Sari tells a story to Optimus and Bulkhead

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Sari tells a story to Optimus and Bulkhead
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Nacelle writes: Now this is a story all about how...
TheBritishFan writes: It all began on a Tuesday...
Error writes: Sari: Hey, do you think it smells like upbot in here?
Bulkhead: What's upbot?
Sari: Nothing. What's up with you?
*Weapons armed*
Optimustard writes: And that's how they check your prostate
Optimustard writes: That is what you get for running your mouths! I told my dad that you were picking on he rebuilt Megatron, cause he's awesome
WreckerJack writes: And that's how babies are made!
WreckerJack writes: And that's how babies are made!
Rainmaker writes: Sari: You see this key? The only reason I have it is cause some guy called Longarm Prime gave it to me...
WF72 writes: I mean guys, it's obvious the winner and next image are JUST around the corner!
william-james88 writes: And that's why I never got my first period.
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trailbreaker writes: Happy New Year!
Cmdr. Trailblazer writes: Bulkhead: "How long until she stops speaking?"

Optimus: "Well, she's been talking for over a year...."
DeathReviews writes: Pull my finger!
Rated X writes: Sari: Im the sole reason the front page gets so many hits. If you dont believe me, ask Burn !

Bulkhead: Sigh...I think shes right Optimus. Lets go hang out on the 3rd party forums...
william-james88 writes: I am trying to beat Daniel's record for how long I can stay here
lonrac writes: ..... and if you're really clever the moderators won't notice and you can stay on the front of the web page for a whole year........
Black Hat writes: "And then after Slingshot crumbled into fine gold powder, they replaced him with some helicopter dude called Alpha Bravo! Ha, ha!"
David-Allan writes: "Ain't nobody got time for that."
Another Fan writes: -
Optimus: *mumbles* "Why do you have a face I want to punch so much?... Must resist, must resist……"
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Another Fan writes: -
Sari: "Seeeeeee! I told you that you have the same color as my boogers!"
Bulkhead: *sigh* "Tis is true."
Road Turtle writes: "...and THAT's why you wipe back to front, and Never side to side!"
Antron writes: "... and I was nervous because of the threats the drill sergeant made." Then his father asked him, "Did you jump?" To which he replied, "A little, at first."
JustPlainME writes: They come from our noses. Sometimes I wipe them under my desk at school.
UnderYourCloset writes: Yo mamma so fat, that she ate Unicron!
william-james88 writes: Did you read the latest top 5 list on Seibertron?
Road Turtle writes: We're so having a fourth season, I'll bet my virginity!
Road Turtle writes: ...then I called Megatron's mom a Power Strip!
Road Turtle writes: ...and That's how you get rid of a body!
Road Turtle writes: ...of course That's a Thing. I Saw it on the DEEP Web!
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faraohseth writes: .....guuuurrrl, it wasn't me. Must've been one of these guys who "backfired."
Road Turtle writes: ....and That's why you always want to use plenty of lube!
Bill9000 writes: Lemme tell you about a time long ago when I WASN'T annoying ...
william-james88 writes: Hey Optimus, I am always wondering why you remind me of Beast Wars Megatron.
chirtman writes: "I'm not human either. As you can see when I open my mouth, my head is just filled with this violet colored mass"
snavej writes: Suri: Do you guys ever sneak into Sci Fi conventions? I bet you do!

Optimus: Actually, yes we do. We add special drugs to the drinks so that none of those defective people can have any more children.

Bulkhead: It's a kindness, really.
Cashie writes: ...and then he says "Give me your face!"
Cmdr. Trailblazer writes: Sari: "This reminds me of that time when..."
Bulkhead:"Not another one!"
Optimus: "As least she isn't tell us where protofrom humans come from...."
itisileclerc writes: Sari : And that's my plan for staying on here even longer than Spike climbing a ladder!
Bulkhead : Does that much time even exist?
mattyou writes: "And this one time at band camp..."
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snavej writes: While Sari prattled on, Bulkhead and Optimus were deep into their MMO games, behind their eyes.
Ravage XK writes: When you make toast, where does the bread go? I invented the left sock. Have you ever played pool with planets? If that cow really did jump over the moon why isn’t it in the Guinness Book of Records? …( Bulkhead thinks “Err, where’s reset?”)
Ravage XK writes: Time is concept that contradicts itself, very much like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My shoes are clockwork. I once painted the sky with matt paint cos it was too glossy. Did you know that if you look at a cat upside down it will die!!
Road Turtle writes: "...and that's why I wear the same dress everyday!"
Road Turtle writes: "I now what the fox says"
Ravage XK writes: You think they are hair clips but they are not, they are STAPLES! That hair isn't going anywhere now!
Ravage XK writes: And that is why is it simply too expensive and time consuming to draw teeth.
Kilgore writes: Sari: I think Optimus is overrated. Let's make him die in the next movie. Optimus: Never! Bulkhead: .......
snavej writes: As Sari told them what she had done with all the neighbourhood boys and a few girls and dogs, the Autobots wondered if her socially destabilising antics showed she was a Decepticon agent.
BattleConvoy writes: sari big mouth!
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Marcus Rush writes: WAFFLES!!!
empyre327 writes: Bulkhead: What do we get for 10 dollars?
Sari - Every t'ing you want.
Rated X writes: When I grow up, Im going to be just like Kim Kardashian...
Red_Sun writes: Sari: "Believe me guys, someday Bumblebee will be the leader of the Autobots."
Bulkead: "Whaaaaat?!"
Optimus Prime: "Never!"
Chrisjohnson76 writes: "Thats right Bulkhead, I know for a fact that Optimus's voice is preformed by David Kaye, who also preformed the voice of Megatron from Beast Wars!"
redoutlander writes: Now you get to look at my sixth finger for the next 3 months!
snavej writes: She thought that her taste in jewellry was excellent but everyone could see that it was just a weird-looking key, for goodness' sake. She was probably retarded.
Road Turtle writes: "...and that's why you always leave a note!"
Road Turtle writes: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..."
Blasphemous Prime writes: Sari: Just look what I pulled out of my nose!
Bulkhead: An extra finger?
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Road Turtle writes: "...then I told him; Hand's off, if you miss with the Queen Bee, you're gonna get stung."
Road Turtle writes: "...and I told him; Please, you can't afford me, I'm high maintenance!"
snavej writes: Sari: For our end-of-term school play, we're performing 'The Lair of the White Worm'.

Optimus: Erm, inappropriate perhaps?

Sari: I can't seem to wash the fake blood out of my hair after rehearsals.
snavej writes: Using their microscopic vision, the Autobots could see that Sari was CRAWLING with cooties. Slowly, they backed away.
snavej writes: [continued from below]

shut up?!
snavej writes: Sari [having just spoken for three hours]: ...and then on the seventeenth day of my vacation, I went shopping in the Humblebums' Department Store and bought six dresses, nine strappy tops, four sarongs, eight pairs of shoes...

Bulkhead: Does she ever s
snavej writes: Bulkhead: She said that she feels like 'Sasha Fierce' today.

Optimus: Perhaps we should move her to a wildlife reserve, to be with other fierce creatures.
Road Turtle writes: "...and then I told the guy; if you have to ask, you can't afford it..."
teamprime writes: I love the autobots
snavej writes: Sari: These days, more cartoon and comic characters are becoming female.

Optimus: That's not good. I can't fight Decepticons if my petticoats keep snagging on things!

Bulkhead: Just fight in your bra and pants.

Optimus: I must keep my beach body
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snavej writes: Sari: Bulkhead is, technically speaking, 'fugly'.

Bulkhead: But I thought that I was 'rugged'!

Sari: Sorry, the cool people on internet message boards have spoken and they never lie.
snavej writes: The power of the Allspark Key was leading people surreptitiously into strange situations, such as random caption competitions.
UnderYourCloset writes: And that is how I got Hasbro to start using more paint on Combiner Wars figures. Oh yeah! This is animated, Combiner Wars isn't out yet.
Road Turtle writes: Sari, "I know what boys like, I know what guys want, I know what boys like, I've got what boys want..."
Autobot_Crossfire writes: Sari- "And that's why G1 is the best!"
Optimus- "You're defying your own continuity!"
snavej writes: The Autobots were disgusted by this prancing monkey with her delusions of 'coolness' and 'street-smarts'.
snavej writes: Sari: I really love 'My Little Pony'.
Bulkhead: What happens to them when they die?
Optimus: Glue factory and ready meals, I heard.
Sari: Plastic ponies never die, they just slowly disintegrate.
Michael Alex Kawa writes: Sari-"So like I was approached by that Manga artist Yuki Ohshima to be in one of his pervy Kiss Players or whatever comics"

Bulkhead-"and ...hmmm what did you say"

Sari-"I didn't say anything, I kicked that sicko in his face and ran away"

Marcus Rush writes: *Sari Continued* Prove naturalized citizenship as well as legal birth certificate. And be a member of one of the dominating political parties and considered legally insane.
Optimus Prime: Don't do it Bulkhead... Its just not worth it, trust me on this on
Marcus Rush writes: Bulkhead: So in the real world you humans 'Voh ta' to determine who your leader will be?
Sari: That's Right big guy.
Bulkhead: Can I become a 'press a dental candidate?'
Sari: SURE!!!, So long as you were born in the US, can prove naturalized citizensh
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snavej writes: Sari: ... and then the little Dutch boy put his finger in the dyke ...
Bulkhead: Wait, I thought dykes didn't like little boys that way.
Optimus: Not that kind of dyke, Bulkhead.
redoutlander writes: "And that’s how I lost my finger nail!”
LE0KING writes: At least I'm better than Shia.
PrymeStriker writes: Sari's tongue is unnaturally large.....
Blasphemous Prime writes: Sari: See that? That's what happens when you hang out in the water with Spike for too long. Spike became a prune, and Prime's face plate rusted right off!
MarkNL writes: Sari: I'll take the blame for this to be such a ruined Transformers show.
snavej writes: Sari: I got seven hundred and sixty two entries onto the front page of 'Rage Comics'!
Bulkhead: Mother of God!
snavej writes: [Continued from below]

Sari: Erm, yeah ... snooker balls.
snavej writes: Sari: My mouth is so big, I can fit two or three in there.

Bulkhead: Snooker balls?
snavej writes: Sari: ... and that is the difference between hookers and friends-with-benefits.

Optimus: How does that relate to plushies?

Bulkhead: Or Kardashians?

Sari: [Sighs] Just search the Web.
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Black Hat writes: "And when I found out my MP Tigertrack was a KO, I found the eBay seller, tore his legs off and fed them to him!"
trailbreaker writes: "I have no idea where my finger has been."
xyl360 writes: Come on, that's right Optimus, just pull my finger. It'll be totally worth it, I promise.

Alright Sari; and you're certain that it was necessary to give us olfactory sensor upgrades using the Key for this?

Absolutely guys, just be sure to lean in r
snavej writes: Sari: You Transformers have plenty of 'hard power' but humans have 'soft power'.

Optimus: Please explain.

Sari: We burn soft things like puppies in a furnace to generate power and crush our enemies!
snavej writes: Sari: Fat Alan sabotaged the Decepticons' anti-cat machine by taking a dump in it.

Optimus: Did that work?

Sari: Yes, the Decepticons couldn't sell the dead cat skins because they stank.
snavej writes: Sari decides to go on a crusade /jihad against smut on internet message boards. The Autobots are not sure if that should be top priority.
snavej writes: Sari re-enacts her novelty wedding dance, to the tune of Sir Mixalot's 'I like big butts'.
snavej writes: Sari: I call this my prostate finger!

[The Autobots are speechless.]
snavej writes: Sari: This time next year, I'm gonna need a bra!

Bulkhead: Could we get bras, Optimus?

Optimus: Sorry, our sizes are just not available on Earth.
snavej writes: Optimus: Sari, we feel that you should cover yourself better. That minidress leaves little to the imagination. We don't want you falling victim to the paedos.

Bulkhead: I had paedos once. They ate holes in ten percent of my circuits.

Optimus: Tho
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snavej writes: Sari: The doctors said that, if my head grows any bigger, my neck will break like a twig.

Optimus: Ratchet, Sari needs a custom-built exoskeleton a.s.a.p.!
snavej writes: Bulkhead: So what makes the red hair on a brown-skinned human? Rufous albinism?

Optimus: I'm detecting a chemical odour. It's what they call 'hair dye'.

Bulkhead: So it's deception ... could be Decepticon!

Optimus: Blasters ready.
Heckfire writes: "...and yet, the fandom STILL prefers me to Miko Nakadai. Ain't THAT a kick in the gearbox?"
Kyleor writes: And this one time, in band camp...
Blasphemous Prime writes: Sari: "The last caption contest was so long that Prime's mouth plate fell off!"
NicholasPrime writes: Sari: "...And that's when I bought the horse a prostitute!"
Bulkhead: "I love this gal!"
six6dbl5321 writes: - It's called a "Dirty Sanchez." It's what you do right before a "donkey punch."
VioMeTriX writes: no I will not do dp with you guys
kricket writes: Siri: And this is the number one reason I'll be in a Michael bay film before you bulkhead
Ninja Sixshot writes: Hey, Optimus I had this dream where you were being hunted by the goverment and you were obssessed wirh threatening people
Optimus: Sari, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard
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bumblebeej8 writes: And that's how dinos became extinct.
OptimalOptimus2 writes: Bulkhead, you're so fat, you make Unicron more slim.
Shuttershock writes: "C'mon, Bulk! Pull my finger."
"Uh... Okay."
Ravage XK writes: And you simply insert the finger up the nose and dig around!
Optimum Supreme writes: "And that's where babies come from!"
Ultra Markus writes: I GOT THIS!
Editor writes: Sari: Yep, then I put this finger all the way in. Go on smell it, behold it's magistracy!
Bulkhead: I don't want to play this game.
harvester writes: And THAT'S how season 4 would have went!
Wheeljack808 writes: And the Empire will be defeated by Ewoks!!!
datguy86 writes: "And that's how I simultaneously exposed all 50 states to radioactive pornography and arrested for gross indecency."
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Emerje writes: And that's how I divided the fandom all by myself.
skidflap writes: Sari: I remember when i fought this big guy, really big and uh what's his name...Deebo!! Yeah i threw a brick at his face and then...
Optimus: Sari that's from the movie Friday!
SimianProphet writes: Prime to Bulkhead: Ugh, If she sings the 'teapot' song one more time, she's off the team!
william-james88 writes: Let me tell you all about the birds and the bees.
Nemesis Maximo writes: "And that's how I got them to change the caption contest."
Black Hat writes: "And that is how I learned to stop worrying about scale and collect Legends!"
negifan writes: ....and that's why I'll always be remembered as one of the most annoying supporting characters of all time.....
lonrac writes: Bulkhead: Uh, Sari? did you grow an extra finger?
Sari: just play along, they'll be poking at animation glitches for years without you pointing them out.
Sabrblade writes: ...And that's how Equestria was made!
CombaticonsCombine? writes: Once upon a time, there was a Scraplet that was SO UGLY, that everybody died. The end.
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TulioDude writes: The Autobots are confused by Sary atory of robots who are controlled from inside their chests by humans.Sary never tried to explain Gyndam again.
Beyonder writes: First!!!! Why does it change so quickly now? Spike took forever to climb that stupid ladder right??
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