A question about ebay for Sellers

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A question about ebay for Sellers

Postby Swindle01 » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:15 am

Ive been selling stuff on ebay on-off for 5 years now and to be honest i think ebay is crap because its just basically never fair to a seller and recently i feel i might close my whole paypal/ebay account because of this situation

About 17 days ago i sold some repro transformer parts on ebay and stated in the aution they were repro parts and that the buyer would need to handle them carefully. However when the buyer got them he clearly must have been some idiot who thinks force/push/hit and shout are the methods for attaching parts to a figure

Now what happened is he recived the parts and clearly being a dick hes broken them BUT hes blaming the post office. Now i know that hes lying because i sent 3 items all together in the same parcel and if the wing part i had sent had broken then that must head the other fragile parts i sent MUST have got broken to. Instead everything else was fine and in perfect condition.....yet a part thats solid cast resin which is real hard to break unless your REALLY trying to bend it..had broken?

Also when he recived the item he left me good feedback for the other 2 bits i sent but then after 2 more days he sent me an email moaning about the part that was broken. making it clearly obvious HE must have broken the part himself and is trying to blame the post office

its been about 17 days now and i DID offer to get the part repaired for him if he sent it back to me but instead hes damanding a full refund. So in short i lose out on money + still have to pay listing and selling fees on ebay + still get stung by paypal for the % they took when i got paid via paypal and then i have to recive an item which is broken because the buyer was an item on handling it. So now im left out of pocket AND given my item back in a broken condition

Im just curious but how many days have to go by before the seller loses there chance to open a paypal and ebay dispute? im kinda preying that since its been 17 days they have missed the chance to screw me over basically
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