Bumblebee & The Mystery of the Power of The Allspark

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Bumblebee & The Mystery of the Power of The Allspark

Postby RAR » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:05 am

This is a little topic I thought I'd write to raise a curious observation.
Back in 2008 when the Allspark Power segment came out for the Movie toyline it was introduced as a means to show a powered up state for a variety of Characters including;

Jazz : http://www.tfu.info/2007/Autobot/AllsparkJazz/jazz.htm
As well as Barricade, Brawl, Optimus, Landmine and so on all had this paint effect.

But then something odd happened - it became very nearly exclusive to Bumblebee with it carrying on as a common repaint pattern for Bumblebee toys being original, Black Repaint and then repaint in the original yellow but with blue accents.

But this "Powered up" scheme is never (as far as I can tell) applied to anyone else any more it's just bumblebee "a lot".

So examples would included the Predacons Rising Beast Hunters Bumblebee, the repaint of Warrior Class, 3 step & 1 Step Bumblebee in Nu-RID, not to mention the clear blue energon armour he has on the show.

So why is it in toy terms than the Colour blue is so associated with Bumblebee in this way in terms of a colour accent - other characters if they go blue go all blue like Drift and Optimus only bumblebee ends up accented in it.

So why - and is it a good idea to leave it just as his thing ?

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