Autobot Ship Ark-22

Homeworld of the Transformers. Drained and ravaged by thousands of vorns of civil war, Cybertron is a mere barren husk of once beautiful and thriving cybernetic world. While recovered enough to allow Transformers to move on its surface once again, it is still plagued by ion storms and any Transformer unfortunate enough to venture there without energon supply of their own is certain to face a stasis lock. - Cybertron forum is currently inactive.

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Autobot Ship Ark-22

Postby MaP_Prime » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:33 pm

In orbit around Cybertron: Autobot Ship Ark-22

A tear in subspace rippled open astroseconds before the Ark-22 emerged from its hyperspace corridor and emerged into space surrounding the long abandoned home world of the Transformers, Cybertron. The Autobot ship sailed towards the battle scared, and ruined machine world, the crew aboard her staring in wonder at that sphere of mangled machinery and metal. Although their home world was barely a pale shadow of the glory and majesty it once was, the Autobot's on board the Ark-22 still stared in awe. In each of their sparks stirred the powerful emotions that looking at their home brought.

After the sensations of nostalgia passed over him Ultra Magnus shook himself as he took stock of the situation.

"Alright everyone, status report on your stations now. I want weapons and shields at full, scan for any possible threats, Decepticon or otherwise." He stood up from the command chair and walked towards the front of the command deck. "Springer, plot a course for Iacon."
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Re: In Orbit of Cybertron: Autobot Ship Ark-22

Postby Ember » Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:44 pm

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In Orbit around Cybertron: Ark – 22

Hot Rod’s jaw nearly dropped when their home planet came into view. It had been a long time since he had seen it. It optics glowed with uncertainty as he took in the sight before him. How long will it be before the war is over and the planet can plunge into another golden age? Will be around to see it? He shook his head to bring his thoughts back to the here and now.

After Ultra Magnus gave his orders, Hot Rod looked at his terminal and punched in a few commands. Within a few moments the computer screen displayed the requested data. After he deciphered it’s meaning he addressed Ultra Magnus.

“Sensors are clear. There’s nothing on the surface near the location of our orbit.”
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Re: In Orbit of Cybertron: Autobot Ship Ark-22

Postby Stone Reborn » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:09 am

In Orbit Around Cybertron - Ark 22

Arcee could scarcely believe her optics, even if she had already known what to expect during the vast journey between her second home, and her first. Cybertron, the place of her creation, once the shining beacon of the Universe, a period in her history she had barely known. The pink tinted Fembot was counted amoungst the youngest generation, created after the war had started, after their home world had begun its fall from grace, after their brightest hour.

Arcee had never seen the Golden Age of Cybertron, but she longed to, as though such a thing was a part of her very spark.

She quickly looked to Kup, the Mech she had long considered, what the humans would call, a Father Figure, and could only wonder what he felt when looking out upon their lost world. Kup was one of the old guard, one of those who had first taken up arms against the Decepticons, he had been a part of Cybertron for longer than Arcee dared to believe. In many ways, she could only imagine what had been so nearly lost, Kup, on he other hand, knew it.

Perhaps more than anyone.

"I'm not picking up any chatter in our vercinity..."

The fembot reported to Ultra Magnus from her com station.

"...nothing from Iacon, it's dark down there".
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Re: In Orbit of Cybertron: Autobot Ship Ark-22

Postby Smokescreen85 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:33 pm

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In Orbit Around Cybertron - Ark 22

Howlstrike had longed to see Cybertron again, but not like this. He had forgotten how ugly it had become. So barren and riddled with destruction, he could hardly look at it now. But, he found that he couldn't help but gaze upon his lost homeworld and remember the days when it was the shining light of the universe. Those days were long gone, unfortunately, and all because of this slaggin' war with the wretched Decepticons. If it hadn't been for them, maybe Cybertron would still be alive today. Howl felt somewhat responsible for it's current condition because of his prior allegiance with the 'cons. He still couldn't believe he was once a part of such a ruthless group. Perhaps one day he could atone for his grievous mistakes, or die fighting in the process.

Howlstrike was sitting at the weapons station when Ultra Magnus demanded a status report. He studied the control console for a moment in an attempt to determine what button to press. Howl was not a tech savy mech by any means and didn't want to accidentally set off a laser cannon or fire a rocket. The planet was already damaged enough as it is. Computers and technological devices were a foreign thing to the Autobot hunter. Close range combat and tracking Decepticon prey were Howl's main strengths. Thankfully, Kup had given him some basic computer training and Howl had manned the weapons station a few times in the past, so this wouldn't be too difficult for him to figure out.

Howlstrike carefully pushed several buttons on the control panel and a few astroseconds later he succeeded in bringing up the weapons and shields array. Howl activated both in short order and then turned in his seat to address Ultra Magnus. "Sir, the Ark-22's weapons and shields are operating at full capacity. We'll be ready if we encounter any Decepticons."
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Re: In Orbit of Cybertron: Autobot Ship Ark-22

Postby Devastron » Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:06 pm

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In Orbit Around Cybertron - Ark 22

Springer quickly began working the helm controls in response to Ultra Magnus's orders. “Aye sir, taking us to Iacon.” He had the same feelings that everyone else had but he kept it hidden much better. He’d been involved in the heavy fighting on Cybertron and now across several other worlds. It was sad, but you got used to seeing this sort of carnage, you became hardened to it. Still though, seeing their homeworld trashed so thoroughly was a tough one, but he couldn’t let that ruin his reputation. He was the unshakeable, wisecracking in the middle of combat Springer. Not even a little ruined homeworld was going to change that.

The Ark 22 lifted up from the large globe that was Cybertron. Iacon was located at the northern pole of the world. During the Golden Age it had sat like a sparkly crown on top of the planet. During the war it had been the shining beacon for the Autobots, that one bit of ground that the Decepticons would never take. It was fitting that it would be the spot that the Autobots would begin their return to the planet.

The city remained one of the more intact parts of the planet, but even it showed the scars of war and abandonment. Buildings bore scorch marks and cracks. Roads were pitted and shattered. A large gash could be seen through the edge of the city, buildings smashed to bits in it, either from some massive attack or some bit of debris crashing down from orbit. Most striking though, to Springer at least, was the darkness and stillness. Iacon had never fallen during the war and even the worst of times there was some glow from it, a few lights, the glow of machinery, the constant motion of others moving around. Now it was dark and motionless, a dead city.

Well, now they were here to start bringing it back to life.

“Coming up on Iacon now. The landing hangars appear to be relatively clear. It might be a little bit of a bumpy landing with some of the debris on it but nothing I can’t manage. I doubt the hangars have any juice left in them though. We’ll have to siphon off from the ship main fuel tanks to power them and get the doors closed. I doubt we want to leave the doors open so the Cons can peek down on our ship.”
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