! Tonight at 8 on Toonami
Hypertron writes: I am not Prime and your not Starscram! Armada sucks!
SlagMaker writes: I am squishing your head!
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Unknown writes: I need a new head. Let me borrow yours.
Unknown writes: prime: come on tell me, does this new body make me look fat?? huh?
slag writes: clothsline
Unknown writes: Prime just end it end may life in this crappy serie that is Armada
Unknown writes: ITS YOUR FAULT! why did you do something this evil!? why did you give the animators drugs to make this series worse than rid? WHY!HOW MUCH HOOCH DID YOU GIVE THEM! tell me!!!! why did you have them create carlos!
Unknown writes: oh tish thats french!
Unknown writes: iwantsexfµ©kergivemehotsex
Unknown writes: Starscream: Let go of me!
Optimus Prime: Not until you say Armada SUCKS!!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Who needs Shining Fingers when you have OPTIMUS PRIME?!
Dynamus Prime writes: See, on Fox, you would NEVER see this kind of violence! THANK YOU CARTOON NETWORK!!!
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Unknown writes: In an attempt to gain Shining fingers, Optimus tries Using Domon Kashu as a minicon partner.
Domon Locked in truck cab: LET ME OUT OF HERE YOU CRAZY ROBOT!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Yet another picture conjuring up snickers due to smutty sexual inuendo.
Unknown writes: *twitches*
Unknown writes: Starscream: Prime, I ment use your head, not mine you dick!
Unknown writes: Starscream: Prime, I ment use your head, not mie you dick!
Unknown writes: Domon Kashu finds a new gundam.......OPTIMUS PRIME!!!
tyler writes: HEADS UP! whoops! *snicker* sorry Starscream.
bob writes: You hit like a girl
Unknown writes: Armada sux
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Unknown writes: Ok Autobots, this is how you do a "dumbell curl"
Chachi writes: Op: "Gahh! What in-!?
Screamer: "Grrrrr!"
Unknown writes: Optimus: I punch him and he bounces back!
Unknown writes: Prime: This is for you Rain!!!
Unknown writes: Starscream makes the mistake of insulting primes face in combined mode.
Unknown writes: Daddy, He followed me home. Can I keep him?
Unknown writes: Hey buddy, I heard you were making fun of my arm. You got a problem with it?
Houndx writes: Shall We dance
Stelartron writes: Op: Is it just me, or does my arm look a little to long for my body?
Royal writes: OP: So Fehr you and your baseball players want to strike!! STRIKE THIS!
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Kevinus Prime writes: See? I told you I could find something Roller was good for! (WHAM)
Unknown writes: OP: OK, so you thought you could get the drop on me with those thrusters?
Starscream: I knew I should have gone after Primal again!
Pokejedservo writes: Prime: I got your head! Starscream: Is this another one of those infantile "gay" jokes? Prime: NO YOU DUMMY YOUR ACTUAL HEAD! Starscream: My bad, my bad...
Shrapnel writes: Optimus: Hmmm. let´s see if he´s articulated... Nope, I got stuck with the damned PVC version.
Prowl writes: SS:What are you doing?
OP:The vulcan-neck pinch.
SS:No,ware the neck metas the soleder.
OP:Like this.
SS:Yeah! (pases out).
Unknown writes: oh by the way ill be watching the a-team or my box set of the first season of the transformers generation ONE...GET IT G-1
Unknown writes: this image is gay as hell like i said armada is going to suck bad just air transformers generation one nothing is better than that.
Unknown writes: this image fµ©king sucks just look at starscream is that the toy..
Unknown writes: Optimus: ON YOUR KNEES SCREAMER! I am going to make you my B***H!!!
God Jinrai writes: Optimus: GIMME YER LUNCH MONEY, PUNK!!
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Unknown writes: Optimus Prime grabs Starscream by the head and OOH thats GOTTA HURT!
Unknown writes: i knight thee sir starscream
Unknown writes: I got your nose.
Unknown writes: I got your nose.
Unknown writes: Idoits! I told the producers Screamer needs a High pitched voice!
Unknown writes: Optimus:so,you thought you could get rid of me huh?(*pulls of starscreams head*) SC: Gah!!!!!Give it back!
Ultra Prime writes: Optimus:holy sh*t StarScream its been 15 years since transformers the movie that we been in a cartoon together welcome back you old timer StarScream:Megatron help me!Optimus has gone nuts
Unknown writes: Prime: YOU! Your the one who makes the cheap sex jokes!
TRoN writes: Prime- Let go of my finger you little fat-slapper!
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Black Arachnis writes: and where do you think you`re going?you still have to clean up the ark!
Unknown writes: How the heck to you transform this thing?
Optimus writes: Prime: This hand of mine burns with an awesome power, it tells me to defeat you!
Starscream: Ok lay off the G Gundam would ya?
Meister writes: Opitmus) Strascream taka away your dirty fingers from my sister.
ripcord writes: This new Starscream Kite is great. WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: OPTIMUS PRIME:YOU MAKE ME SICK! (he throws him down G.I.JOE movie style)
Slappyfrog writes: Sorry, Screamer, these battle enhancing pants are mine! See? ALpha Trion sewed my name in the waistband.
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: Wow. I really have got "the Touch!"
Optimus Primevil writes: Optimus: SHINING FINGA!!!!!!
Starscream: What the hell are you talking about?
Optimus:Sorry, just watched a 12 hour g gundam marathon last night.
davewelttf writes: Starscream:What the hell are you doing? Optimus:Would you believe Vulcan neck-pinch?
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CapeMike writes: Prime: I said *pull* my finger, not BITE it!!
Unknown writes: Op: Is this what he meant by DO SI DO? Yeehaw!
DEVASTAT0R writes: "Dammit Starscream! Do you have to drink before every fight?!"
Unknown writes: Optimus is quite a swinger! ^_^
ToXmAn writes: Starscream Kiss me, as you never done it before
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