(UPDATE) TRU lost my MP Prime!!!!!!

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(UPDATE) TRU lost my MP Prime!!!!!!

Postby skywarp55 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:06 pm

If you saw my first post about MP Prime you saw me tell you that I was going to go back to put Optimus on layaway. (MISTAKE!) When I arrived I gave them my name and asked them to let me put it on layaway and they said they could not find it. They searched behind the desk and nothing was there. So, I went to the transformers and I looked around and I saw him again. He was sitting on the shelf with my name on the packaging in black marker! I grabbed it and I took it to them and I told them what had happend. They apologized and told me not worry. They wrapped it up and put my name on it (again) and requested it to be sent to layaway. I was told it would not be lost and that they would have it waiting on me when I came back. Well when TRU had the 20% off coupon going on (exactly what I had been waiting for to save some cash) I decided to go back to use the coupon. I realized with this coupon I could save about twenty six bucks or a little more considering the figure is $120 dollars. (BTW why is it $120? I heard some people got their's for $100 and in Canada they had a sale for them for $60 and why not here???) So I came back and went into the store to get my Prime that I was extremely excited about. I was even more excited because of my awesome coupon. I talked to them and it was the same girl who had helped me before. She remembered me and said that she would have someone go and get it for me. (I had already paid 20% for the figure just to put it on layaway) She came back about 20 min. later and told me she did not find it. She searched the system and told me it was still in the store.......somewhere.... :HEADHURTS: :-x :BANG_HEAD: :sad: :BOOM: After about 3 hours of waiting and with 3 workers searching in the back they could not find it. I realized someone did not do their job somewhere. Oh and get this I had a woman beside me who had just spent $600 bucks!!!! and she came to get and in store pick up and they could only find half of her items and the boxes were torn up!! She was extremely angry. She told me that her son collects model cars and a majority of the price came from this. They refunded her back half of her money and she left super angry, I can not blame her. They asked if I wanted a refund and I said no. I demanded that they find it. I also demanded paper work so they do not cheat me of my money. I will get 20% off and maybe even a further discount because of this. I will fight for it, you can count on that. I do have a good attitude about this but you guys should understand.....I had about another dozen angry people trying to get their items back too when I left. They also told everyone not to do layaway because they said they might lose their item..... :BOOM: I have been waiting and I called them today and they said they still have not found it! lazy workers can not run a business! they do not even care! If I get my Mp Prime all torn up in the box I will demand a new one from a new case and a discount They already told me they will hold one from a new case on either sunday or monday...more waiting.

I am sorry for my little rant but I just want you guys to never do TRU layaway! they might lose it! at least at my location they will. What do you guys think? haha this little icon is pretty funny :BOOM:

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Re: (UPDATE) TRU lost my MP Prime!!!!!!

Postby Arctorro » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:24 pm

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I think it was good to have a rant and get that off your chest ;)

As for your local TRU, they are massively incompetent...

Hope it all works out soon and they give you a big discount because of the crap they have put you through!

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Re: (UPDATE) TRU lost my MP Prime!!!!!!

Postby Valandar » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:02 am

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Having used layaway this very season to get both MP Prime and the FoC Combaticons with no problems at all, I would say the problem is with your local store. I had to put them aside until the paycheck that arrived a week or so ago, but they were in fine condition and had no problems with them popping right back there and everything was great.
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Re: (UPDATE) TRU lost my MP Prime!!!!!!

Postby kirbenvost » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:52 pm

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That really sucks, terrible service. Hopefully you get a better discount. You are lucky if you're still able to get one. Up here in Canada they have told us they will no longer be stocking any more MP Primes, and I know there are a LOT of collectors in my area who weren't able to get one yet. Not to mention casual fans and kids. They never even made it to the shelf, they only ever held the stock at customer service and were sold out within minutes of store opening every time.
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