"TRANSFORMERS: The Basics" - by Chris McFeely

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"TRANSFORMERS: The Basics" - by Chris McFeely

Postby Sabrblade » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:22 am

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Have you ever wanted to get a new fan up to speed on the very basics of the Transformers without making them feel overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the brand's 30+ years of history and content? Well, you're in luck.

Transformers megafan and knowledge keeper Chris McFeely has created an ongoing series of video titled "TRANSFORMERS: The Basics", in which he covers many aspects of the brand (predominately the fiction) in a most simple yet elegant manner to provide new fans with an easy access and understanding of some of the important aspects of the brand's history.

While he doesn't cover every single little detail about each subject he discusses, his coverage of each topic serves as a gateway to get new fans interested in finding out more on their own. I highly recommend this series to any new fan wanting to learn more or even to any seasoned fan wanting a nice summarized reflection on known history.



Episode 1 - Continuity

Episode 2 - Characters

Episode 3 - Biology

Episode 4 - Creation Myths

Episode 5 - IDW Comics

Episode 6 - Bumblebee

Episode 7 - Shockwave

Episode 8 - Ultra Magnus

Episode 9 - The Primes
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