Side Burn holds on to X-Brawn in the water

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Side Burn holds on to X-Brawn in the water
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Optimum Supreme writes: Side Burn and X-Brawn "experimented" in college. They prefer not to speak of it.
Black Hat writes: Michael Bay's Titanic was not a success.
omegasupreme69 writes: next time just pay the $5 for the ferry and quite being so cheap
Swoopscream writes: Side Burn, I really think we need to see a counselor. Seriously, when we have to go through this EVERY time...
Zeedust writes: Side Burn: "How the hell are you floating?"

X-Brawn: "My tires are full of helium."
VioMeTriX writes: ok im going to let you go and see how fast it will sink and you can get out
Silver Snake writes: Side Burn: T-Thanks for saving me from the seaweed, bro. I've heard it can swallow a bot whole.

X-Brawn: Oh, brother...
wardawnapocolypse writes: "Jimmy Hoffa WAS in the detroit river.... "
Tripredacus writes: Let's see a crazy earth woman or a little green lizard get you outta this!
Optimus Eddie writes: Sadly, this did not make it in Titanic 3D
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Vector sigma326 writes: take! it all you dirty girl
Black Hat writes: Prime, help! X-Brawn's airbags are deflating and this water is making my ink run!
Red_Sun writes: Sideburn:" Oh, its you X-Brawn... I was hoping Pamela Anderson in her red swimsuit would save me. :( "
Optimum Supreme writes: Transformers, a XXX porn parody
MasterSoundBlaster writes: X-Brawn:Great! Of all the places we could get stranded in,its the Frakking ocean! Could this get any worse?
Sideburn: Well,we could be in a Micheal Bay Movie right now.
Mememe writes: You know you're in trouble when you have to cling on to a truck for floatation
BeastProwl writes: Hey guys look! Hasbro's making RiD pool toys!
stealthshdw writes: X-Brawn: This isn't what I meant when I said we should Carpool
transgeek2345 writes: Looks like sideburns found a new meaning for the term "MotorBoat"...
MightyMagnus78 writes: Side Burn: "If you thought this was undignified X-Brawn, you should have seen last weeks caption contest"
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ObiTom23 writes: One: Cut a hole in X-Brawn...
MINDVVIPE writes: Sideburn: Now... i finally know... why they call you X-Brawn.
Maestro Meister writes: I saw Hound do this to a human once.
combiner711 writes: Sideburn: Times like this I prefer to be with seaspray!
chizer writes: hey kids, this how hybrids are made
Road Turtle writes: Side Burn, "So this is how the G1's drove to Africa?"

X-Brawn, "Yup!"
Road Turtle writes: In case of a water landing, X-Brawn can be used as a flotation device...
Stormrider writes: Whole new meaning to "water sports".
d_sel1 writes: I, d_sel1, want the advertisement on side with Megan Fox in provocate pose removed immediately! It is making think the Autobots are doing something improper!

Thank you,
d_sel1 ;)
Trittbrettfahrer writes: These inflatable cars are really nice to play with on a hot day.
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Prime0080 writes: Side Burn: Ah...we're finally alone.

X-Brawn: WTF are u talking about?
Grappler821 writes: "...Why can't I quit you, Brawn?"
Poyguimogul writes: Sideburn : "Did you see that video about the invisible kids?" X-Brawn : "No, But I wish I was invisible right now."
Poyguimogul writes: Sideburn performs the postmortem baptism of X-Brawn to assure his spark a place in heaven as is mormon tradition.
Grimlock1 writes: K I'm no scientist but I'm sure as hell that a truck and a cybertronein sink not float so leave see rescues Seaspray
xyl360 writes: I can haz carburger?
phase writes: Uh, X-Brawn, I may be the kid-appeal guy, but I'm not Bumblebee, and you're sure as hell not Seaspray.
bionic_radical writes: Look, dickhead! Dolphins!
Ryuki writes: and that's exactly why the shipments of your Transformers figures from Japan took so long...
rockman_fan writes: just walk there, they said.

global warning is a myth, they said
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paul053 writes: Sideburn: "Man! I thought G1 was better. They got water skis."
Delicon writes: Sideburn - Don't drown yourself, X-Brawn! I'm sure you'll get a TCC toy, too!
AutobotCliffjumper writes: Brother, you are what they call a life sized bath toy!
Blackstreak writes: Sideburn: "What kind of sexual content do you think the humans will come up with for this situation?"

X-Brawn: "Not sure but you better lay off my tailpipe."
Foximus writes: X-Brawn: You saved my life Side Burn! Thanks! Primus knows I would've drowned.

Side Burn: You don't breathe, X-Brawn.

X-Brawn: Pft! Semantics.
trailbreaker writes: Hey, get that thing out of my tailpipe!
combiner711 writes: Swimming lesson 101
TraitorJ writes: Sideburn: Are you sure this is what a boat looks like?

X-Brawn: Yeah, I'm sure! Just keep pushing.
Hypershock writes: Sideburn plays with his life-sized SUV bath toy
Powermaster Jazz writes: mmm....not as good as that hot red sports car, but you'll have to do.
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Midnight_Fox writes: Sideburn: Man, fans aren't kidding about these scale issues.
#Sideways# writes: Race 'ya out of the pool!
paul053 writes: Don't make me go into water again. This is all I can find.
dirtysock47 writes: Hey dude can i have a piggyback ride
mecham writes: Sideburn: Wow! That Space bridge just tossed us into the middle of the ocean. Glad I found this floating car...

X-Brawn: Sideburn, get off of me!
welcometothedarksyde writes: X-brawn: Why don't you just get one of those floaty foam noodles?
Trikeboy writes: Next time on Transformers Rescue Bots...
turbomagnus writes: Side Burn: You know, X-Brawn, I think this 'stealth' thing would work better if one of us were an actual boat...
Screamfleet writes: All this to avoid bridge toll.
Baneblade writes: That better not be my exaust-port you're prodding
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MarkNL writes: Side burn: Sorry X-Brawn, I've lost my toy boat, but you're a good replacement for it in my bath.
DISCHARGE writes: X-Brawn just can't seem to fill the void left since Megatron stole Sideburn's rubber ducky.
MobileBattleBunker writes: when you ran out of gas you didn't say exactly where you were...
combiner711 writes: Yeah!!!Baby....Yeah!!
Twitchythe3rd writes: I'm telling you man, there was a little red mer-car out there!
Silver Wind writes: After this embarrassing photo came to light, Sideburn finally broke down and promised to install the unattractive amphibian technology.
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