Club panel: BotCon celebrates Beast Wars 20th, Another Light comic, Incentive Ramjet, and more!

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Club panel: BotCon celebrates Beast Wars 20th, Another Light comic, Incentive Ramjet, and more!

Postby Seibertron » Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:25 am

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Just moments ago, the Transformers Collectors' Club finished up their panel at this weekend's "Roll Out Roll Call" in Southampton UK.

Here's the run down of their presentation:

The Panel discussed the Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine features - Cover, Robots In Disguise cast interviews, Hasbro previews, historical articles, The Back Page (announcing a new Shattered Glass humor comic in the style of Q-Transformers by Josh Perez), "Another Light" comic story line, MTMTE Profiles ... a panel from the comic was shown with a myriad of members from The Thirteen aiding/trying to prevent Nexus Prime in repairing the Multiverse.

"Another Light" story notes:
  • Shattered Glass Cybertron, Shattered Glass Earth and Classicverse Earth.
  • Story is running in “real” time. We are leading up to the events from the Prologue.
  • Issue 66 of the Magazine will feature a 10-page epic finale to this years Club Comic.

TCC Year 12 comic (the next installment after "Another Light") continues the 2015 story arc and will feature the 2016 Membership Incentive character. Other, future TFSS figures may make an appearance as well.

The final mock-up for Membership Incentive Ramjet was shown. More about Ramjet, including the mock-up image, can be found in this news story here.

Timelines #11 Cybertron's Most Wanted Diamond Edition will be available in comic shops January 2016. Get those orders in ahead of time!

Now, for the BotCon news:

  • The first guest was revealed. Since 2016 is the 20th for Beast Wars, the first guest announced was David Kaye - voice of Beast Wars Megatron.
  • Also revealed was the theme for the BotCon 2016 box set of exclusive action figures. It is going to also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beast Wars. The BotCon 2016 set is called "Dawn of the Predacus".
  • Lastly, one of the figures was revealed ... Ravage from Combiner Wars Deluxe Breakdown with a new head that represents the Ravage show model. It's also a bit of an Alternators nod with Ravage turning into a sports car. We will provide an image as soon as it's available.


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Re: Club panel: BotCon celebrates Beast Wars 20th, Another Light comic, Incentive Ramjet, and more!

Postby Sabrblade » Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:22 pm

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Ramjet's coming back?!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Also, with Ravage being one-fifth of a combiner in a theme titled "Dawn of the Predacus", I'm betting that three of the other four components will be Ram Horn, Sea Clamp, and Cicadacon of the Tripredacus Council.
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