CyberCast Interview with Pete (New details revealed)

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CyberCast Interview with Pete (New details revealed)

Postby Bed Bugs » Sun Nov 15, 2015 2:43 am

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Pete did an interview tonight with CyberCast. He revealed some tid-bits that I'll summarize for anyone that doesn't want to watch the 2 hour video;

Part 1: Manufacturing errors are never Fun Pubs fault. It's all on the factory.

Part 2: Discussing Sub Service 5.0. Set is all approved already. "Something American fans will be excited about, something they may not have had an opportunity to get, the domestic fans, there'll be one offering that will be really cool" More Combiner Wars that will tie in to other stuff. That will be the last of Combiner Wars that Fun Pub does, not all of Sub Service 5 is Combiner Wars. Sub Service 5 all ties together like Sub Service 4 did. Bonus 7th figure is a deluxe.

Part 3: Botcon brochure. More guests to announce More events to announce. "Some really cool things planned this year that haven't been announced". May be affected by whether you have a Golden Ticket or not, that's still being decided. Golden Ticket Minicon is still a thing, just wasn't in the brochure.

Part 4: Discussing the deletion of the trip to Botcon prize. Pete didn't elaborate, just said they were going a different direction for the grand prize for turning in surveys.

Part 5: Mentioning how far ahead they are as far as the schedule is concerned. Pete seems happy with the new registration system and the company that designed it.

Part 6: Mentioning the head sculpt process. Working with "Four Hoursemen" for the head sculpts this year. Original Ravage head was smaller, Pete shows the prototype. Centerpiece souvenir figure is a bit smaller head sculpt wise. Had to remold parts on the figure to make the head fit. "People will flip out when they see this souvenir"

Part 7: Freebie has a new head and is a deluxe. We may for the first time ever......Pete stopped himself here. Changed his mind of revealing something.

Part 8: Back to the souvenir figure. Pete is convinced that the centerpiece figure from the souvenir set will be the hottest figure they have put out in a long time, and it's not Combiner Wars. Some Combiner Wars in the souvenir sets. One Generations figure that may be using non-American tooling.

Part 9: Cybertron Con. Pete: No Comment

Part 10: Botcon 2016 DOES NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE BEAST WARS UPRISING UNIVERSE. This as a typo. No word on who the writers and artists are either.

Part 11: Guests. There will be another Beast Wars guest and there will be a guest from outside of Beast WArs.

Part 12: Costume Contest open to everyone this year. Winner will be featured on the cover of the next club magazine

Part 13: Addressing the 3rd party ban from hotel room. All because of dealers selling 3rd party out of their rooms (Captured Prey, Chosen Prime, TFSource, etc.)

Part 14: They won't be policing people to make sure fans don't have 3rd party items. Just looking for dealers with rooms set up.
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Re: CyberCast Interview with Pete (New details revealed)

Postby Sabrblade » Sun Nov 15, 2015 4:33 pm

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