Blaster's Mystery Ports...

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Blaster's Mystery Ports...

Postby Chimera245 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:39 am

I just recently got leader class Blaster, and noticed a few ports he has, some of which I can't figure out any purpose for...

I get the headphone jack, and USB ports, but what is that other one on the other side? It kinda looks like the power cord port on the back of a playstation, but squished down a bit. It's the one next to the 'power button' on what turns into his right leg.

Also, what's with the peg and ramp-attachy-bits on his butt? I get that the ramp-attachy-bits are for attaching ramps, but it just seems kinda odd for ramps to just dead end like that into a wall. And for two ramps to attach in the same place with only about a centimeter height difference... And I have NO idea what that lone peg is for...

And then there's the square hole on his front... It's too small to fit a 5mm peg, and it's too deep to seem like something decorative...

Any idea what these are for?
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Re: Blaster's Mystery Ports...

Postby RAR » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:24 am

The square hole is easy enough it's the port that the extra crotch piece Soundwave has fits into.

The post on his back is also for Soundwave it's where his battery shaped shoulder launcher attaches for storage.
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Re: Blaster's Mystery Ports...

Postby Optimum Supreme » Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:46 pm

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Chimera245 wrote:but what is that other one on the other side? It kinda looks like the power cord port on the back of a playstation, but squished down a bit. It's the one next to the 'power button' on what turns into his right leg.

Yeah, it's exactly that, a generic power cord port, same as found on many Playstation models, among other electronics (I've seen it on everything from a boom box from the 80's up to a PS4) just unlike the headphones and USB, for some reason they made it too small to actually use.

Maybe they were worried if someone actually plugged it into the wall and some freak incident happened?
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