Scourge (w/ hand against head) and Mega-Octane

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Scourge (w/ hand against head) and Mega-Octane
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Black Hat writes: "What? They made me a Headmaster?"
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Scourge: Ugh, man, I don't remember any of last night. Fill me in?
M-O: Okay, you switched bodies with the Prime...
Rainmaker writes: Scourge: Oh my hand is so huge it covers my whole face...
Mega-Octane: It's time to go home, Scourge.
Ravage XK writes: HA! Its Superglue....We put Superglue on your FACE! Don't transform or you'll rip your arm off.
Godzillabot Primal writes: For gods sake man! You. Are. Combatacons.
Heckfire writes: SCOURGE: "I am THE most badass decepticon ever, an EVIL Optimus Prime. So, what cartoon am I gonna be in again.."
MEGA-OCTANE: "Um...'Robots in Disguise,' sir. The 'funny' one."
SCOURGE: *facepalm*
SentinelA writes: MO: Are you Optimus Prime?
Scourge: (sighs) For the last time..No!
Dragon_Convoy writes: um scourge, the condom broke
Mad_Mexicoy writes: I feel so ashamed
master galvatron writes: Octane: MEGATRON I have captured optimus prime, I think he was trying to hide from so he went to black
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SilentBlaster writes: Scourge: Ah my face my face!
Mega Octane: Are tou alright.
Scourge: Do I really like Prime.
Mega Octane: Yes.
DarkMechJock writes: Scourge: Oh god, it's on my shoulder again.
Mega-Octane: I'll get the religious iconography, sir.
Scatterlung writes: Oh no, Sky-Byte and his slagging poetry again..
Roadshadow writes: Scourge: hand is huuuuuuuuuuuge............I feel so wasted...
Mega Octane: Should have thought first about eating that hippie, huh?
Zeedust writes: Mega-Octane: "Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you I invited my cousin Barricade over for the weekend. That okay?"

Scourge: "Ask First, and THEN invite your freeloading relatives to our fortress! What part of that's too complex for your
Marv writes: Prime: So what's your name now?
Onslaught: Mega-Octane.
Prime: And mine?
Onslaught: Scourge, you're the leader of the Decepticons now.
Prime: And the Predacons?
Onslaught ...are now the main baddies while the Decepticons are suddenly just a
Demona writes: MO: hey! youre really optimus!
s: 0__0 no, im not!
MO: yes you are! i saw blue and white on your face just now!
S: *covers face* no, you didnt! (darn this cheap dollar-store poster paint!)
Demona writes: MO: hey, guess what? you're gonna be in armada!
Scourge: X[ gaaahhhh!
MO: yeah, but they changed your name and you walk like a monkey and cant talk! its hilarious!! XD
scourge: -__- someone shoot me, please
MO: dont worry its only for one episode
Demona writes: MO: okay, you can look now!
Scourge: 0__0 wow! im on tv!! yay. HI MOM! *waves like an idiot*
Great Red Spirit writes: Scourge: No, Mega-Octane. I, for the last time, am NOT OPTIMUS PRIME PAINTED BLACK!
Mega-Octane: Are you surrrrrre?
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Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Onslaught: What happened Optimus how did we get here> And how did our colors change.

Optimus: I don't know Onslaught, those jerks at Hasbro must have been stoned when they thought of RiD.
Kal-Seth writes: Scourge: out of all The Netowrks you HAVE to pick FOX!
juggaloG writes: S: This is just great! I used to be leader of the Autobots, but now I'm just a repainted lackey for a really lame version of Megatron!
MO: Hey! At least you don't have to command troops named Ro-tor & Mo-vor! Vortex & Blast-off were muc
DeltaOmega writes: Smeg!
turbo97 writes: See what you get for drinking hard before a workday, now you have a hangover
trailbreaker writes: "Okay, who glued my hand to my head ??"
Tiedye writes: Scourge- Oh man, I left my TV on back home. My electric bill is gonna be sky high.
Unknown writes: using one-ply toilet paper always leaves my hand smelling like ----.
President Optimus Prime writes: "When are we gonna see action against the Freedom Federation?"
Erik writes: mo: hey what are you dong
scourge playing peekaboo
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Unknown writes: Sourge:Oh man, it's that Skid-Z again! What is he going to write now?? I just hope he'll be nice with me.
Megaoctane:Don't worry about that, he loves you...
Sourge:you sure?
Megaoctane:Of course. EVERYBODY loves you....
Zeedust writes: Scourge: "Why do all the evil Transformer leader-types have to be morons?"
Mega-Octane: "Funny, that's what I was about to ask..."
Scourge: "HEY!"
Ro-Tor: "Really? That makes thre
Zeedust writes: Scourge: "That last caption Nemesis Primal wrote wasn't funny... It actually kinda creeps me out."
Mega-Octane: "Don't worry, you're not going to take over any time soon, so it doesn't really
Zeedust writes: Mega-Octane, thinking: *What an IDIOT Scourge is... All blind agression, no mind for strategy, and now he mopes and seethes at us as if it's OUR fault, burying his face in his hands like an ostritch trying to hide himself from shame in the sand.
Unknown writes: Scrouge:Dear God...
Octane:What is it sir?
scrouge:It's to late. All the Unicron transformers are sold out.
Unknown writes: (Scourge) HEY! I've found a new way to do palm readings!! (Nightpaw) O_O()
Unknown writes: Scourge: Oh god, I can't believe I actually got drunk and did that with him... Mega-Octane: So... it wasn't good for you?
Zu Darkness writes: Scourge: Damn I should have never had down that Sluppie.

Mega Octane: I told you to read the lable "Warning Brain freeze may and will Occur

Scourge: Shut up you!
Unknown writes: So, do I need stronger glasses?
Unknown writes: didn't find the super-glue on the hand prank to be all that funny...
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Unknown writes: (Mega-Octane) Something wrong Scourge?
(Scourge) No Mega-Octane, I like looking at the palm of my hand for hours on end...
(Nightpaw) Personally I'd find that boring...
Unknown writes: (Mega-Octane) Something wrong Scourge?
(Scourge) No, Mega-Octane, I like looking at the palm of my hand for hours on end...
Andrusi writes: Scourge spies on the Autobots using the binoculars built into his palm.
Darth Vegeta writes: Scourge: Why is there alway only one or two decent bad guys who are superpowerful and supersmart and the others are treacherous incompetent dumbasses?
Megaoctane: Can I bite my arm off?
Scourge: aaargh... (slamms head against table)
Unknown writes: S: Ooohh. What happened? O: I think we fell through some trans-dimensional warp and... *gasps* WE'RE TRAPPED IN THE "ARMADA" TIMELINE! S: HOLY PRIMUS! SHOOT ME NOW!
PredaKing writes: Mega-Octane: "Strong stuff huh, those Fisherman Friends"
Shadow Fox writes: Boy do I have a hangover.You say we did what mega-octane!!!...Ok NO speaking of this to Megatron...We'd be put back into the gay decepticon army along with Thundercracker and that stupid bat guy.
Unknown writes: (Mega-Octane): "We've received word from Dreamwave Comics that Ultra Magnus is"
Unknown writes: d'we know Scourge isn't just Optimus Prime's twin brother in disguise? Scourge:Oh ----, not this again... Movor:Y'know, you might have somthin' there, Octane... Scourge:Sweet Primus, I�
kaoslord writes: MegaOctane: So, when you say that You got that fanmail, you really mean that it was G1-Optimus' fanmail that got sent to you coz people are always confusing the two of you?
Scourge: Oh give it a rest, already.. (Under his breath) Recycled Combat
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Manchester Devil writes: Scourge: How can explain the fact we got our arses kicked by an Orange Autobot with a speech defect named Wheelie.
Mega-Octane: And how can we explain to these Decepticons we're not from this reality.
Scourge: And try explaining to that flying
Unknown writes: Scourge: "HEY GUYS! LOOK AT MY SQUALL-IMPRESSION!!!" Mega Octane: "Cool! Shoot!" Scourge lays his hand against his head. Scourge: "...... Wer'e SeEd, not gophers....... It's none of your buisn
Longshot writes: I'm the five time five time five time five time five time autobot slayer !
Unknown writes: And then this guy called Rattrap just came up, walked right past us without so much as a "hello" and blew up your tanker. That's when I got really ticked & said "hey you!" But it didn't even
Unknown writes: Scourge: Why do I have to work with such incomptence?
Mega Octane: I heard that!
Cliffjumper writes: I told you, I thought Megatron was an Autobot!
Unknown writes: if you call me optimus one more time oh never mind
Unknown writes: Scourge"So let me get this strate. You had Optimus Prime and all the rest of them?" Mega-Octane" Yup" Scourge" And they side look at that thing right behind you. And they got up and left" Mega-Octane&a
Asheron writes: hey scourge since when do u have a Fox Kids sticker on youre arm ???

Scourge : im living with these guys for like 5 months and you never noticed * DOH ! *
Suzuki writes: MEGA OCTANE: No, really, stop me if you heard this one. A pirate walks into a bar, with a steering wheel on his cramshaft . . .
SCOURGE(thinking): Don't kill him. Don't kill him. Don't kill him . . . I'll just say
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Unknown writes: MO: So...ha, ha, ha,...the monkey says to the stripper.....
Scourge: Awww Jeez not this one again.
Unknown writes: MO: Uhhh... boss i don't think that whole, "if I can't see them, they can't see me...thing is gonna work.
Unknown writes: Mega Octane: Your shoulder cannon smells funny.
Scourge: Why am i traveling with this idiot.
Unknown writes: "Octane, go and get some of that glue remover........and hurry"
PredaKing writes: Not now MO, I've got a splitting headache!
Unknown writes: it wont hurt honest,its not that big
metalformer writes: SCOURGE has just read RUINATION's Tech Spec. SCOURGE: Stupid humans!
MEGA-OCTANE: Something wrong, commander?
SCOURGE: Yes! I have just read Takara's official BALDIGUS' Tech Spec ....
MEGA-OCTANE: Did you found a typo?
Unknown writes: *After Watching Armada Ep "Carnival"* Scourge:"And they thought RiD was bad."
Shellfox writes: S-How drunk were we? O-Don't complain, you otta see where I got my tat.
Unknown writes: my stupit brother I told YOU do not fart
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joseph writes: ddd ouch!dont pinch me on the head!
micah writes: WHY! stupit fart!
Unknown writes: Mega-Octane - Serves you right for watching American Pie 2
Unknown writes: Mega Octane: Megatron's new plan is diabloical but tricky at the same time.
Scourge: But all those gerbils..oy vey he is getting idiotic.
MO: And where will Slapper and Gasskunk find Tutu's....
S:...and Darkscream's singing
Unknown writes: Scourge: "I had a wierd dream..." Mega Octane: "Please tell me!" Scourge: "I dreamt that Fox kids was abandoned and a new Channel, Fox Box was born and that Kirby got his own TV show on Fox box!" Mega
Unknown writes: After the aftermath of being delayed, having no voice chip, and almost named Mega Octane this screenshot was taken from the recent episode of RID:
Realizing how stupid his creator, Hasbro, is Scourge gets a massive headache and passes out on stage while
Unknown writes: Scourge: My glasses! my glasses! without my glasses I can´t see.
Mega Octane: Oops, I think that I standing on it.
Bruticus writes: Mega-Octane: "Ready for me to rock your world, sir?"
Scourge: "not tonight. I've got a headache."
Mega-Octane: "A rather convenient headache, if you ask me, sir."
Unknown writes: Scourge: CRAP! I forgot to tape Transformers Armada for Galvatron yesterday!
DKusanagi writes: Scourge: Now let's try this again, when I fuse with Armada Galvatron, we will become Galvatron Scourge Got it. High Octane: Oh and what about Tidal Wave?? Scourge: Never Mind...
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K-nonFodder writes: Scourge: Dude man i told the next you ---- block me like that i'd kick ur arse, OCTANE:but i thought she'd like "hi i'm mega octane and i am mega weeeetarded"
Scourge: Doh
FortMax writes: Scourge:DUUUUUDEEEEEE! my hands...are so big mannnnnnn. whoaaaaa.
Unknown writes: Its not a tumor!
Arkhaon writes: Mega Octane: scourge say cheese...
Scourge: wot?! no, no pictures
chi-chi writes: scourge: no really this headache is driving me crazy, have u got them extra strength asprins
ionacus writes: mega-octane:who am i again? scourge: YOU ARE MEGA-OCTANE! MO:and you are not optimus prime? s:NO!i am SCOURGE! (man at least armada decepticons arent stupid!)
Zu Darkness writes: Scourge: Damn I knew i shoudn't have down thatSluppie very fast now I got a brain Freeze.

Mega Octane: Sir you sould of read the warning label.

Scourge: Shut up you
Unknown writes: Excedrin Headache 101!
Ricochet writes: Scourge: Don't look at me!
Unknown writes: Scourge:"D'oh!"
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Unknown writes: Scourage:"I dont wanna even look at you, you lame Combaticon Onslaught rip off"
MO:"Look whose talking G1 Optimus Prime knock-off with wheels on your shoulders"
Unknown writes: "Why oh why cant these fools get anything right? I say "destroy the autobots"and they blow up a frikkin gas station.......THAT I WAS RE-FILLING AT!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: MO: erm......which one is Prime?
Scource: the "Big Red One" you idiot
Other Dcon: duh....whats going on?
Scourge: Quite you
pcwmase writes: Mega-Octane: "What's wrong sir?" Scourge: "I just signed on to be in Armada."
Unknown writes: bzzzzzzz....
Mega-Octane: You want a flyswatter? Scourge: No, I got it...*smack*...Ow...
Unknown writes: Scourge: Slag!
Mega-Octane: What is it, sir?
Scourge: I left the coffee pot on back at base!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Damn it! How is it that we get taken off the air, and Armada is still on? Mega-Octane: There is no God!
ionacus writes: scourge: i was thundercracker in g1 before unicron???? mega-octane: yes. scourge:@#$%&*
homelessjunkeon writes: scourge mashes the executives from hasbro against his face for NOT RELEASINGHIM IN THE UK!!!
Unknown writes: Scourge: "Oh brother, what a hangover ... uh ... what do you guys want?" Mega-Octane: "You proposed to Rollbar last night." Scourge: "I ... I ... look, I was drunk, I didn't mean it." Mega-Oct
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Goblez writes: AH!! my contacts fell out!! dont just stand there looks for them you idiots!!
Unknown writes: God, Mega-Octane, how many times do I have to tell you not to stand near me! (Why does Aeon have to draw him bigger than me when my toy is bigger than him)
Unknown writes: Mega-Octane : What self-inflicted psychological trauma are you going through this time ?
M writes: "Okay, what am I thinking of now?" "Hmm... focus... focus... a fish?" "No." "A dog." "No." "What's the point of reading your mind if you have no br
Omega Supreme writes: Mega-Octane: Armourhide what are you looking at??
Armourhide: Nothing sir!!!
Mega-Octane: Yeah right!!
Scourge(thinking): Idiots!!
Zeedust writes: "Perfect... Just slaggin' fantastic. Fox Kids no longer exists, and we're stil stuck there for all eternity!"
Beast Simpson writes: Mega-Octane: ...Op...Optimus...? Optimus Prime...? Sourge: SSSSSH!!...Oh man....HotRod's gonna kill me...
Alphatron2k3 writes: Mega-Octane: Are you sure your not Prime? Because you look just like him.

Scourge: No for the 3 billionth time NO! (Scourge places his hand on his face in disqust.) "Why did i have to have scanned that firetruck then the gas tanker. Then get s
Alirion writes: Scourge: "My brain hurts." Mega-Octane: "It will have to come out."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mega-Octane,"Say hi to the nice people Scourge." Dummy Scourge,"Bite me." Mega-Octane,"SCOURGE,thats aweful." Dummy Scourge,"No this actis aweful." Mega-Octane,"Would you lik
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Minicle writes: Scourge: (Looking over at Blackarachnia)Ooo, i feel a rupture coming.
Mega-Octane: Try only looking at one at a time.
Unknown writes: [Mega-Octane] Guess who?
[Scourge] You're either Mega-Octane or Onslaught.
Scattershot writes: Mega-Octane: "So basically, we work for Megatron and the other predacons." Scorge: "Great, we work for the comic relief".
Unknown writes: why did you destroy sky bite again.?
Pokejedservo writes: Scourge: I am getting SUCH a headache. Mega-Octane: Whats the reason for this time?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "OTFCC what was I thinking?"
"Easy Scourge you were drunk who could've known they would've taken it seriously."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mom was right "Keep fooling around like that and somebody's gonna loss an eye"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Scourge,"O.K. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50." Mega-Octane,"OH....OH....uhm....38?" Movor,"78!" Scourge,"Nope you both die.Now don't make this a big project line u
Unknown writes: No matter how many times I beat you, there is no need to poke me in the eye!!!
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mega-Octane,"Megatron never told you what happened to your father,I am your father." Scourge,"NO! ITS NOT TRUE IT CAN'T BE THATS IMPOSSIBLE!" Mega-Octane,"Search your feelings you no it to be true.&
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mega-Octane,"So the sad truth is were just repaints used to save money." Scourge,"Somehow I've always known."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Scourge,"Its hard to believe in G1 I was a flying bathtub.." Mega-Octane interupting,"Yeah that does suck." Scourge,"No you idoit don't you see I was cooler as a bathtub than I am now."
Skyfire the Artist writes: Scourge never forgave Mega-Octane for putting superglue on his hand.
Unknown writes: Mega-Octane: Sir, we're still know what. (looks down at corner)
Scourge: We are?! NOOOOO!!
Laserbot writes: Scourg had been repairing the base with a verry strong glue...well Megaoctane was acting like an moron and he slaped his head in discust...well he just figured out that he cant remove it from his head... -_-
Unknown writes: MO - Come on there is a good chance that when they put you into Armada they won't use the Prime mold and change the minicon...oh wait...ummm...sorry dude
DarkFire writes: CRAP!!!!!!

I Forgot my pants.
For reals scourge.

Yes for reals you octane addict.
Snake writes: Scourge after seeing jetstorm 3.0 and the new Energon figures
Unknown writes: Mega-Octane: So these three bots went into the Energon Pub...
Scourge: No, not this damn joke again!
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Unknown writes: Scourge: " . . . he's behind me, isn't he?"
Unknown writes: Scourge turns on Cartoon Network in July...

Scourge: "This better not be a repeat."

TV: "Hi, my name's Rad! And I wanna tell you about the Transformers..."

Scourge: *smack* "No No NO! Not the
Unknown writes: Black Convoy: "Feel the wrath of Black Convoy!"

Mega Octane: "Dude, this is America. Your name is Scourge."

'Scourge': "D'OH!"
Unknown writes: Hold on I'm a gas tanker! I could die so easily!
Unknown writes: What do you see, Mega-Octane? I can't bring myself to look!
Unknown writes: "Oh crap, I forgot to pay my VISA bill !"
Unknown writes: Scourge -- "20th Anniversary Prime costs HOW much??"
Unknown writes: Mega Octane: For the last time, Scourge, I am not Onslaught. Scourge: Grrr.
Unknown writes: Primus, we're in RID. Kill us now! Please! (sob)
Deszaras writes: Scourge:crap, another pitiful transformers toy line. Mega-Octane:First Armada, then Energon..what´s wrong with Hasbro?
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Unknown writes: RID decepticons after seeing Transformers G1:
Scourge:Why those Combaticons sure look like you guys,and they are better looking too.Why did we call ourself Decepticons,we should have been Pretenders.
Mega-octane:Good point.
Unknown writes: For the love of Mike.
Unknown writes: Scourge: ah nuts! i shot the director. urmm... sorry.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mega-Octane,"What's wrong." Scourge,"See that logo in the corner." Mega-Octane,"Yep." Scourge,"All is lost."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Scourge,"DAMN,I coulda had a V8!"
Unknown writes: scourge:"A..E.U.S..G"
mega-octane:" good..see there's noting wrone with your optic sensors..."
Scourge:"then why am I still seeing a flying shark"
Unknown writes: scourge:" He's suppose to be me?!?!"
Mega -octane:"Wait till you see Armada Prime...hehehe..."
scourge:"By primus..kill me now and I promise I;ll stay dead!?
Unknown writes: scourge:"Fly!!"
Mega-octane:"No! No!... you're suppose to smack someone else's face when you yell that. try again."
Slappyfrog writes: "Combatic....doh, I mean Decepticons, merge to form Brut....DAMN!! Do I have to say it? All right, merge to form ...(drolly) Ruination."
Unknown writes: Scourge: Dear God! Transformer's Universe RID Optimus is hor-
Mega-Octane: Wuvly Jubbly...Coocheecoo
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Unknown writes: Mega-Octane: Scourge, I'm here to tell you that Megatron terminated your Internet Privileges.
Scourge: Son of a motherless goat!
Spartanion writes: Scourge watching the Cincinati Bengals.
Unknown writes: Survivor Armada Edition

Jeff Probst:"and the first member of the tribe voted off is..... Scourge" Scourge:"well I'll be an autobots uncle!"
Spartanion writes: Octane:"Hey Scourge wanna hear a joke?" Scourge:"Sure" Octane"Where do Autobots park when they go to a mall?" Scourge:"where" Octane:"An autolot hahahahahahahaha! Scourge:&am
Unknown writes: Who's a small spychanger now.
Unknown writes: When they do a reissue - you might get the laser rod prime lights.
Hot Rodimus writes: Scorge-OW! HE SHOT ME! RIGHT IN THE EYE!
Genosider writes: Octane: It's a boy!!!
Scourge: Nooooo!!!!
Unknown writes: Oh crap! I forgotten to put away my Girls Gone Wild movie in my room and now my mom is going to find it!!
Zeedust writes: "These Magic Eye pictures are impossible, Mega-Octane!"
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Autobot bubbs writes: The Decepticons infiltrate a theatre showing Pearl Harbor, right durring the tear-jerking moments....
Mega Octane: Look guys! He's Crying!
Scourge: I am not...Some particles got in my optic sensors...Now SILENCE! I'm trying to watch
Unknown writes: I swear to Primus, if I hear the Predacons singing any more C.W. McCall when I pull into headquarters, I am going to shoot somebody point-blank in the forehead...I don't care how many Fox censors gripe about it!
quadrunner writes: Octane: Hey! Look guys, he's got a friggin zit right in the middle of his forhead! Scourge: Transform and kill the Autobots before i kill you, you @$$ hole!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Oh no, i'm seeing fish again. Megaoctane: I'll get your schizo medicine, sir. Other Commandos(thinking to themselves): He's getting worse...
quadrunner writes: Scourge: Why did i even bother agreeing to this part in the show. I could've sworn the contract said i wouldn't be working with idiots. Octane: No, no, it says right here that you'll be working with the really stupid ones like
quadrunner writes: Scourge: i need asprin now. octane: i thought you had a headache?
Unknown writes: Scourge: ----, Magnus again... Does he ever NOT show up... Oh hell, just frickin form Ruination...
Frostic_Prime writes: Damn! I knew I should of joined Prime!
Unknown writes: Ow! You shot me you a--hole!
SlagMaker writes: Scourge: Argh, Defeated again! This is what I get for listening to a bunch or repainted Transformers that weren't even good enough to be featured in the movie.
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Unknown writes: Mega-Octane: ....So I said to the bartender, That's not my wife HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Scourge: Please stop now
TetraReris writes: Onsy: My eye!
Offscreen: The eyes have it.
Mkall writes: Scourge: Blasted hang-over
Unknown writes: Scourge: Do you know where the mace is, or better yet, where my Sword of Fury is? Sky-byte's getting on my nerves...
Unknown writes: Scourge: Ugh, I can't believe how STUPID I am! I shouldn't have left Omega Prime when I had the chance to kill him! D'oh!
Mega-Octane: There, there, it's all right, you'll get another chance in the future.
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