Slingshot wearing a car grill on his chest

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Slingshot wearing a car grill on his chest
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trailbreaker writes: Kit bashing is cool.
Castle74 writes: OK this product placement has gone too far. First NASCAR then the NBA and now the Autobots
Rainmaker writes: Will it break after 5 seconds of battle?
Optimum Supreme writes: Slingshot all blinged out to prepare for his career in rap as MC Quickslinger
Black Hat writes: Y'know, maybe being replaced by this Alpha Bravo guy isn't so bad after all...
trailbreaker writes: "I have one large golden breast."
Zeedust writes: Slingshot always secretly wanted to be a Triple Changer.
bringo writes: Slingshot: "Just call me Pimp-imus Prime."
StarSaber1701 writes: I hope I get a date with this
seminole1 writes: I'm pimped out eh?
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Unknown writes: After watching the hit show "Pimp My Ride" Slingshot emmidiately ran to Autozone to get the ultimate pimp accessorie, the Grill
master galvatron writes: we are airialbots no more now we are the pimpticons.
Starazor writes: Flavor Flav callled. He wants his necklace back
Starazor writes: Never terribly bright, Slingshot thought this was what the term "grillwork" meant.
bringo writes: Tell them I am now the king. Go now tell them!
bringo writes: What's so funny guys? Guys?
bringo writes: I have a feeling when I go into battle this gold plated chest peice won't help.
bringo writes: I am a car robot traped in a plane robot's body. I can't wait for the day of my surgery..
Castle74 writes: Slingshot: Two words guys! Bling Bling!!
Dr Buffalo writes: maybe with this grill on my chest, people won't pay attention to the fact that my head looks like a butt-crack.
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Silver Wind writes: Slingshot thought that the car grill he had on his chest made him look fashionable, but what he didn't know was that he had been reading an OLD fashion magazine for cars...
Silver Wind writes: Poor, poor Slingshot... He couldn't tell the difference between the authentic car grill and the cheap metal version.
shockwave_inoz writes: Sling: "Ha! Decepticons, I challenge you!"
Megatron: "Oh, you are so dead, little robot."
Sling: "Oh, yeah? You can't touch what you can't afford! HA!!"
Megs: "Er, Soundwave - what's our insurance polic
kennyman writes: hehe. now I's look like armada optimus prime!
Draego writes: Slingshot tries out his new accessories... looking smart
Draego writes: 'at weekends, i'm a Bent-ley'
Marv writes: After watching a superhero movie marathon, Slingshot decides he wants a secret identity as well. Behold: The Amazing R-man!
Marv writes: This is chest hair, right? Allright! I'm finally growing up!
prime idiot writes: No more is I Slingshot...I is now Blingshot Buyakka buyakka!
archangel_tears writes: hey, check it, i got bling bling. and it all from selling Primes crack stash
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Roadshadow writes: Slingshot: Check it, Silver-chizzolt, I'm a pimp now, so be ma bitch and get with the lattes!
Silverbolt: I should've told Prime about him watching too much MTV...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Police officer: Your under arrest for stealing car parts.
Slingshot: What do you mean that car was at a dump.
Car owner: I was getting rid of my garbage you buffoon! now put that grill back on my Rolls Royce!
Slingshot: (weakly) Yes, sir.
galvanostril writes: if you think these are good, wait 'till you see my new battle pants!
galvanostril writes: and now when I transform (harsh grinding noise)
Minicle writes: Slingshot: Ha! Now, with this lucky charm I brought of Swindle, theres no chance I'll ever get sh...

*Falls down with a smoking hole through the chest*
Minicle writes: Slingshot: Now this! This, is a rigid Grill Structure!

Dinobot: I...I...I cannot compete...
FIRE-BOT writes: hey check my bling bling yo
trailbreaker writes: "If I part these curtains, a puppet show begins!"
Pokejedservo writes: Must...resist...bad..."Dinobot"...joke...
ALISTAIRE_562 writes: Xzibit from PIMP MY RIDE: You've officially been PIMPED!

Slingshot: Thanks X to the Z and West Coast Customs!
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Not Sonic writes: wee! im wearing the lincoln memeorial!
I look like a penny!
darkwind25 writes: Slingshot: Haha!!! Look in awe, for Im now a "classic" G1 Transformer!
terrordive2020 writes: yeah, im a hasbro reissue life sucks
Road Turtle writes: "Tracks thinks I'm hot!"
Road Turtle writes: I'm haveing a vehicular class change operation! Tomorrow I get my wings removed and a set of Firestones installed!
bvzxa writes: Yeah, check out the grill dawg!! This thing here tight ain't it!! And I got them spinners too!!!! Big Tymers now baby!!!
Acelister writes: Slingshot: "Well?"
Silverbolt: "Well what?"
Slingshot: "You said we were going to watch Lord Of The Blings!"
Silverbolt: "*sighs* That is Lord Of The Rings! And I didn't say that, I said Lord Of The Dance!"
Road Turtle writes: "Go ahead, touch'em they're real!"
dmprime27 writes: Slingshot-"Even without this I'm still way cooler then bumblebee."
Chromia writes: I'm..too sexy for my grill...too sexy for my grill....
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Prime Nova writes: Hey Prime - if you wear this, then it'll cover up the extras Pat Lee draws on you.
Acelister writes: Ratchet: "The good news is, the driver of the car was unharmed..."
Slingshot: "Is there bad news? Because I feel great!"
Ratchet: "The bad news is, the car rammed into you in such a way, that its FM radio dial is stuck against
Sunswiper writes: Slingshot: i come to terms with being a car trapped in a planes body so im going through vechicle realignment.
Suzuki writes: SLINGSHOT: With the new Quadruple-Changer technology, I can change from a robot, to a plane, to an older style car, and into a gas BBQ grill!
SILVERBOLT: That's great and all, but I still say you look like the back end of a penny...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"This? This is nothing you should see my brass lugnuts!"
jinx_4010 writes: alright, when i picked up this autobot from Spike, this slingshot was annything but. But the guys at West Coast Costoms really went to the nines on this guy. So Spike take a look at your brand new Autobot Slingshot. Youre ride's been oficially pimped
Omega Scourge writes: check out my new stash box
Massdestruction writes: Slingshot: "Hey Grimlock, Ravage and Shockwave! Now I am ready for my Binaltech/Alternators debut too!"
Dclone Soundwave writes: "Damn it! I transform and I'm a freakin car! Get this thing off me!"
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Galaxy_Convoy writes: Slingshot: Yo,checkout the bling hommies.

Rest of team of: Shut up! You've been hanging out with Blaster for too long!
SNAPCASE writes: Slingshot:
Topnwe writes: Young transformers, like teenage humans tend to go through identity crisis' with piercing and altering of ones body through metal.
Massdestruction writes: Slingshot: "This is the best super hero costume ever. Look out Decepticons, here comes 'Fight! Super Robot Man'!!!"
DeceptiGojira writes: ¿Why is Slingshot using a car grill as a bra?
Acelister writes: This new limited edition Slingshot bust is now avalible at Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts! Buy now and get a free can of Chlorex East Of Java Chernobyl-o-Foam! Buy today!
saiyan_prime writes: Is this what the humans mean by "guard your grill?"
Massdestruction writes: Say hello to Lucky Draw Shining Gold Sling Shot. Only 500 available.
energonexpress writes: "Heys guys guess what! Now I'm a triple changer!"
Toonami writes: Slingshot: Well, I was looking for a VW badge but they were all out of stock.
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Acelister writes: Slingshot: "The money was just laying there, so I went to the Body Shop and got a few adjustments."
Optimus Prime: "That was a bank vault and... Are those gold foot cups?"
Acelister writes: Slingshot: "... And then I ripped it off! HE didn't move after that, so I saved the humans."
Silverbolt: "There are no Decepticon's who transform into limo's..."
Slingshot: "That's the last time I go out whe
Acelister writes: Optimus Prime: "Just explain to me one more time... How did you crash into President Bush's Limo?"
Brakethrough writes: I can't remember...was this "Pimp my Ride" or "Extreme Makeovers?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"Awwww jeez Jamal,when I said I wanted a grill on my chest,I meant one we could cook hambergers and hot dogs on."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slinshot,"What the hell is this? I feel like I'm guesting on an episode of Sealab 2021."
kingmenasore writes: yo autobots,which one of you got the bling,bling going for ya!
Giga Prime writes: Binal Tech Slingshot
Silent writes: Look at my new golden bra!
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DeltaSeeker writes: I was trying for a complete remold, but all I could afford was a new chest.
Rational Gaze writes: "everytime I come around your city..BLING BLING"
Massdestruction writes: So what does everyone think of my first ever kitbash???? Next I'm gonna glue wing onto Optimus Prime.
thexfile writes: Word is out that Rols Roys is soposedly wanting to change the "siver godes" withe a new modern tipe of statue to draw in younger segmantof buyer to it's luxury car brand.

Here we see our scoop photo that was taken by one of our undercove
thexfile writes: This years case mod contest is already proving to be very interesting and controversial...

Young daniel presented the judges today withe what is suposedly to be a watercoold teletran 1/2 withe gold plated black-ice radiator...

Word's not out bu
thexfile writes: We always knew those airial bots were a bit strange.... That there were some instabelitys and that they wer'nt always quite shure about them selves.

Here we have the 1st pix to prove that there was some trans-gendering gooing on beteween 1 of the
thexfile writes: Slingshot : "wow dudes look at me , i told you i was to hot to handle... after my sunbed acsidant they gave me a cool new bling radiator to extra cool my sercuits.... lets just the babes love it wink wink"
scattershot78 writes: Slingshot: Hey, look at me now I can fly in style. Wait until Optimus sees this he'll want to borrow it for himself! HA! .... Or better yet Superion can wear it to Autobot reunions.. ( Slingshot realizes now he may have overdone it with the spiked en
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"I'm Rick James bitch! Wow damn that catchphrase is really losing it's punch."
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this stupid car grill.
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BigDog Grim writes: Silverbolt - "This is the stoopidist thing you've done since the time you soaked your head in Sunny D!"
Slingshot " You're just bitching cos' your head reminds nobody of Florida!"
BigDog Grim writes: Silverbolt - " I can guess what the 'R' stands for."
Slingshot - " You're just jealous!"
Silverbolt (clapping) - "Look everybody the Re-Re is makin' word noises!"
Caelus writes: It lifts and seperates!
DeltaSeeker writes: Do you have any idea how long I had to look to find a car with a grill this big?
Marv writes: Now THIS' what I call a chest toupee!
1337W422102 writes: "Goldengrill! (wah-wah-waaah)
He's the bot, the bot with the grill of goooold,
His grill is cold! (Doo, dooo, doo, dooo)
Marv writes: Aerobot dares: Slingshot taunting Decepticons whilst wearing his sister's bra...
Marv writes: Finally! My own airconditioning system!
Marv writes: Bling-Blingshot (sorry!)
Marv writes: Guys! I just sold Daniël! Guess what I bought from the money!
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Marv writes: I didn't know Rolls Royce also built airplanes? Ah well...
Marv writes: Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to hit the clubs!
Marv writes: Yeah, he's happy now...but wait until he has to dodge incoming Decepticon Sidewinders with that thing for a nosecone!
wavelength writes: sling shot car mode
you don't have a car mode
XeroSyphon writes: I hate it when grandma visits. I always have to wear the ugly stuff she buys me for Christmas
SNAPCASE writes: Slingshot: Hey everybody, look at me, I was on pimp my ride
Dragonoth writes: Slingshot: "How do you like my Optimus Prime costume?"
Skydive: "…You've got a good start…"
Shermtron writes: Slingshot:its grandmasta slingshot beeeych..
Thanatos Prime writes: SS: I am now, triple changer slingshot!

Silverbolt: give me back that car grill or I'll turn you into cannon fodder!
Zeedust writes: "I've heard of having washboard abs, but th9is is ridiculous!"
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Zeedust writes: Slingshot: "That wuss Thrust used up all the bandages."
Jaw Crusher writes: Slingshot: "Hey guys, check this out! 'Lookit me, I'm Optimus Prime, save the humans so we can mooch fuel offa them in their slobbering gratitude, I'm here on a mudball planet while my girlfriend and best friend are back in Iacon and
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Blingshot: "Now witch, ahem which one of you Cobra Kids want to try Macdonalds New Blissed Out Vegan/Vegetarian Menu..." *Transforms into a Cobra Rolls Royce*
A'Arab Zaraq writes: Blingshot: "And then... *sniff* on certain Sacred Days God/Godess/Primus Created Mad Caption Mondays..." ^_^
Thogg writes: Bling Bling
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Slingshot,"This? Well I killed that Go-Bot Tux and stole it from his corpse. Cool huh?"
Dragonmaster Eradose writes: Just call me "Goldgrill". I love GOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The rest of the Autobots were suprised to find out that corperate sponcership a big part of particapation in the upcoming movie.
Ratbat writes: Hey, look at me!
Daaron writes: Flavor Flav eat your heart out.
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Decepticon Commander writes: I've got myself some bling-bling now.
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