Side Burn and T-AI in front of monitor

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Side Burn and T-AI in front of monitor
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Optimum Supreme writes: Sideburn:"When does it start singing?"
o.supreme writes: Tuna-Safe Dolphin lovers go to the source
Pokejedservo writes: Side Burn: This is my Internet Meme get it?

T-Ai: I'm pretty sure Memes are suppose to be coherant.

Side Burn: You can be surprised how often they are not T-Ai, trust me.
Black Hat writes: T-AI looked on in horror at what Side Burn had done to her computer. It was now only outputting strings of gibberish and pictures of tuna.
omegasupreme69 writes: i told You the tuna was dolphine safe booyah whos Your daddy now....
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "It's a Cybertronian message. It means Optimus Prime sleeps with the fishes."
Swoopscream writes: But Cindy, my olfactory sensors found dead THIS in your pants... Uhhhh.... OH! Ewwww....
Zeedust writes: Side Burn: "And this is my submission to the Ultimate Caption Contest!"

T-AI: "I hope you get banned."
BenderCrosby1 writes: HA! Told you ya couldn't read it five-times fast.
Silver Snake writes: Side Burn: So according to this quiz, I'm a Tuna! Isn't that great?

T-AI: It's better than the alternative. According to the results list, some poor sucker got a Jellyfish.

Side Burn: Huh. I wonder who that was.

T-AI: Either way, they were a lose
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Octocon writes: At least 1 "person" seems enthusatic for the Sega Bass Fishing game sequel.

Tai looks on confuse "so this is what you was making such a big fus about, i dont understand"
Black Hat writes: So, T-AI, one baked trout to share with white wine? See you later darling!
VioMeTriX writes: Ok, but if we catch one, we are baking it. fried foods give me gas...
popo5 writes: The new aquarium for the Transformers. This is a Decepticon checking out a trout with weird Cybertronion language. No, wait, it's Japanese!
Mofo4life writes: Hey!...Isn't that a Seacon? Naah...It can't be. It's too friendly. It said "I love you" in cartoon:)
5150 Cruiser writes: With that, i think i would have... White wine!
snavej writes: The desperation in Tinsel Town was so great that the film makers had begun work on their most shunned movie concept: 'The Gibberish Fish'.
snavej writes: Little did the people at Paramount know that their thoughts were constantly monitored - and lampooned - by cartoon characters with nothing better to do.
snavej writes: How many perverted Japanese stalkers do you have?

Half a million and counting! I want my life back!
snavej writes: It translates the thoughts of these sea creatures into plain text.

It needs work, if you ask me.
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snavej writes: I'm going to recreate Monty Python's hilarious 'fish slapping dance'.
snavej writes: It's in Klingon, by the way!
Phasewing writes: I brought this up after much key smashing... but that's not the tuna salad I wanted!
King Kuuga writes: "Look, T-AI, it's Sky Byte if he were more intimidating!"
Red 50 writes: Side Burn: "I'm tellin' ya: I once caught a fish that big. It was THIS BIG."
T-AI: "You couldn't catch a fish even if your alt-mode was a worm."
Roxxstar writes: Operation: Mackerel Virus is Great Success!!
stealthshdw writes: "Since when has Rail Spike transformed into a fish?"
MarkNL writes: Side Burn and T-AI watching a program on History channel about the history of Dutch fishing.
Mofo4life writes: I think it says...WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!!
Mofo4life writes: Look at that fish...It's messaging us in it's underwater language...READY THE LASERS!!!
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Mofo4life writes: I spy with my right eye that something "fishy" is going on. AHHA...I was right!
Zordon writes: ha ha ha, its one of those billy bass mouths, which song does it sing?
reluttr writes: *Sideburn laughs hysterically at T-ai's suggestion for his beast alt mode.*
King Slick writes: T-ai, you know you can't tuna fish!
Optimum Supreme writes: FFIOjflsdo? Looks like someone's been vandalizing the wiki again, TA-I!
Marcus Rush writes: Side Burn: YELLOW TAIL!!!!
Tai: Blue Tail... its a Blue Tail Tuna twit.
Side Burn: YELLOW TAIL!!!
Mofo4life writes: HAHA...Someone likes fish...
Pyroprime writes: I CANT READ!
snavej writes: Our super-advanced Autobot flat screens are at least 18 months ahead of your human screens. Yah boo sucks!
snavej writes: My strange, deformed pink head is telling me that we will soon see fish-shaped Decepticons.
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snavej writes: So, let me get this straight: they swim in the same ocean where they go to the toilet. Oh, yuck!
snavej writes: I hate it because it's creepy. Its eye seems to follow us around the room. Let's hunt it to extinction!
snavej writes: Sleeps with the fishes? That's a good one! Literally or...? Oh, not literally.
snavej writes: I laugh at this absurd planet and all the crazy things in it! Ah hah! Ah hah! Ah hah! Haaah!
snavej writes: How did I choose my name? I just looked at a dictionary and picked a word at random. Why do you ask?
snavej writes: Your head is like one of those adult toys! Kinky!
snavej writes: This Wikipedia entry is well f****d!
reluctantyouth writes: Cooking this bad boy to perfection will make me the next Master Chef for sure...Gordon Ramsey and his scallop fetish can suck it! Wouldn't you agree T-Ai? Dude...the wrath of Ramsey is upon you.
NTESHFT writes: Oh really?! Aquaman has gotten THAT lazy now-a-days, huh?
dabattousai writes: Hello Autobot HQ? This is Fish.
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Shadowchacer writes: "And Prime asked what would we call the act and I told him The Aristocrats!"
Jason.Zellman666 writes: "I don't know... I think I'm just gonna have a salad."
mecham writes: Wait...that's my beast mode in the Beast wars Saga? Ok, whatever I did I am sorry, just don't let me have this form!!!
WolfSpider1979 writes: Where's a Babel Fish when you need one?
jordie5150 writes: well this is a 100th attempt the convert fish-speak into english... and its another failure.

someone call Aquaman. we need a consult.
Mofo4life writes: Isn't that your date for the prom?
Mofo4life writes: And what are we gonna do with this? This is not Cybertron illiterate.
Mofo4life writes: Wait a minute...Isn't that the fish Hotrod and Danial caught in The Transformers The Movie?
Mofo4life writes: Uh...Weren't we supposed to be watching the horse races?
Mofo4life writes: Man, I'm hungry all of a sudden.
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Mofo4life writes: "Who put my pet on the screen? That's MINE!!!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: NO! We did not come from fish! Primus will burn you for your blasphemy!
Heckfire writes: "HA! So THAT'S what he said you smel-"

"Shut it or I rewrite your shell program into a coffee maker."

"...shutting up now, ma'am."
Ryuki writes: Side Burn: OK, T-AI hear this; fish doesn't have a nose, so how do they smell ?

T-AI: stinks, like your joke!
Ryuki writes: Side Burn : having problems, T-AI ?

T-AI: yeah, I forgot to change the regional setting on Teletraan & now it can't read the Japanese text....
Ryuki writes: Side burn: playing one of those fishing game, T-AI?

T-AI: yeah!, and this is my next target.
Ryuki writes: Sideburn: alright, alright! I know you're still mad about I'm breaking our promise to go to aquarium yesterday... but that doesn't mean you can sulking all day there & keep showing this image to make me feel guilty!
Ryuki writes: Sideburn: I know there is a computer virus called Trojan horse,... but a virus called Tuna fish ? that's just ridiculous.
Mindmaster writes: "So is this a new Predacon?"
"No, just Sky-Byte's girlfriend. She really stinks."
Mindmaster writes: Hope you like fishsticks, T-AI...
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MasterSoundBlaster writes: It's the first stage of Seibertron's evolution,next it will grow legs and walk off into the internet
paul053 writes: You sure Sky-Byte changes into this after we beat him last week?
SoundwaveLVL14 writes: Sideburn: "Only a loser would scan something like that for their alt mode?"
T-AI: "What about Sky-Byte."
Sideburn: "Like I said, only a loser."
Commander modesty writes: Sideburn:: " Guys, it looks like our series has been compared to the stink of this fish, in other words our series stinks!, hey btw , did someone fall asleep on the keyboard?!?"
#Sideways# writes: Sideburn: "Hey, T-AI, what is do you call a fish with no eyes?"

T-AI: "What?"

Sideburn: "Fsh. See? I have the full scientific name up now."
paul053 writes: Hey! I cannot read this. What does it say if we eat this fish?
JetOptimus23 writes: I didn't even know they sold fish on eBay!
JaffleMaker writes: Ai: There is definitely somthing fishy going on here! If you know what I'm saying?

SideBurn: Yeah.. only 2 things in this world smell like fish... and one is fish!

Ai: EWW, no! Sideburn your going to get us into trouble again!
Bumblevivisector writes: SPEEDBREAKER: So once we have the right bait to trap this Zatch-Bell guy, we can use his electric attacks as a power source, and he won't be able to steal our Toonami time slot?
Red_Sun writes: Look, its Sky-Byte's mom!
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Road Turtle writes: "We left you in charge of the Space Bridge? You can't even type!"
Road Turtle writes: "So THIS is a rare FFOIjflsdo fish? What language did you type this in!? Talk about Syntax Error!"
Road Turtle writes: "HAA-Ha-Ha-Ha-HA! Check THIS out guys! T-AI Can't TYPE!"
MINDVVIPE writes: Sideburn: "So this is the creature he said he smelt? You better see a human doctor."
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Quiet down! Spongebob is starting up!!
SW's SilverHammer writes: HA! fancy tuna
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