Autobots, I have an offer for you...

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Re: Autobots, the hunt is on. PLEASE RE-READ THE FIRST POST.

Postby Psychout » Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:34 am

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Autobots, your scores are in.

vaporretarder: 46
Dragonslayer: 29
Kickyourassacons: 26
Evolution Prime: 16
Electron: 15
ProwlJazz: 11
Thunder Maximus: 11
MegaZ: 5
ashe5k: 2
MagnusLabel: 1

Total kills: 162

Vaporretarder - congratulations on an impressive score, to the rest of you, thanks for taking part, you'll get your chance to compare your scores with those of the Decepticons shortly.

And for those of you who aren't intimidated by the beast factions, keep an eye on GD as round 4 of the tourney is going to get fun.
DISCLAIMER: The above post clearly was meant to offend, and if you feel insulted by it, please use the 'close browser' button and discuss it with someone who knows not to take the internet seriously.
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