Cautiion when dealing with Rei_Jinn

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Cautiion when dealing with Rei_Jinn

Postby Bowspearer » Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:29 am

I admit, this is partially my fault in that a couple of threads are up on forums warning people about this seller and I didn't check him out beyond his eBay feedback before we clicked buy it now, but currently in the middle of a somewhat difficult situation with him.

I recently went to buy two Encore Convoys from him (one for a wedding cake topper and one to put away for when kids come along): .

At $50USD+$50USD shipping each (so $100USD total shipping), there seemed to be a question mark over shipping, but I thought that if there was a significant overing, that the seller would do the decent thing. As the seller required immediate payment and I was broke at the time, the missus put it through on her account.

Anyway both Encores arrived today and the first sign that something wasn't right was the shipping. The seller paid 99.80 for shipping, but it was 99.80RMY- roughly $30USD (it seems to fluctuate slightly above and below the $30USD mark according to ). In other words, the seller decided that his definition of a "reasonable handling fee" was $70USD.

UPDATE: Seller refused to budge and claims he's merely adhering to eBay policies - despite the fact that in addition to charging unreasonable handling charges, ignoring the fact that eBay only requires me too send back the items which are damaged and the fact that what he's done her is classic toy aisle trolling (does anyone even remotely believe that came out of Takara's factory like that).

In short, deal with this disreputable, faceless con artist at your own peril.

Of course the biggest "surprise" came when I opened the box. While one of them was fine, the second one was anything but. I could describe the damage, but I figure it's best to go by the old adage "a picture says a thousand words", and simply link you to this:


Despite only having an issue with one of the Encore Convoys, the seller insists on me sending both of them back. Furthermore the seller expects me to pay the international shipping to return the item when it was their mistake. I've made my position clear to the seller, that I will only agree to a return and refund if the seller refunds the entirety of the outrageous "handling charge", half of the actual original shipping costs, covers all of the return shipping costs and refunds the actual cost of the damaged Encore Convoy. Yet the seller just keeps repeating the same message of "Send back both item for full refund. Thanks !" I should point out here that the seller has clearly indicated in previous messages that their definition of "full refund" doesn't include the return shipping costs.

I am happy to revise and review this should the seller start to act in the interests of fairness, however it would appear that the issues which Sid Burn had with him are still very much there and if this pans out how it's starting to look like it will, that transfans should take this as a warning to give the seller a wide berth.
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