90% of my TFs for sale - mainly classics

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90% of my TFs for sale - mainly classics

Postby Swindle01 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:48 am

Its a new year and ive taken the choice to quit pretty much all of collecting transformers. This hobby has just gotten stupid now with the prices and i just cant keep up anymore.

Im based in the uk and can send overseas easily. Obviously if i am sending overseas its gona cost alittle more so remember that. Prices are in GBP (Pounds)

The figures are all in perfect working order etc as ive all been kept in a glass cabinet for the past few years and kept out of sunlight etc

My camera seems to be damaged at the moment...bugger...great looks like i need a new sodding camera now. Ive used PREVIOUS pictures i took afew months ago when i was umming and arrging about selling everything - You can see the figures are all in well kept good condition

If your interested then drop me a PM - prices are not set in stone but obviously dont take the piss and ask for something like £10 for prowl when hes worth alot more than that. Im willing to haggle just obviously dont low ball me to the point its gona annoy me

Selling these guys on ebay when they do a free-listing weekend if nothing here shifts

Classics Decepticons

Henkei Megatron (1st release) – Loose – Complete - £50
ROTF Bludgeon – complete – loose - £30
Targetroids Starscream – complete – have box but obviously he comes with hotrod but hes missing his tiny handheld gun – loose hes £5
Fansproject Insecticon stormbomb – complete – boxed - £50
fansproject insecticon backfirey – complete – boxed - £50
fansproject insecticon thundershred – complete – boxed - £50
Perfect effect shadow warrior PE01 – im SURE this is PE01 but the previous owner seems to have painted the yellow parts to RED as he has red parts but came with the PE01 box – hes complete and comes with the PE01 box – he could be a PE02 but the previous guy sold him to me in a PE01 box by mistake? – either way hes £23
Skullgrin – loose and complete - £20
CHMS – classics rainmakers seekers – The 2nd release version – all complete with good chrome parts – asking for £80 which is cheaper than what ebay is asking
CHMS – dark yellow seeker sunstorm – complete and loose – asking £20
Thunderwing – complete and loose - £18
Special Edition Overkill – complete and boxed -£20
octaine – complete and loose - £22
Music Label Soundblaster – comes with reprolabel stickers (i didnt add the chest one as i didnt think it looked very good on soundblaster) – comes complete and boxed – he has the adaptor inside i think (im about 90% sure of this) which makes it so you just have to slide your macrominiSD card in – asking for £65
Transformers E-hobby United Decepticon trio – Clear galvatron+clear scourge – clear cyclonus – come boxed and all complete – asking for £70
CHMS Ghost/Clear decepticon conehead seekers – clear ramjet+clear dirge+clear thrust – all loose but complete – asking for £70
CHMS clear ghost seekers – ghost starscream+ghost thndercracker and ghost skywarp – all complete and loose – asking for £60
Transformers BTS nemesis prime trailer – complete and boxed – asking for £40
CHMS KO G2 stunticon breakdown - complete but loose - asking for £25

Transformers AutoBot classics

Classics seaspray – Hasbro version – complete and loose – asking for £15
classics ironhide – hasbro version – blue face edition – loose complete - £23
Classics ratchet – hasbro edition – complete loose - £35 because hes rarer than ironide
classics silverbolt – complete loose and sound effects and lights still work last i checked - £20
classics hotrod – complete and loose – BIS edition - £20
classics bumblebee – missing his jetski thingy – aside from that loose complete – hes got a pistol - £15
Jetfire – complete complete and loose - £50
classics mirage – complete and loose - £30
windcharger – complete and loose £17
Henkei powerglide – complete and loose - £50
smokescreen – loose and complete - £35
prowl – loose and complete – i repainted his missiles metal grey as the bland plastic annoyed me – the paint doesnt chip as its been sealed - £22
Bluestreak – loose and complete - £35
grimlock – loose and complete - £22
Henkei cosmos – loose and complete £12
ROTF superion – loose and complete - £35
Fansproject Superion Add-On Kit – complete and boxed - £75
Classics Ko CHMS legends G2 Green beachcomber – loose and complete - £12
classics ko chms legends G1 blue beachcomber – loose and complete - £12
targetroids hotrod – missing his tiny hand held pistol – aside from that hes complete – has box but depends on if ur buying him with starscream – loose on his own £8
Countdown (the cybertron defense red alert red repaint) - loose and complete - asking for £30
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Re: 90% of my TFs for sale - mainly classics

Postby Swindle01 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:03 am

Ive updated this with afew more bots for sale + added some pictures (older ones as my bastard camera has stopped bloody working) and added some more detail
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