Decepticon Frigate The Obliteration

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Re: Decepticon Frigate The Obliteration

Postby FuzzymusPrime » Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:24 pm


Swindle wasn't one to brood on things, but the news of Megatrons death and the general cloud hanging over the bridge was getting to him. What had begun as simple plotting for profiting out of this had become a bout of deep worry.

I mean, are we going to lose the war now? If so, will the Autobots accept surrender? Would I be able to hide, or forced into some pointless suicide mission by the remaining leaders? Or will we too busy killing each other for the 'Bots to get involved at all? This is too heavy, I shouldn't have to be the one trying to puzzle it out!

Swindle began to wonder why he'd joined up in the first, why he'd let himself become a mostly-loyal Decepticon. The answer was a lot fuzzier now, after so many cycles, and with things so uncertain. Not that he could go back now. He was stuck as a Decepticon, even if the faction was sinking fast.

To distract himself, he looked back at the console before him. "Commander Onslaught, the Thanatos has made a successful exit from Hyperspace, close to Earth's satellite. Will I put us alongside her, or choose another location?"
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Re: Decepticon Frigate The Obliteration

Postby Insidious » Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:34 am

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Onslaught considered Swindle's query briefly.

"Right alongside, Swindle. I want to see how the first few orns in contact with our fellow Decepticons take shape before I jeopardize our advantage."

Coming in, they would have the Thanatos' impressive weapons array to back up their own. If they were, for some reason, walking in to a warzone, the Combaticon Commander was reasonably sure that they would be in the best position to capitalize on the situation if they were working in tandem with the Predacons. Depending on how events continued to take shape, that would probably be true for the forseeable future.

>>"Combaticons, assemble on the bridge. We're arriving."<<
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Re: Decepticon Frigate The Obliteration

Postby Ember » Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:55 am

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OOC: You can have the Obliteration arrive in the Sol System.
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