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Postby Godzillabot Primal » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:57 pm

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Ultra Magnus went back to Cybertron after he skillfully seduced Megatron to leave Arcee at the altar.
Now, Arcee is hunting Springer to catch and kill Ultra Magnus.
Ultra Magnus was hiding under his comrade Sky Lynx, who tried to eat Hun-Gurrr, mistakenly thinking he told him that he wouldn't eat Rodimus.
Meanwhile, Arcee scours Cybertron, looking for Springer's aft. Unfortunately, Springer detatches one pound of sausages over Arcee and a stunned Blurr.
Back under Sky Lynx after the accidental dropping, Ultra Magnus took his pizza, along with his hot-sauce to Superion and threw the mustard at Hotspot, while Hun-Gurrr laughed.
Rodimus and Kup waited for three hours after Jazz peeked at Rodimus'aft.
Soon, the Decepticons found Megatron Hiding behind Trypticon, Starscream quickly blasted off Trypticon's tail.
Then, Omega Supreme woke Optimus Prime with his trumpet, causing Jazz to sing like Ozzy Osbourne, while Wheelie jumped and fell off a moon.
Optimus wanted Jazz to dance with Omega Supreme like Beyonce on drugs.
"This is very disturbing," mentioned Omega Supreme after Jazz thrusted his head into the sock.
As the three Casseticons, Rumble, Frenzy, and Lazerbeak jumped into a steaming pile of Cybertronian pudding and found Galvatron crying over spilled energon, and Soundwave playing Reggae music on his stereo, Scourge desperately tried to transform into BatMan.
Arcee found Springer watching Elita-One petting Steel Jaw.
Sky Lynx felt lonely because no-one saw his ability to play music. Jazz decided to make Rodimus laugh by eating his own visor, but Rodimus thought his antics were simply too weird.
Steeljaw wanted to eat his pie with one spork because it slid under his fuzzy pillow which looked awfully similar to Megatron's foot.
Megatron's feminine ex, NightBird, was angry at Arcee because she smelled Nightbird's optics for entertainment purposes, so Nightbird ate fried energon.
Now Chromia wants Bluestreak to find some giant cookies for Soundwave, who likes cookies. Optimus Prime opened the Matrix and Rodimus stole his touch and felt odd. Then, Grimlock said, "Me Grimlocks saw Hot Shot pick his butt for jaAm."
Hot Shot was angry because there was no jaAm in it, and then Hot Rod tried picking his nose, but found no jaAm in it, but he instead of jaAm found gold. Then he stared at Kup's arse, which caused an awesome blast scene of mass uberness. Unfortunately, it also caused a large tsunami which killed Wheelie. and nobody did feel sorry for him, except Blurr and Sharkticons, because they remembered that picking on Ultra Magnus was healthy for Wheelie.
Now, Megatron wanted a redeco of Nightbird as Airazor so he can break dance for Airazor. Fortress Maximus didn't approve because break dancing was cool never. Ever, in dancing, now Fort Max is angry at Megatron for wanting him to eat dog Droppings for Shockwave, who despite Megatron's questions has decided minty servos suck. Arcee, however, wanted sausage flavoured minty lubricant with servos on pizza.
"Alas, servos leak on pizza bacon Pretenders!", said Hun Gurrr to Thunderwing after he ate his foot and threw up on Arcee.
Since then, Arcee has not salivated moist, or blinked. now Hot Shot went to the movies and saw Gorillas in the mist and shot the Director who "went" into the toilet. Then Blaster threw Rewind at Eject,missed,and hit steeljaw the lion. This made steeljaw very angry at Blaster, so Rumble Emailed Optimus Prime requesting that Blaster be put on toilet and Clean-up the mess that steeljaw had blown down.
Yoda came to beat off Optimus Prime who couldn't punish Blaster using a null-ray. Blaster saw this weird incident and decided to eat Yoda but Obi-Wan then didn't use his GINORMOUS Unicron toy to kill batman.
Later on Primus, Galaxy Convoy ate Ginari and McDonalds. "Obesity Rocks!" said Unicron. Ronald McDonald shrank Unicron into "Stuff", which Sausagebot ate joyfully. Erector eviscerated and quickly moonwalked like Michael Jackson transforming into Elvis Presely and Jazz farted for Arcee's enjoyment. Meanwhile, at the Batcave,Yoda hired Michael Bay to suck Batman's chop-sui dinner. However Ravage wanted cheese.
That made Soundwave cheesegrate Ravages computer into donuts, which tasted like doughnuts to Powerglide and Beachcomber because they were weird n'stuff.
Meanwhile, Astrotrain told Fanimusmaximus to get godzillabot a nice new haircut. How did he burp the orange song? Sentinel could not belive this. David Hasslehoff songs made magic bananas come to life. Virgin OldSpice guy said, "suck my refreshing Coca-Cola drink" and decided not to drink Coca-Cola pizza. Starscream moonwalked never. Shockwave wanted David Hasselhoff to feed his cat and dog but the cops killed him. "This is HORRIBLE!!!" yelled Shockwave to the K.I.T. for consolation. This is what happens when Generation 2 gets mixed with David Hasselhoff. Devastator secretly asked Devastator to be repainted into G2 jazz. Jazz didn't like DoppleJazz, so pants killed Tay Zonday in cold coffee. Primus likes "Chocolate Rain" and PINGAS sauce. Salavating is disruptive, kids. "Soon you will massage my PINGAS Tracks" during which Sideswipe swiped PINGAS. GEEWUN rocks at this obsession with the PINGAS for PINGAS.
Bugs Bunny is gonna slurp up "stuff" which Jessica Rabbit barfed up last night. Lol. Skywarp64 had a farm, with hee-hi-hee-hi-ho. Oh baby, Jetfire barfed animated pikachus on Jetstorm's afterburner which exploded on Spike and Sparkplug. Funniest thing never. ever! Muahahaha. I'm gay. Astrotrain is going green. He-man is not heterosexual. Disgusted Galvatron killed Lebowski while chewing on a taco flavored smoothie. Praxus Prime's pet combined with godzillabot's foot, and multiple dodongos are hoping that Link slurps up dinner. Now Marco Antonio Solís gingerlly places his PINGAS on toilets.The force came with the strain and stupidity much teeth brush and all nacho grande. All detonatable. The TNT destroyed the warehouse and everyone died. Except Elvis. Because Godzilla tastes blood and garlic at the Death Star, so Devcon decided to go ask Yoda to get high. Botomb is going black. Chocolate is not the reason for life, Minecraft isn't gay. The Obama campaign is TERRIBLE!!! They stink like freakin' Gasbot. Gyrotron killed Ratchet, PSYCH! Yeah. Because he killed Megan Fox's job. Megan peed on Ironhide. #Sideways# rocks. Godzillabot ate Gyrotron, Skywarp64, Tokyo, and Creepers. Skywarp64 Googled himself, and people cried because Google shares virus with Skywarp64. The virus is your best friend. Suck Skywarp64's smoothie, nerd! Anyway, Counterpunch is dead. The n00bs like "PINGAS" sauce. Hurray! Godzillabot pees! Awesome... Pee. That's enlightening because Erector erected. Blaster blasted. The Terminator told Hot Shot and Red Alert that he sucks. Rotorstorm died. Of course! Ahhhh...toilets. Optimus Prime, Impactor, and Twin-Twist opened Sentinel Prime's Bearded milkshake. Meanwhile, Google failed life. OPRAH! "Alas, Jazz farted. Oprah Dies. "Lick the Fowler!!!" Exclaimed Drift, dancing. Shockwave Pancakes taste Yummy. Dirge tried helium, then murdered Ramjet while singing. Magmatron failed to ace the math test. Mathmatron, however, didn't. The retarted tart tarted. "more chiz!" Starscream died. But damn, Primus. What is up with your hair? It's horrible tasting. Why? Because I said "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH". But that is gay. I

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