The Decepticon Headmasters stand on top of each other

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The Decepticon Headmasters stand on top of each other
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Rainmaker writes: Weirdwolf: YAWN
Mindwipe: HOLY
o.supreme writes: darn you Heckfire...stole my Paw Paw joke :(
Zeedust writes: Weirdwolf was starting to get a little tired of being the low man on the totem pole.
Godzillabot Primal writes: This'll all end in tears I just know it
Zeedust writes: The substitute Predaking was never quite as menacing as the real deal.
Heckfire writes: As Dark Paw approaches with the Meanos, Princess Paw Paw points her Mystic Moonstone at the Totems...
Mad_Mexicoy writes: You sure this is gonna work??
Transfanbotacon writes: Snapdragon: Gaining a little weight, aren't ya gorilla-head?
Apeface: You no cream puff yourself, lizard-face!
Mindwipe: Be quiet up there and keep your eye out for Fortress Maximus, you freakos!
Payner™ writes: If they don't win the state cheerleading campionship they could just eat the other contestants
Roadshadow writes: Apeface: Horrorcons, UNITE!
Skullcruncher: For the last time, we can't freakin' combine!
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DarkDranzer writes: *When fusion goes bad*

Top: Um...Taa dah?


*Decepticons got ready
DarkDranzer writes: *When fusion goes bad*

Top: Um...Taa dah?


*Decepticons got read
Dragonoth writes: Snapdragon: “Just be glad Scorponok isn’t practicing with us.”
Others: “Shut up!”
Dragonoth writes: Skullcruncher: "If we practice cheerleading, we'll surely fool the Autobots! I got this idea by watching Bumblebee and Spike play football."
Weirdwolf: "But Skullcruncher, shouldn't just our HEADS be practicing? The'yre the
Octocon writes: Wierdwolf: "Rarrr, bastards why do i always have to be at the bottom, my thin legs are for running not haulling your fat ass around"
King Slick writes: Here we have the Decepticons posing for there totum pole...obviously they don't know we decided to use the Autobot Cassette bots instead.
Octocon writes: Galvatron(of screen):"Head Masters! merge to form Travesty!!!!!!"
Armbullet writes: PROBE THAT BASTARD!
Arc the ZAKO writes: POWERLINX! Oh wait...wrong seires...
Not Sonic writes: "I almost can grabt hat plane..a little higher!"
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Tarkantaur writes: Weirdwolf: Are my feet sinking into the ground.. or are my legs *CRACK* oh no...
LunarFormer writes: Proving once and for all that 4 headmasters are NOT better than one.
Viper 16 writes: Reach for the Pie in the Sky!
juggaloG writes: Apeface: Headmasters: time to Powerlink!
Weirdwolf: I don't think it's working...
Mindwipe: I think I'm slipping...
MW: Told you it was as stupid idea, Apeface!
AF: Oh, shaddup! We had to try at least!
WW: Well, if we try aga
Greg writes: Yay! Robot Pyramid!
Zeedust writes: Behold the most terifying Fuzor ever...

Well, when Silverbolt isn't drunk, anyways.
Alphatron writes: Worst... combiner... EVER!!
Brakethrough writes: Apeface: You idiots! There's a reason why we all transform into heads. We aren't the arm-masters orthe leg-masters or the groin-masters!

Weirdwolf: The only groin-master here is you, bonehead.
Nenesis Prime writes: The Headmasters try 1 last ditch effort to become the NEXT Devastator...
GunWolf writes: Headmasters!! Transform and combine to form the ultimate gestalt!! HEADMEISTER!!
Megatron: And everyone wonders why we keep loseing -_-;
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NightfallZero writes: See... I told you we could form a Gestalt if we really wanted too...
Nightshadow writes: Guy on Top:This is a very uncomfortable posititon....
Guy on Bottom: Maybe for you! YEAH BABY!! I LOVE THIS SPOT!!
Guy in middle: Help! theres a gaybot on both sides of me!!
trailbreaker writes: "Hey, get your foot out of my mouth !!"
Acelister writes: The Decepticon Headmasters would do anything for a Scooby Snack.
Tiedye writes: This is what happens when you give Decepticons each a bottle of glue and tell them to build a bird house.
Tiedye writes: Oh Hell,Sure the Autobots thought it was funny to throw us in the gene spliceing machine but now we're stuck like this forever.
Tiedye writes: This is what happens when you tell Decepticons to build a birdhouse and you hand them each a bottle of superglue.
Tiedye writes: "DAMED Autobots." They think it was funny to throw us in that gene spliceing machine, but were stuck like this for the rest of our lives"
Unknown writes: the decepticon headmasters, after being posted in british columbia for so long, took a strange interest in the canadian heritage, and reported to galvatron in their own special way... there were NO survivors.
Unknown writes: gimme a "D" gimme an "E" gimme a "C".......
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Unknown writes: Uhrk... this looks... so easy.... when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles do this.....
Unknown writes: Weirdwolf: Nobody here but us totem poles!
Unknown writes: Here we see the Decepticon Headmasters attempting to sneak into the Omega-Mu sorority for a "panty raid".
Unknown writes: Gator- Yo bat boy, I didn't know your head doubled as a censor bar
Optimus Prime, Jr. writes: "I don't think we're on Roddy's video anymore, Toto."
Unknown writes: Apeface: "Headmasters, Combine!!"
Unknown writes: Somebody's taken a trip to the Haunted Mansion!

"Weirdwolf, aren't we supposed to be in quicksand."
Unknown writes: Orgies have crept into the headmaster databanks as obviously shown by these three perverts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jetmaster2000 writes: We shall destroy all in our new combined form.
Oh no where falling!
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Darth Vegeta writes: Decepticon Headmasters COMBINE!
Look how powerful we have become!
Euh... we look pathetic and I think we're going to... whoaaa!
what a stupid idea!
Unknown writes: After getting kicked off the Decepticon faction, the Headmasters decide to try out for the Cirque Du Soleil tour group.
PredaKing writes: Weirdwolf: "Were supposed to be Headmasters, not "stand-on-each-other-masters"
Shadow Fox writes: Duh..I think Megatron will be impressed with us this time..He told us to go destroy the auto-bots base, but this is more fun.
Unknown writes: "Okay, are you SURE this is how the Constructicons did it?"
"Hmm? Oh, er, yeah. Just don't stop now, baby."
"I- I feel so cheap."
Unknown writes: Once again, the decepticon headmasters show why getting plastered at social events can be a bad thing.
Unknown writes: (Scorponok): Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher, Mindwipe, Snapdragon, and Apeface! Merge to form Headmasterbator! *transforming sound* (All): "Oh shi--!*
K-nonFodder writes: Since the decepticons lost there jobs they tried to find odd jobs some of the more desperate types resorted to acting as a totem pole at the local ammusement park
Arkhaon writes: weirdwolf: guys.....theres a itchy bug on my nose.....GUYS!!
Unknown writes: We are teh ulitmate Headmaster! Now, ph34r l33t $k1LLz! All your base are belong to us!
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Unknown writes: APE FACE: And I'll form the head
SNAP DRAGON: Are you sure we're designed for Gestalt configuration, SKULL CRUNCHER?
MINDWIPE: It's mind over matter. Just think positivelly.
SKULL CRUNCHER: I am positive. Positivelly slagged!
Unknown writes: Weirdwolf: hy guys, i hate to break this to you but a realy need to go to the bathroom!
halljh writes: Damn it, Kup! You just poked me in the eye!!
Minicle writes: Apeface: Ook. Who's the Boss 'MONKEE' now Optimus Primal!
Minicle writes: Apeface: Any room for one more on top.
Weirdwolf: NOOOOOOOO!!!
Minicle writes: David Attenborough: Here. On the desolate Artic ice-sheets. We are fortunate to capture. For the first time on film. A rare form of Decepticon Headmaster breeding technique. Multistorey F***in.
Minicle writes: Now children, who can tell me whats wrong with this picture.
Minicle writes: This is what happens when Decepticons smoke too much Weed.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Pauly Shore,and Emo Phillips wrote this episode.
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Scrapper writes: And now... MERGE!
Unknown writes: "Man keep it steady, theres a girl coming in. She's taking off her armor, Time to see some exposed wir... huh. CRAP SHE SAW US RUN!!!"
Unknown writes: Snapdragon: "Fumble!"
Weirdwolf:"I got it! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!!"
Man, if only the XFL had these guys!
Mazinman writes: "Ok fine you win... putting Nebulons in the heads of Transformers is no longer the dumbest thing I have seen. Happy?"
Zeedust writes: Spike: "I don't like the looks of this petting zoo..." Daniel: "Aw, but dad, I wanna feed the crocodile!" Skullcrucher: "You got it, kiddo!" *With a sickening, if enjoyable, cruch, Skullcriu
Unknown writes: Look everyone, we are the Bremen town musicians!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Apeface:OW!!!OW!!!MY JOINTS!!!
WW:I know that montain air is suposed to be good for this kind of stuff but this is ridiculus...
transformacon writes: we must harness the power of the cloud it is our only hope of defeating the Autobots
Metroplex writes: WW: U sure this'll work? MW: Yea... it says we can combine as one right here in this mag!
VkmSpouge writes: Wierdwolf: Why do I have to be at the bottom?
Mindwipe: I wouldn't complain just yet.
Wierdwolf: And why not?
Mindwipe: Scorpornok hasn't even gotten on.
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matt writes: Coem on guys higher. I need to see over the fence
Jade writes: Tag your it!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Having paid full price at the county fair the Decepticon Headmasters were not about to lose the annual five man totem race especially when the prize was a vintage airbrushed Motley Crue Dr.Feelgood denium vest.
gLOVES1000 writes: fellas, we gotta work on this whole combining thing
Unknown writes: Wolf:
Guys! I thought we were all gunna try and lose sum weight...
Unknown writes: Weirdwolf: Uh guys, kidding I was about the mous.
punycron writes: When Galvatron told his minions to 'keep on top of things', the headmasters, standing in an open field, had to improvise.
Unknown writes: Now that's what I call teamwork!!! :)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The Decepticon Headmaster Nebulans had some trouble adjusting to their new roles at first when they were told to land and attack at coordinates 415699 this happened every time.Eventually they worked it out.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime:Autobots, we have nothing to worry about, nope, nothing at all.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Decepticon drinking games are sooooo much cooler than Autobot ones.
Devastator writes: When they call us headmasters it doesn't mean we form each others heads. We have Nebulons for that...
Shadow writes: why is the heavest guy on top
Unknown writes: Apeface: "WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE DECEPTICON MATING FRENZY!!!" Autobots: "Oh SH*T what are we gonna do now!?"
Unknown writes: That's not me, M! But Apeface DID steal my arms!
M writes: M: "JUNK! I can't think of anything funny to this one!"
M writes: M: "Is that Gamefreak D on top??? OK. Sorry 'bout that."
Unknown writes: Transform into Totem Pole mode!
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Suzuki writes: Reason #23 why there were no Headmaster combiners.
Pokejedservo writes: Or why Male Cheerleading & Decepticon Headmasters DON'T mix.
Downshift writes: After a dry spell of combat the headmasters try out for the nebulan circus.
Unknown writes: Apeface: Horrorcons, UNITE!
Skullcruncher and other Horrorcons: For the last time, we can't freakin' combine!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ever wonder what became of the Decepticon Headmasters? Moments later Scorponok landed on top to complete this mess thus destroying all below.
Prime Nova writes: Ok, Apeface - when Highbrow flies over head, wrack the big mouth.
BigD writes: Gimme a C, gimme a O, gimme a O, gimme a K, gimme a I and gimme a E...and what do we get??? Headmasters: UHMMM, play???? Apeface, need to know, COOKIES!!!! me want COOKIES
Unknown writes: Wierdwolf: Headmasters, unite!
Mindwipe: But were not gestalt
Wierdwolf: I dont care, if the constructicons can do it, so can we
jeff writes: Hey! No more cili for you!
The Last Autobot writes: Armada Prime says, "As you can see, after we reomve the giant bed sheet, the ghostis really the Decepticon Headmasters!! Headmaster say, "And it would have worked if not for those meddlesome kids...
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Lightbringer writes: mindwipe: ok if those three minicons from armada can become perceptor, then we shall become-!

apeface: cookies!
Jagris writes: "Next, on stupid Headmaster tricks..." Weirdwolf: When do we get the cookies you promised? Apeface: Cookies!!! Others: Nooo!!!!
chichi writes: try jumping now
then... fly
MisterTea writes: We finally answer the question: How many headmasters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: By the looks of things, too many.
Unknown writes: Apeface: You see, I'm a headmaster, and you guys are head masters, If I become youre headmaster, and he becomes his, and he is his, the we shall be UNSTOPPABLE!

Wierdwolf: Run that by me again?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Apeface,"A little to the left Weirdwolf we're almost dead on center."
Unknown writes: "Hey Apeface, NOW can you reach the cookie jar?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mindwipe,"Guys this don't feel right,I mean we make Puzzler look cool by comparison."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Laugh if you will,but no matter the story I'd still rather watch this than Armada.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "...wh.what we got here is...failure to communicate."
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Waterslayer writes: Totempole Gestalts... Take One!
Primal Lynx writes: Armada Combiner Team
FortMax writes: ApeFace: this reminds of something I saw these unclothed humans do on videotape
DarkFire writes: A little higher i can almost see into the girls locker room. Oh ya thats heavan in there boys.
Unknown writes: Apeface: A little higher! I still can't see into Arcee's bathroom! Weirdwolf: Holy ----... I need a chiropractor...
partholon writes: next on temptation island,our five remaining headmasters get wasted on energon and party with minicons! how will their nebulons react,and will some partnerships faulter!!!
Mike D writes: Ape Face: Hights give me gas.

All under him: Noooooooooooooooooooooo
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Apeface: "Damn, how did those Armada Happy Meal toys pull this off?"
Unknown writes: weirdwolf: this is the best orgy we ever had!
Unknown writes: The new Decepticon Combinber team.
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AutobotJazz writes: headmasters, merge into an idiot.
Unknown writes: Iriquons, join to form Totemtron!... now what?.... I guess uh.. we stand here and act like a.. *cough* totem pole... hm...
the doctor writes: Hazing rituals for new decepticon recruits
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Ultra Magnus,"Whoa Autobots pull back.It's clear the Decepticons are high on angel dust,and I'm not fighting a wolf,a gator,a bat,a kimono dragon and an ape strung out on angel dust."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Call me crazy but I like it I'm gonna go glue my Headmasters together just like this.
Junior writes: NEW! Transformers Jenga game by Hasbro.
Junior writes: Look, it's the headmaster Totumpole!
Sixshot writes: cyclonus: what the hell are you ***holes doing? I thought the nebulons were bad enough. But this just cuts the energon cake....
Unknown writes: The Headmasters audition for the new Power Rangers toy line.
Unknown writes: NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE rocks the Kazbah! Even the Decepticon Headmasters agree, as they atempt to form a middle finger in the direction of those who are sour grapes. ;D
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ionacus writes: galvatron:morons! youre headmasters not gesaults! headmasters: combine! combine! sixshot:can i kill them now?
davewelttf writes: Another failed attempt at the world's largest pillar of transformers
Alphatron2k3 writes: How NOT to form a Gesult team
Unknown writes: Hasbro's idea of a new line of Energon combiners....
BoomBox writes: ApeFace: Form feets and legs!...Form arms and Torso..And I'll form the head.
Mindwipe: Wait wait wait...don't are partners do that???
Unknown writes: You guyus we have to come up with a better routine than this or we'll lose the cheerleading competition
npk writes: Apeface, can you see ANYTHING but flat metal plates?
Unknown writes: Mindwipe: Is it too late to sign up for the new "Zoids" series?
Unknown writes: WeirdWolf: Who's idea was this, again?
DeathScythe writes: We'll show those new so-called Energon-figures how it's done!!! TRANSFORM AND COMBINE!!!
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Skorch writes: We're the F$@%&*G stupidest looking totem pole ever!
Mkall writes: There's a new Gestalt in town...Multi-Thing!
Mkall writes: Face it guys, we're not combiners
Unknown writes: Well guys... we may have had our heads replaced with useless green aliens... lost pretty much every battle we've taken part in, but at least we still have our dignity? Right? Guys?
Toe writes: Well if the constructacon's form devastator when they stand on each other's shoulders why cant we form something?
Unknown writes: Wierdwolf: You're gettin' heavy! Hurry up so ya'll won't break my back!
apex writes: Mindwipe: "Them Terracons think there so cool! we'll show'em! HEAD MASTERS! UNITE! FORM TRAVESTY!.... darn its not workin!"
MR Optimus Prime writes: The Decepticons do their part in honor of Native American Heritage Month.
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Unknown writes: SCORPONOK:Alright, who showed them that Beast Wars pic of Magnaboss and what's-that-name of the BW Predacon gestalt?
Unknown writes: The 'Con that broke the Weirdwolf's back . . .
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Early on the Decepticon Headmasters were called Fratpartymasters,but for obvious reasons there were numerous complaints from parent groups.Hasbro bowed to pressure.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Insert gay joke here.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Jade,orig big G,FREEDOM OF SPEECH,and anyone else thanks for the support.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: I swear this is the LAST time I do drugs.
Jade writes: I love NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE :P
Jade writes: I don't think this is how you line dance!!
Laserbot writes: D's:"come on cubs!!go cubs go cubs goooo!!"
Cubs fan: "you arnt the cheer leaders i remember?" the D's all fall in big heap Cubs Fan: "Dog Pile! lol" Decepticon: "Ho shu
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Unknown writes: sadly the voltron editon ended before they could apply
Unknown writes: "For the last time! You guys aren't a gestalt team!
Unknown writes: The Headmasters audition to be a part of the Ginyu force.
Nick writes: Who's your daddy"Z"????
demarcusgd writes: Ugggh! C'mon guys...
Maybe if we can be a combiner Hasbro will repaint us, rename us, and make us part of their newest crappy Pokemon/Digimon-inspired insult to a great franchise!
Unknown writes: "Hold still!"
Unknown writes: I don't know who EVERYBODY LOVES WHEELIE is, but presonally, i think he's funnier than #ell.
Unknown writes: okay, so we can't do spirit fingers, how aboutr this? Weird Wolf: Screw you if i'm on the bottom!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: "This is skycopter 5 over Rt 9 we've got a five Decepticon pile up that's backing traffic up for ten miles.........."
RollingMayhem writes: And Apeface STILL can't reach the cookie jar.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Weirdwolf,"Oh come on who farted?"
Unknown writes: The Headmasters go trick or treating as Unicron.
Unknown writes: Next, on "The Planet's Funniest Animals"...
Unknown writes: The Headmasters make it to the finals of the Cheerleading Championships with their famous "Gestalt Pyramid"
Unknown writes: This photo was taken about two seconds before Apeface drops his bananna peel...
Unknown writes: "Hey, Mindwipe..are you sure this is how Devastator does it?"
Unknown writes: Where does a 500 pound gorilla sit???
Unknown writes: After the end of Transformers, the Headmasters land a gig on HBO's "Carnival"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "When I said you need to strike as one, I DIDN"T MEAN LIKE THAT!"
Unknown writes: The Clownotrons entertain the crowds at halftime of the big game....
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Unknown writes: "Hey! I can see my house from here!"
Unknown writes: now thats what I call committing suicide
Unknown writes: Early promotional shot for "Optimus and the Headmasterstalk"
Mike D writes: Weird Wolf: What do you mean "run around" I can't even MOVE, eather take turns, or get off!
Unknown writes: Together: FORM TOTEMTRON!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Anyone can write stuff here, however many times they want. Don`t like it - don`t click your mouse when your curser is over the button that says "Caption Contest." Want to rant about someone`s post - I`m sure there`s a wall near your comp
Unknown writes: Look! -errr- We can combine like - OW! E-Energon f-f-figures toowhAOH!!!
Unknown writes: Top one: i dont think we can reach that cookie jar...
bottom: keep trying!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Huh now there's something you don't see everyday.
Ricochet writes: A Gestalt Team gone horribly wrong
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Unknown writes: Caption: The first testing of the upcoming Energon combiner line!
Unknown writes: Caption: "The day Predaking took the day off from shooting an episode"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Headmasters on ice present "Swan Lake"
ButtZilla writes: Oh brilliant, let the monkey be the head!
Aernaroth writes: Cheerleading experiment gone horribly horribly wrong
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hey Ironman I really don't care what you think your entittled to your own opinion I think my posts are about 75% funny 25% just crap,but the point is I try.I could run you down here,but why bother.I laugh at my posts,and I hope others do to,but I
Starscream NZ writes: what the hell? we're supposed to be making a pyramid! not a totem pole!
Minicle writes: Practising Decepticon Headmaster balancing act, seek employment after shows cancellation.
Minicle writes: Apeface: Eek! I saw a Turbomouse!
Snapdragon: Where where!
Mindwipe: Don't let it touch me!
Skullcruncher: Mummy!
Weirdwolf: Argg! I can feel my spine giving!
Minicle writes: The auditions for the totem, in a remake of the 'Paw Paw Bears' was taking a turn for the worst.
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Kaiser Grimlock writes: A 3 some is one thing, but this is out of hand.
Big G writes: "...and I'll form...the HEAD!"
Unknown writes: Are you sure this is how the Terrorcons do it?
tony writes: Mindwipe: "Ok everyone, let's show them that you don't need to have fancy bits to combine with! Headmasters, combine!" Weirdwolf at the bottom seconds later: "MY BACK! DEAR PRIMUS! MY BACK!"
Unknown writes: Ok, I took off my clothes. OK, I got on top of when is it supposed to feel good????
Unknown writes: With a Transformers totem pole, I can impress my neighbors! Unfortunately, it might be a distraction to anyone who drives my way.
Unknown writes: Hey, I'd love to have a Transformers (tm) totem pole! :D
Unknown writes: The sad part is, this was the closest the Decepticon Headmasters ever came to defeating the Autobots...even Optimus Prime doubled over onto his knees laughing at them.
Unknown writes: Crap, never should have challenged Fortress Maximus...we're toast...
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Iron man writes: I just hope NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE doesnt type 200 unfunny posts.
Unknown writes: no wonder they named us headmasters we're getting.......
Cyclone_X writes: and that was your Indian history lesson of how Totems loked like
Unknown writes: I told you we wouldn't make a good combiner!
gir writes: combime forces to become! a Totem pole -_-
gir writes: In there sorry attempt to join a freak show...
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