Buyer beware: KO Henkei Ramjet and Coneheads

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Re: Buyer beware: KO Classics Ramjet and Coneheads

Postby Slip?Stream » Thu May 19, 2011 2:15 am

metaphorge wrote:These shouldn't cause that same problem since CHMS makes changes to the packaging their KOs ship in (and only seem to dupe the Henkei packaging in any case), though it could create some confusion for loose samples. (CHMS has not, as far as I know, duped the basic Henkei Starscream as of yet.)

Based on what I've seen of CHMS's products before, I doubt they'll be able to copy the tampos on the fan club G2 Ramjet particularly closely. I wonder how many people would buy one of those without the fan club's packaging in any case (which is unlikely to be KO'ed)?

This. CHMS Tampos and paintt apps are always very sloppy and faint.

I don't mind KO's when they're intentionally made different than the original product, like KOLD Double Shattered Glass Prime.
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Re: Buyer beware: KO Henkei Ramjet and Coneheads

Postby LiKwid » Thu May 19, 2011 2:35 am

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When it comes to figures fetching close to $100 in most auctions I see, If I can have a similar figure that is virtually identical, I'll take..This burns my ass because I just got an incomplete classics ramjet for $60..I would have glady waited till these came out.I've had great luck with the CHMS stuff..Solid paint and solid joints. my advice, if you want to pick these up when they come out try

They will more than likely be carrying them when they come out and they do amazing service..
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