BBTS News: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots, Kre-O and More

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Re: BBTS News: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots, Kre-O and More

Postby GuyIncognito » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:42 am

Sabrblade wrote:
QBKiller94 wrote:Tough to be a "Robot in Disguise" with 50 missiles hanging off your Camaro.
Tough to be a "Robot in Disguise" when there's a giant honkin' Decepticon fortress in the middle of Nevada with an endless army bent on invading the world inside. I think the whole "in disguise" thing went out the window when New Kaon arrived. :roll:

I think the "in disguise" thing went out the window in G1, when they were "disguising" themselves as things like robot dinosaurs, a flying saucer, a two-headed man, or a giant skeleton samurai with a tank inside it.
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Re: BBTS News: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots, Kre-O and More

Postby Noideaforaname » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:20 am

While not the same aesthetic, I bet these new BH retools would go great with DotM Megatron and the (weaponized) Wreckers.

Pre-ordered the Kreon Combiners. $10 each ain't bad (I thought they'd be $12 like the Barricade and Cliffjumper sets), especially since BBTS often seems to jack up prices on certain items...
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Re: BBTS News: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots, Kre-O and More

Postby welcometothedarksyde » Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:10 pm

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The main reason I'm interested in the new Bumblebee is because he reminds me of Cheetor. If they repaint him with blue instead of silver I'm going to break and buy him
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