Barricade foreshadowing

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Re: Barricade foreshadowing

Postby OptiMagnus » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:51 am

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Optimus1138 wrote:
Pontimax 01 wrote:
I believe he's talking about a line in the movie when Sam is seeing the symbols. Something about the Sentinel Prime expedition IIRC.

I think he just mentioned the phrase "Sentinel Prime." I don't remember him saying anything else about him, although I could be wrong. I think that was most likely put there just as an homage to the character, and it could have been before they had even thought of using Sentinel in DOTM.

Actually, Sentinel Prime was intended to be used in the first movie. However, the idea they had was scrapped and instead used similarly in the sequel. When Sam had the cube, and was running from Megatron, Megatron was supposed to destroy the building Sam was in, and time appears to stop to Sam. Sentinel Prime then would appear to him through the Allspark, clarifying the history of the war and identifying Optimus and Megatron as siblings, then giving Sam a clue on how to defeat Megatron. Then, Sam would "wake up" and continue onward until he finally kills Megatron with the cube. This idea was, of course, was modified and used in ROTF when Sam falls unconscious running with the Matrix, and the Primes appear to him.
Now, having the Sentinel already planned as an older Autobot and a "lost" hero, and planning a third movie in addition to ROTF, it appears as though it was decided that he would be saved for the final film, but work on his character's history and an important event related to the final film would begin, which may have been done so the entire series story could flow well. So, a subtle hint was given to us about him in Sam's crazy rant in class: "the Sentinel Prime expedition."

There you have it, folks. Sentinel Prime's been here all along.
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Re: Barricade foreshadowing

Postby Dinoswipe » Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:49 am

Bingo hit the buzzer on that one optimagnus
read my topic and see what you think optimagnus

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