Ratchet working on Teletran-1

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Ratchet working on Teletran-1
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digigirl411 writes: Who put glue under here? My hands are stuck!
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Ratchet: Is Aimee watching? She's my girlfriend in some book. I got all stripped down for ya, babe (hence my red underwear).
megatron1322 writes: oh geez...i've seen enough porn videos to know where this is going...
megatron1322 writes: oh geez...i've seen enough porn videos to know where this is going...
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Ratchet: Now Telatraan1. Turn your head and cough.
Swoopscream writes: Ratchet just couldn't live unless he had rigged up stole Skinnemax.
Menasor75 writes: Ratchet: Just give me a parsec, I will have this hot-wired faster than Blurr can say 'Decepticon'!
popo5 writes: Quit it, Ironhide! I'm getting tired of you looking at privates, you pervert!
Skywarp64 writes: Im in ur teletraan 1
moving ur wires
maroyasha writes: Ratchet: The red wire's connetced to the, blue wire. The green wire's connected to the yellow wire.
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Retrospex writes: I didn't realize there was a secret passage to Wheeljack's lab under here!
Zetatron writes: Ratchet: Look, I'm just sayin', if I had to choose, I'd keep Sparkplug, at least he's useful.

WheelJack: Yeah, and besides, how many times has he been kidnapped? Once. Spike? Hell I think the Con's may have him right now!
Heckfire writes: RATCHET: ...AWRIGHT, who's been picking their nose and sticking it under the console again?
GRIMLOCK: *whistles innocently*
altramaxus writes: see what happens when you let the apprentice service teletran 1, you left the bloody sump plug out you dick!
welcometothedarksyde writes: slag, hooking up the illegal cable to teletraan is gonna be harder than I thought
trailbreaker writes: Ratchet hits the vodka again....
anti-strscrm writes: water's about to break
moonie writes: uuh... it's.... not what you think. um, could you please look away for a while, wheeljack?
Scatterlung writes: Wheeljack, HELP! Teletraan's trying to eat me! CANNIBAL COMPUTER!!!
Hatch writes: "Prime said to buy a MAC. I told him NO, but what do I know. I'm a doctor, not a computer repair bot."
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moonie writes: wheeljack: ratchet, we have these things called 'anti-virus' software and--

ratchet: oh sure, mister 'i'm-too-afraid-too-get-my hands-dirty' you think some flimsy plastic disk can solve all your computer problems..well you lazy
Zeedust writes: "Yep, muffler's loose."
Saberspark model H. writes: Teltran-1: oh Ratchet your hands feel so good
Ratchet: Yep, He seems to be officaly gay
Optimus: Autobots Transform and get up outa here Its a gay Transformer
*autobot screams can be heard*
*Megatron Laughs nervously after whatching the video that La
trailbreaker writes: "Ironhide, quit tickling my feet!!!"
Zeedust writes: Ratchet: I can't reach the pen. Help me move the desk,would you?

Wheeljack: It's welded to the wall so vital circuits aren't exposed to dust, if I remember.

Ratchet: What idiot decided that we should... It was me, wasn't it?
Swerve writes: Wheeljack: Congratulations Mrs. Teletran-1, it's an Autobot!
Swerve writes: Ratchet: What the hell are you talking about Chip? There aren't any monsters under Teletran-1?
darkqueen01 writes: Ratchet isn't really fixing Teletran-1. He's actually trying to get free cable.
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Well, here's your problem......
Blazefrost writes: Dangnab it...Sparkplug, were you drinking coffee over here again?!
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gogleman374 writes: Optimus:What happend to teletran one?

Ratchet:Well wheeljack here was downloading some po--

Wheeljack:shut up!
shockticus writes: SOMEONE GET ME MY HANDS!
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "The Space Bridge is a plot device?"

Wheeljack, "Well yeah think about it; between you, me, Perceptor, Hoist, and Grapple; do you really think we couldn't build a space bridge of our own? We could hit up Omega Supreme for
megatron11 writes: arcee your pipes look a little cloged.
olokin writes: Ratchet; 20 reps, I'm done, your turn Wheeljack!
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "Now hold up, you built three new Autobots, here, on Earth, without the use of Vector Sigma to give them Sparks?"

Wheeljack, "Uh...Yeah!"

Ratchet, "How did you get around that one? Wouldn't that leave a hole in
Road Turtle writes: Wheeljack, "Hey Ratchet! Guess what I invented! I built three new Autobots that turn into vicious Earth creatures called Dinosaurs! They're ferocious, armed to the teeth, and virtually unstoppable! The best part, is that I made them authentic! J
seanb0202 writes: All right, who keep sticking their gum under here?
Kevinus Prime writes: "AHH! MOUSE!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "No! I don't wanna make that special run to Autobot City! You can't make me! MOMMY!"
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lockepsb writes: Ratchet: Just gimme one more minute and we'll be able to watch the Cybertronian Female's Mud Wrestling Network for free...
TransX writes: Ratchet: Ok, Teletran-1, turn your cerebral vortex and cough.

Teletran-1: *cough*

Ratchet: You were right, Wheeljack. A cyberhernia. I should have installed that anti-virus software when Prime told me to...
shockwave_inoz writes: Ratchet: *tickle..tickle..tickle..*
Wheeljack: "Stop that! Or I'll jump on your big, red metal undies!!"
Ratchet: "You know your problem, Wheeljack? You just have no sens
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Ratchet: Wow I didn't know how large my chestplate really is... I could me a fembot.

Wheeljack with blank look: You're kidding right?

Ratchet: I'm serious. Hehe I'd could jump in the Energon Shower with Arcee and get away with it
MaikeruSama writes: Ratchet: Secratary STAY UNDER THE DESK!!!!! Im not done with you!!
hot rod 907 writes: wheeljack: whoa, nice pair! wanna go out some time?


thor20 writes: 28.8? Wheeljack aren't we outdated?
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "Shut up Wheeljack, I do not have a Reel-to-Reel for a brain! Stupid cartoon in-accurate 80'S toys...and my head's not in my chest either!"
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "Hold up Wheeljack, I can't see over my man-boobs."
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "A canna' change the laws of physics, I've got to have thirty minutes!"
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1337W422102 writes: Ratchet reluctantly retrieves his stash of 'medicinal marijuanatron.'
Minicle writes: Ratchet has ever since regretted agreeing to fill in, until Wheeljack could finish repairing the Router...
Minicle writes: Ratchet: Surely, there must be a better place to keep the Wash Basin.
snavej writes: Ratchet: Pheromone readings indicate that Teletraan-1 wants to mate with you, Wheeljack!

Wheeljack: Again? So soon?

Ratchet: I think that I'm starting to understand the situation here.

Wheeljack: Wrong, Ratchet. There's more going on
snavej writes: Ratchet: What do you mean 'You'll be going green in 2007'? I hope I get some good lines, at least. Maybe some cool circular saws or something.
snavej writes: Wheeljack's repairs to Teletraan-1 were so ineffective that Ratchet had to reach behind the screens and manually change the displays, to make it look like the computer was working.

A few minutes later, Optimus Prime ordered that Ratchet and Wheelj
*Skycat* writes: Wheeljack: What are you doing
Ratchet: I'm fixing teletran, what does it look like I'm doing.
Wheeljack: Do you honestly want me to answer that?
Ratchet: No!
Deadpool. writes: Teletran: I am the Knight Automated Roving Robot. How may I serve you?

Ratchet: No you arent. And stop moving while I fix your internals!

Wheeljack: It seems like you're gonna need my new Inter-Fixit Module....

Ratchet: I dont wanna risk usi
Decepticon Spike writes: And after that, Teletran-1 was able to pick up the Spice Channel.
Predaprince writes: After many debates with fellow Autobots, Ratchet finally admitted to having a triple mode as Wheeljack's doormat.
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snavej writes: At this point, Teletraan-1 had its first orgasm, then stopped working, started smoking and sighed 'That was amazing, Ratchet!'.
snavej writes: Wheeljack: Hey, Ratchet, is that where you keep your porn?

Ratchet: What porn?

Wheeljack: You know - 'Ambulance Digest Monthly' magazine!

Ratchet: You're going to need an ambulance soon, but there won't be one there for you!
snavej writes: Ratchet (thinks): Damn, I could have made Wheelie do this!
Angelbot writes: Elita, Chromia, Moonracer, Firestar ... my apologies for not having the place sparkling clean. Wheeljack told me you'd be arriving at six o'clock Earth time. I wasn't expecting you so soon.
Q_Silverbolt writes: I told you guys not to play indoors! You do realize that each of you stand at at least 10 feet?
Byrerprime writes: Ratchet: Untie me at once Wheeljack. And you better not leave my undercarriage exposed again. Arcee did not think it was funny.
transformerguru writes: Ratchet - Whoa damn!!! That fart just stinks...

Wheeljack - Don't have to tell me twice.

Ratchet - Be greatful your not in the confined space
snavej writes: Wheeljack: Unhand that femputer, you dastardly brigand! She's mine!

Ratchet: Easy pal, just doing some screwing!

Wheeljack: You've done it now! [Kicks Ratchet in the wotsits.] Physician, heal thyself!

Ratchet [high voice]: No problem
snavej writes: Ratchet: Why do these computers look so, you know, 1980s?

Wheeljack: This is the 1980s, dumbass!

Ratchet: Guess I shouldn't have drunk so much at that party back in 1975!
snavej writes: Ratchet looks into the dark recesses of the Golden Age and finds things that he thought had disappeared forever.
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megatrina writes: R: You're right, Wheeljack, Spike didn't bother to paint under here.
W: I guess he thought we wouldn't look.
R: Well, I'm not paying him unless he finishes the job. Though why Prime wanted to paint this place "Sunset Orange&
mechislander writes: Wheeljack: Ratchet, you're a ROBOT. Robots don't have muscles. And therefore, you don't need to do 10000 pull ups everyday.
ProwlDC2 writes: Doom, should be working now Wheeljack!
Brakethrough writes: Hey, you aren't Santa Claus!
Autobot Jazz writes: Ratchet:Sorry Wheeljack I just can't get us free X-Box Live
Wheeljack:Aw c'mon Ratchet Halo 3 just came out & I blew all my money on the Legendary Edition!
nummymuffin writes: We're still not getting the cartoon network.
raptor205 writes: ratchet: oh crap teletran got the 3 red rings of death,

wheeljack: well, send it to microsoft,
1337W422102 writes: Ratchet's Chestplate Augmentation Surgery and the lack of female Transformers on the Ark did not mix well.
Porsche 935 T writes: awwww damn it ... I knew we would need an adapter cable to hook up the play station.
zoso504 writes: Well, now we can get video feed from the next room on the big screen. It's up to Mirage to sweet talk Arcee into showing him her chassis.
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Optimusizzy writes: Ratchet: No Wheeljack we re't secretly dating I just tripped backwards and landed here.
Wheeljack: Sure I know what happens on Earth stays on earth.
Teletran 1: A little bit more to the left. Yeah thats the spot.
Zetatron writes: Alright, Prime's locked in his quarters, let's get this party started!
Enigma Blackdragon writes: Wheeljack: Hmm... The machine was ment to build ratchets for me but...
Novacron writes: What the... who's been sticking their gum up under here?!
Liege Evilmus writes: You know your arm wont be stuck anymore if you just let the can go.
Black Bumblebee writes: Ratchett: "Help! It's got me! Wheeljack, grab my legs before it devours me whole!"

Wheeljack: "Pff... yeah right. You die, and I don't have to pay back the 5 thousand energon chips I lost in poker."

Ratchett: "Aaaa
dabattousai writes: Ratchet: Shhhhh, don't tell anyone Wheeljack, but my secret copy of Halo 3 that I got before Megatron stole the rest, is underneath here.
TK-225 writes: Ratchet: Okay, lets see here, ratchet... ratchet...

Wheeljack: You're Ratchet, I'm Wheeljack!

Ratchet: ...Just hand me the tool, Gears-for- Brains.
Ratbat writes: There! Teletran I should be fully functional now!
First-Aid writes: Will someone please tell Spike and Chip to stop putting their chewing gum on the underside of the console? It's dried up and I need Omega Supreme to pry it off now...
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First-Aid writes: WHEEEEEEEE!! This new enclosed slide is awes- oh crap! Watch out Wheeljack! (loud collision and sound of breaking class and startled cats)
First-Aid writes: Ratchet: OK, who's the smartass that put "Dinobot Strength" Super Adhesive Glue under here? My hands are stuck!
Wheeljack: (chortles)
Ratchet: Dammit! No soup for you!
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Ratchet: What in god's name is Prime doing with Bumblebee over there?

Wheeljack: You don't wanna know, just get back under there and repair Teletran-1!

Ratchet: Told ya Ultra Magnus would have been a more trust worthy leader.

Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Ratchet: Wheeljack, stop looking up my chest plate.

Wheeljack: *stops drooling* I wasn't!
Lord Megatron Decepticon writes: Mmmm female circuitry is HOT!
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