City innards?

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City innards?

Postby Rodimus Prime » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:26 pm

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I know IDW has shown us a bit what Metroplex looks like on the inside in city mode, but not much. Are there any other media showing us what the other citybots look like on the inside, whether comics or cartoons? I got a glimpse of Trypticon's insides in the Animated cartoon/comic where he was a prison for the elite guard, IIRC, but that's about it. I'm probably missing out on some neat art showing them off, but I haven't seen any other media depicting the insides of citybots.
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Re: City innards?

Postby Jelze Bunnycat » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:34 pm

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I believe the G1 S3 episode "The Ultimate Weapon" (a personal fav thanks to First Aid and The Netherlands being featured.) has some shots of inside Metroplex and Trypticon, since a side-plot involves their Transformation Cogs.
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